Headstone of Awakening is a transport mechanic in Bloodborne. Located in the central hub, the Dream Refuge, the headstone is similar to bonfires in Dark Souls and Archstones in Demon's Souls, the stone is used to select a destination Lamp to transport to.

  • "Awaken at a selected destination in Yharnam"

Lamps in Bloodborne are checkpoints that allow for the Hunter to respawn there upon death. lamp Similar to bonfires in Dark Souls, and Archstones in Demon's Souls, the player may activate a lamp to be able to travel to it from the Headstone of Awakening within the Hunter's Dream.

  • "This lamp now transports you back to the Hunter's Dream. Upon death, you will awaken at this lamp."


  • A Bold Hunter's Mark can transport you back to the last lamp you used.
  • The Hunter's Mark can transport you back to the last lamp you used an unlimited amount of times, at the cost of your Blood Echoes.
  • The number of Messengers that show up around Lamps represent the amount of players who are in the area at any given time.


Available destinations

Yharnam Headstone
1st Floor Sick Room (Central Yharnam)
Central Yharnam
Great Bridge (Boss Arena)
Tomb of Oedon (Boss Arena)
Cathedral Ward (Cathedral Ward)
Grand Cathedral (Boss Arena)
Upper Cathedral Ward (Upper Cathedral Ward)
Lumenflower Gardens (Boss Arena)
Altar of Despair (Boss Arena)
Old Yharnam
Church of the Good Chalice (Boss Arena)
Graveyard of the Darkbeast (Boss Arena)
Frontier Headstone
Hemwick Charnel Lane (Hemwick Charnel Lane)
Witch's Abode (Boss Arena)
Forbidden Woods (Forbidden Woods)
Forbidden Grave (Boss Arena)
Byrgenwerth (Byrgenwerth)
Moonside Lake (Boss Arena)
Unseen Headstone
Yahar'gul, Unseen Village (Yahar'gul)
Yahar'gul Chapel (Yahar'gul)
Advent Plaza (Boss Arena)
Hypogean Gaol (Yahar'gul)
Forsaken Castle Cainhurst (Cainhurst Castle)
Logarius' Seat (BossArena)
Vileblood Queen's Chamber (After Boss Arena)
Abandoned Old Workshop (Abandoned Old Workshop)
Nightmare Headstone
Lecture Building (Nightmare Byrgenwerth)
Lecture Building 2nd Floor (Nightmare Byrgenwerth)
Nightmare Frontier (Nightmare Frontier)
Amygdala's Chamber (Boss Arena)
Nightmare of Mensis (Nightmare of Mensis)
Mergo's Loft Base (Nightmare of Mensis, Mergo's Loft)
Mergo's Loft Middle (Boss Arena)
Wet Nurse's Lunarium (Boss Arena)
The Old Hunters
The Hunter's Nightmare
Nightmare Church (Hunter's Nightmare)
Underground Corpse Pile (Hunter's Nightmare)
Nightmare Grand Cathedral (Hunter's Nightmare)
Research Hall
Lumenwood Garden (Research Hall)
Astral Clocktower (Research Hall)
Fishing Hamlet
Lighthouse Hut (Fishing Hamlet)
Coast (Fishing Hamlet)

Map of Lamp Locations


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      So I'm in NG++. All I did was go to the Central Yharnam lamp, warped back to hunter's dream, and started to do some root chalice dungeons. After awhile I went up to the house to repair my weapons and noticed the Unseen Headstone had some messengers at it. I checked it out and it said Awaken Above Ground. Never saw it before so I went to warp to it but game force closed and I got an error message. When I restarted it the messengers and Above Ground warp point was gone. Anyone know what that was?

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