Fluorescent Flower

Enemy Type Kin
Health 758
Drops Arcane Haze
Weak The Flower, Blood dmg
Strong Everything except Blood

Fluorescent Flower is an Enemy in Bloodborne.

Fluorescent Flower

So named for their habit of burrowing underground, displaying only their flower-like antennae. Upon death, these magical creatures dissolve, leaving only their antennae behind. In Chalice Dungeons, a powdery substance called Arcane Haze remains where a Fluorescent Flower dies.


  • Can shoot two consecutive fireballs that deal high fire damage. If there is more than one Fluorescent Flower, they should be engaged first to avoid being sniped.
  • Will sideswipe twice with its head if player approaches from the front. The range of this attack is difficult to read without practice.
  • Has a blindspot near the center of their body. A player using Stake Driver can easily maneuver to their side and use a trick charged attack. Fluorescent Flower will be stunned long enough for a second trick charged attack, if the first doesn't kill.


Byrgenwerth 758 1418 --
Pthumeru 264 185 (1/2/3) 62%/30%/8%



Notes & Trivia

  • There exists a variant of the Fluorescent Flower that hangs from the ceiling, it can only be found in the Chalice dungeons. When approached it will start to move its flower "head" around shooting fireballs while still hanging from the ceiling, if attacked it will drop on the ground to fight normally (chalice glyph: rdwb5ibh - layer 3).
  • Try throwing a Throwing Knife at their flowery heads for massive damage. 
  • Their "fireballs" are actually meterorites that they summon from a portal created from their flower.
  • Lore theories exist under Kin Lore.

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    • Anonymous

      16 Jul 2018 18:32  

      Some also hide in the ground, with only the flower sticking out. Think i saw it in Pthumeru Ihyll layer 2 bonus area

      • Anonymous

        24 Feb 2018 15:34  

        Amazing creature. It's creepy, disgusting but also fascinating. I specially like when it opens that portal and you can see the galaxy effect.

        • Anonymous

          26 Feb 2017 09:05  

          They're kin I think.


          • Anonymous

            Weakness in their flower.05 Jul 2016 14:35  

            I've one shot killed a few of these eneimies when going through the chalice dungeons. Nearest as I can tell, they have a very small kill spot on the flower on top of their head. After randomly instant killing a few of them, I found a buried one in a dungeon and was able to snipe it using the monocular and the Evelyn and the enemy died in one shot.

            • Anonymous

              Easy one shot kill every time05 Jul 2016 14:35  

              Figured this out by accident... So there I was in the Pthumeru Chalice Dungeon and was situated on higher ground than the Fluorescent Flower, so I figured what the hell let me see how much damage a throwing knife does. So I locked onto the monstrosity with my trusty R3 and threw my knife at it... and then the most amazing thing happened - all its HP just disappeared! I was like wtf just happened... there's no way a lowly throwing knife could take down this guy! Thinking it was some sort if fluke I tried again on another flower in the same room, and sure enough I was treated with the same sweet results! Now every time I see one I just lock on, throw a knife, and poof its history. Probably zones in on its "sweet spot" but man who would've guessed... cool find huh? Give it a try and post your findings. I'm thinking that results may vary slightly with stats, but you should at least see a huge health hit. - PSN: durmanx

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