Inherit The Nightmare Last Form

General Info
hp.jpg blood_echoes.jpg Location Drops
?? ?? sikgc3sm ??
physical_DEF.jpg VS_blunt.jpg VS_thrust.jpg --
?? ?? ?? --
blood_DEF.jpg arcane_DEF.jpg fire_atk.jpg bolt_DEF.jpg
?? ?? ?? ??
slow_poison_RES.jpg rapid_poison_RES.jpg VS_beasts.jpg VS_kin.jpg
?? ?? ?? ??

Inherit The Nightmare Last Form is an unused boss in Bloodborne, recently discovered by data miners Sanadsk and Zullie The Witch.

Inherit The Nightmare Last Form Information

This boss cannot be accessed during normal gameplay, and was cut out of the final release of the game.

Datamining software was used to find unused assets, resulting in the discovery of this placeholder boss.



  • Back up your save data and check it out on glyph "sikgc3sm"
  • The only way to leave the dungeon is to jump into the unanimated chasm, and die. You will wake up in The Hunter's Dream, but your Blood Echoes will be trapped in the dungeon.



  • ??


 Combat Information

It has only a few attacks, but they hit hard. During phase one it stays on the ground but in the phase two it can fly a short while and either land peacefully or do a dive attack directly in front of it



  • All of its attacks land directly in front of it and/or the sides of it. Run behind it and stay there all the time. Even when it jumps and floats around, run behind it and you are safe.

Easy strategy, level 4 without rolling/quickstepping


Notes & Trivia

  • It's most likely a version of The Moon Presence. This one was designed to appear in The Pthumerian Labyrinth.
  • It's designed to look like Lovecraft's Nyarlathotep (as it's popularly portrayed)
  • According to the comments: There is a invisible lantern in this room that lets you exit with the echoes... From the starting point facing the door walk to your left.




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    • Anonymous

      There is a invisible lantern in this room that lets you exit with the echoes... From the starting point facing the door walk to your left.

      • Anonymous

        When it says back up your save data does something happen to your character upon entering the chalice? Dont really wanna lose everything i got but still, this content seems like a good thing to see for my own eyes

        • Anonymous

          In the German version of the GOTY Edition (wich i'm playing on) it actually shows the health bar (wich reads out german name of the Moon Presence), music that activates after entering and fades out after Boss is beaten, fully functional fog door wich disappears after defeat of Boss, message popping up after Boss defeat and 2 insight wich are gained after Bosses defeat (no Echoes tho).

          • Anonymous

            The boss hardly looks like something the moon lord would turn into, my theory was it might have been used for a different ending, and although I'm unsure if "Inherit the nightmare last form" seems like the name a great one would have, it has certain connotations that it would leave the hunter in control of the nightmare (in my opinion; as something as disgustingly disfigured as it) just a theory

            • Anonymous

              Has anyone noticed that this boss somewhat resembles the Oedon Writhe rune symbol, when all its tentacles are twirled overhead ?

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