Make Contact is a gesture in Bloodborne. Gestures are "emotes" that the player may perform, usually to communicate with other players. Some special gestures are used to trigger unique effects in-game.


How to obtain Make Contact


Make Contact Usage



    • Anonymous

      06 Aug 2019 09:54  

      I tried to mimic the movements of Make Contact. It made my arms feel funny. I could feel my bones rub against each other. I did a full minute each side and it honestly, it felt super unnatural. It almost felt like something I couldn't see was interacting with me. Obviously nothing superstitious was happening, but it certainly makes you feel uneasy. Perhaps that feeling is why From decided on that pose to br the communion between humans and great ones.

      • Anonymous

        28 Mar 2019 08:19  

        My girlfriend streched like the gesture when she was yawning. Maybe it was a coincidence but i thing yawning is the origin of make contact

        • Anonymous

          06 Dec 2018 02:41  

          Outside the Choirbuilding, you see a lot of those worms looking into a direction - the clocktower. Tick . Tock. Splish. Splash.

          • Anonymous

            28 Jul 2018 13:00  

            I'm wondering if this gesture symbolizes the changing of Day to Night. The arms showing the change in horizons and how the sky moves around.

            The brain of Mensis grants us the Moon rune when we show it the Night side of the gesture

            • Anonymous

              12 Jul 2018 01:17  

              tried this gesture in front of the doll to no reaction, waited a bit for when ur character switches arms and she clapped when I did which made me take a shit

              • Anonymous

                10 Jan 2018 18:39  

                Tried this gesture in the boss area where the player character encounters the Living Failures and my character made the motion of making contact. Used the gesture in the direction of the sunflowers in the center of the area. Can anyone please verify whether or not the motion of the gesture is just something that happens whenever you use the gesture and wait, or if this is something that has some meaning behind it.

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