Great One's Wisdom

Fragments of the lost wisdom of the Great Ones, beings that might be described as gods.
Use to gain Insight.

At Byrgenwerth Master Willem had an epiphany: "We are thinking on the basest of planes. What we need, are more eyes.

Great One's Wisdom is a consumable Item in Bloodborne.


Great One's Wisdom Usage

  • Consume the skull to gain 2 Insight.



  • You receive one when you kill Patches The Spider in the First Floor Lecture Hall.
    • If you kill Amygdala after meeting him in person, he will disappear, leaving the item behind on the desk where he once stood.
    • If you shoot him down from the cliff in Nightmare Frontier, he drops the item in the swamp below, but survives.
  • 1x Byrgenwerth, on a corpse under the Lunarium, behind building near the lake.
  • 4x Nightmare of Mensis, on several corpses near the Brain of Mensis. Drop off onto a hidden path via the broken cage elevator, or go through the iron door in the Micolash boss arena. Note: Easier to obtain once the Brain of Mensis is dropped into the pit.



  • Similar to Madman's Knowledge in both appearance & function. May be a more concentrated form of the Knowledge.



  • The cosmic shapes flowing out of the broken skull resemble Phantasms, such as A Call Beyond; what appears to be a blue slug; the symbol of the celestial beings known as the Kin. This is likely an indication of the madness-inducing effects of acquiring knowledge pertaining to the Kin; the more soft Insight you accumulate, the deeper your knowledge of the Great Ones grows, driven further away from sanity. Once insightful enough, one may become aware of powerful Kin-type creatures (such as these), who are invisible to those oblivious of their existence.


    • Anonymous

      23 Sep 2017 01:32  

      Another lurker, I think I know what the knowledge says when they are used, something along the lines of "Seek out the old hunters." Just a lil tidbit.

      • Anonymous

        24 Mar 2017 07:52  

        Just a lurker here that still loves Bloodborne to death, but I've got an Isz Chalice dungeon that holds at least 4 of these bad boys. If you want to farm a few, type in this glyph:


        Two Great One's Wisdom can be found in the third layer right next to each other. But, stay cautious. There are more than a few "Witch of Hemwicks" that summon Mad Ones in some rather heinous locations.

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