Messenger Urn Festival is a Messenger Skin Item in Bloodborne.

messenger_urn_festival.jpg"Accessory adorned by naïve messengers. The messengers wear the urns, filled with incense that wards off beasts,

on their heads upside-down, suggesting a predilection to the dark. The inhabitants of the stump appear to have an interest in adornment.

Why not let them be happy and revel as babes?"

Messenger Urn Festival Usage

  • Changes the appearance of messengers to wear various urns on their heads. Each messenger has a different urn with a different design.


  • Above Oedon Chapel. Reached by the door that opens up Cathedral Ward after defeating the Blood-starved Beast. Exit the elevator through the opening between floors.



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    • Anonymous

      13 Apr 2017 06:12  

      I found it by complete accident. I was eating an egg and dropped it on the floor and bent down to pick it up and I hit the joystick and all of a sudden I fall of the elevator and now I found this. Sweet thanks guys!

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