Gerhman is an NPC in Bloodborne. gehrman_499x281_low.jpg

"An old hunter who welcomes and guides new hunters in the dream, what secrets does he hide?."

Gehrman Information

  • Can become hostile. See Gehrman, The First Hunter page for information.
  • When he is not in the Hunter's Dreams, a note on the ground usually leaves you his most relevant/last guidance.

Gehrman's Location

  • Gehrman is typically found within the Workshop of the Hunter's Dream
  • If Gehrman cannot be found inside the house, he can be found in the Garden behind the house; out the second door and to the right.
  • He disappears after interacting with him in the Garden until next boss is defeated, although his dialogues can sometimes be triggered inside the house when he isn't present.


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(Warning: Contains Endgame Spoilers)
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- MoonlightButterfly MoonlightButterfly- Gehrman Dialogue
- Mhazard Mhazard- Gehrman Battle Grunt

Other Notes:

  • If you "kill" Gehrman enough within Hunter's Dream he will vanish into mist and becomes unavailable until you defeated Mergo's Wet Nurse. He also disappears at a specific point in the story.
  • However if you attacked Gehrman at the foot of the Great Tree, he immediately becomes hostile.
  • There are more than 360 headstones in the garden where the player fights Gehrman.
  • Gehrman is missing at least his right foot, and it's been replaced with a peg leg. This can be seen when he's in his wheelchair, and goes some way towards explaining his 'retirement'.
  • Gehrman is voiced by Allan Corduner, who was an actor known for his portrayal as Sir Arthur Sullivan, as well as being the narrator of The Book Thief audiobook.
  • Oddly enough, Corduner's portrayal as Death in The Book Thief is akin to his role in Hunter's Dream.

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