Laurence's Skull

Skull of Laurence, first vicar of the Healing Church. In reality he became the first cleric beast, and his human skull only exists within the Nightmare.

The skull is a symbol of Laurence's past, and what he failed to protect. He is destined to seek his skull, but even if he found it, it could never restore his memories.

Laurence's Skull is a Key Item in Bloodborne. It was added with The Old Hunters DLC.


Laurence's Skull Usage

  • Used to interact with the flaming First Cleric in the Nightmare Cathedral to initiate the boss battle with Laurence, the First Vicar.



  • After activating the altar elevator to the Research Hall with the Eye Pendant, ride it back down. Step on it to send it back up but stay on that level. A platform with an altar will come up attached to the underside of the raising elevator. Laurence's Skull is on the altar. Ride this platform down for the Church Cannon.
















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    • Anonymous

      Shout out to folks that made this website and still keep it updating it regularly. You guys ****ing rock. Plain and Simple. Seriously thanks you guys.

      • Anonymous

        The key leads to the lumenflower garden which leads to the (former) altar of despair. There you can knab Laurence's Skull.

        • Anonymous

          So I'm well aware this is probably a ridiculous question, but I'm honestly curious to get others' insight in regards to some lore stuff, no pun intended. On my latest playthrough, I noticed that on the altar you get the skull from, there's actually a throne sitting above it, clearly too large for a normal human. What's its significance, if it actually has any? I can't imagine a situation where Laurence would sit on it, just given the circumstances, but I can't think of anything else to explain it. Thoughts?

          • Anonymous

            Clearly says Laurence became the first Cleric Beast. Also Bloodletting Beast has his Skull in the first encounter with him. Bloodletting Beast is not Laurence so knock it off. It's annoying. Almost as annoying as when everyone was like "Oh the Cleric Beast must be Ludwig!" No. Read the item descriptions. Also if WE are the ones who killed Bloodletting Beast (and keep in mind that HE HAS HIS SKULL IN THE FIRST FIGHT!) then how did the Skull reach the Grand Cathedral? No it's not Laurence. This is fact.

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