Ludwig's Set


This is a player-created Build for Bloodborne. Created by Lardio050
  • Build Name: Ludwig's Set
  • Build Level: 60-100
  • Build Focus: PvP
  • Build Main Stat: Vitality
  • Link to Bloodborne Calculator: Add link here

Build Equipment

  • Right Hand:Ludwig's Holy Blade +10
  • Left Hand:Ludwig's Rifle +10
  • Head:Cainhurst set (Decent stats and looks awesome)
  • Chest:Cainhurst set (Decent stats and looks awesome)
  • Hands:Cainhurst set (Decent stats and looks awesome)
  • Legs:Cainhurst set (Decent stats and looks awesome)
  • Items:Cainhurst set (Decent stats and looks awesome)

Build Strategy

The stats are general vicinities. I have 25 in arcane so I can use the Tiny Tornitus because it packs a punch and takes people off guard, as well as Ludwig's Holy Blade scaling off of arcane! It also scales off of strength and skill and I like Vitality but I centered around hitting hard with this build which is why my Vitality is so low. I leveled up to where you see diminishing returns to get the most out of all the stats because the weapon of choice scales off three of these! Ludwig's Rifle matches the theme and looks really cool ;)

Tips: Your jumping R2 is really good and has awesome tracking with a huge reach, ABUSE IT! Your L2 has an awesome move timer and arc. If you want to surprise your opponent, mix up your move set. You're most of the time going to want to be in two-handed mode as well. Finally, don't be afraid to have a secondary fast hitting weapon (like the threaded cane) so you can alter your playstyle and bring them off guard.
Good hunting and see you in the fields of justice. (Wrong game?)

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    • Anonymous

      Lol I accidentally had this build on my first play through, executioner set with Ludwig’s holy blade, holy moonlight sword, Ludwig’s rife (because parry) and a strength/arcane build. I became Ludwig on accident.

      • Anonymous

        for people going to do ludwig cosplay pick the white church or executioner set (no piramid head included) to stick with the lore since ludwig was a hunter of the church and just for complementing what happened to him put your class to be cruell fate ;)

        • Anonymous

          Yes all of those stats contribute to increacing the atttack power of the weapon. The Holy blade and Holy moonlight sword, which would be a good substitution, both have increaced attack power bosed on arcane while in 2dn form ONLY so me trying to scrap together a build of ludwig myself only use second form which Is much more like the boss and his second phase where he regains his humanity.

          • Anonymous

            Could someone explain this to me? This build seems to suggest that Ludwig's Holy Blade scales with strength, skill and arcane at the same time. Is this the case? I thought weapons only scaled with arcane if you use an arcane gem with them, and if you do that it scales with only arcane.

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