Farming in Bloodborne refers to the act of repeating certain encounters to obtain Blood Echoes, Blood Gems, Materials or other Consumables. This page lists possible farming locations and guides.

Early game Blood Echoes

Teleport to the Tomb of Oedon lamp and go backwards towards the bridge where a Brick Troll drops a flaming boulder on enemies. Don't attack anything, let the troll kill the enemies and grant you 100+ echoes. Repeat.

Assuming you have defeated the Darkbeast Paarl -- Spawn at the Graveyard Of The Darkbeast Lamp. Walk directly forward through the giant door. You will encounter 4 Scourge beasts and 3 Beast patients. Playing NG+ with all 3 Moon runes you get roughly 70k echoes each run and it takes less than 2 minutes each time. All the beasts end up as 1 on 1 fights if you move quickly and are very easy. The Scourge Beasts also drop blood stone shards and multiple blood vials.
There is also another early game route, however it's for a bit lower levels. It only requires you to have killed the Cleric beast. It does however usually drop a lot of vials and quicksilver bullets. You can find it here.

Early/Mid Game Echo Farming

Warp to the Witches' Abode lamp and head straight back toward the first Hemwick Charnel Lane lamp killing everything along the way. The three Executioners yield about 2500 echoes a piece and, if you have 15 or more Insight, there are two Mad Ones worth 1500 (the second Mad One spawns just outside the entrance to the Hemwick area). One run nets about 15k echoes with the first tier Moon rune equipped.

One run should take you about two and a half minutes, and you can buy Hunter's Marks around mid game for 1800 each. Since each run nets around 16-18k, one run should yield enough echoes to buy tons of Marks and save time at the the end of the run by using a mark instead of going back through Dream. Around 250k/hr (NeoMerdien - video showing the above method (22k echoes for 2:30 minutes using Heir and Moon rune).)

The Orphanage offers a good place to farm blood echos after you have opened the last shortcut.(Orbonis - video showing the run through the Orphanage)

Killing all the Silver Ladies and Cainhurst Servants in the entrance hall to Cainhurst Castle also yields about 16k echoes if both the first and second floors are cleared.

Starting from the Mergo's Loft: Base lamp, kill the three giants right down the path by either DPSing them or easily knocking them off the ledge with a heavy weapon for a yield of about 11-15k blood-echoes (depending on rune set up) per clear. Done right, all three giants should take under 30 seconds to kill, and jumping off the ledge next to the two giants will spawn you back at the lamp with your echoes on the third giant. Rinse and repeat for easy farming before Mergo's Loft: Middle. Beware that the giants can potentially one shot you if you lack vitality, so proceed with caution when retrieving echoes.

Late Game Echo Farming:

A good late game farming spot for echos and blood vial is the Mergo's Loft: Middle lantern. Equip all the Moon Runes you have and head upstairs to the 2 Shadows of Yharnam. Each one gives around 3k echos with a chance of 2-4 blood vials. It's easy to kill them one by one (just use pebbles to pull them). Head upstairs to kill the third shadow. Further down the road is a Maneater Boar looking away from you, which is an easy to kill by sneaking up behind for a visceral attack. There are 2 more boars down the road. Try to pull them separately and you will have an easy time to kill them. Without a lot of testing i made around 50k echos in 3 minutes + the chance of blood vials. Return with the Bold Hunter's Mark to reset the enemies and start over again. Additionally, you can run past the boars (be careful) and aggro the group of 4 Shadows of Yharnam. After doing so, there's a staircase to your left, head down it. The Shadows and Boars will focus on each other instead of you and a battle royale ensues - where you get to keep the echoes. The Shadows will kill the pigs most times, leaving one wounded shadow behind for an easy kill. This nets you the 10-11k echoes each from the pigs and an additional ~3k souls from each shadow.
Alternative approach: equip 3 Heir runes (or best Moon and 2 Heir runes). From "Mergo's Loft: Middle" run straight to the first pig, ignore shadows. You don't have to be sneaky, just run and visceral attack it. Now run to the next 2 pigs. Using Saw Cleaver and charged attack it's possible to quickly visceral the pig in the back. Run between two pigs, position yourself beside the second one and facing the road ahead perform charged attack. The curvature of the attack allows to stun the pig without standing directly behind it. Dealing with one pig that is left is easy. Use Bold Hunter's Mark to respawn enemies and repeat. With 1 Moon and 2 Heirs available from normal game, you can get around 67k echoes each time. That's 200k echoes for the price of 3 Bold Hunter's Marks. Around 1mln echoes per hour (on NG).

Another good location is the first floor lecture room. The large group of enemies in the right lecture room are extremely weak to fire (2 hits with an un-upgraded hunter's torch killed them) and the total group all together will give roughly just over 10k echoes. With the current system of respawning enemies, you may head over to the lecture room across from your current one, and let the single enemy kill you; you will be brought back to the nearby lantern, forgoing the need to teleport to the hunter's dream and back.
There is also a second system, where you run down to the first floor, and can run between the two lamps. This way, you also get to meet Patches the spider if not met. You will also get to kill the giant, and get twin bloodstone shards. There is a brilliant video Here that shows you how to net about 52559 echoes in about 3,5 minutes, and loads of quicksilver bullets. The video shows it in a good way, so i recommend you watch it.

One of the best locations is the Mergo's Loft: Base. If you have Ludwig's Sword leveled up to at least level 8, equip your moon runes, sneak up on the first fur giant, use the hold R2 attack so he falls to his knees, and then visceral him. Afterwards, kill the next two fur giants. Within 2 minutes, you'll clear 18k blood echos. Bring plenty of bold hunter marks to repeat quickly in succession.

You can also do a route at the Witches' Abode for late game, not too dissimilar from the one in the Early/Mid game section, except that this one is based around runes gained somewhat late in the game. The 3 runes you would want to use are Moon Tier 2 and 3 (20% & 30% more echoes dropped) and the strongest Heir rune (40% more echoes from V.ATK). You start off by running up the stairs and killing the 3 enemies there, run down the hill and use a visceral attack on the big axe guy running up towards you. After him you run down and use visceral attack to kill both of the axe guys walking around, then you run left towards the destroyed bridge, killing all the dogs and the molotov tossing lady. This takes about 1 minute and 30 seconds, granting you ~27,000 echoes. If you desire to run the route several times it's recommended to jump of the bridge into the water to respawn at the Witches' Abode lamp. (Just remember to pick up your echoes again before jumping off another time!)

Pretty good strategy for farming echos, netting about 200k/2:30min (Using all 3 Moon) Load up the Lower Loran Chalice, run to the next lantern, turn left, across the bridge, up the stairs, kill the spider past the door, across the next bridge, kill the silver beast guarding the lever, drop off the bridge onto the other to put you back at the main room, and run to the boss. The boss is another Silver Beast and once he's down hit the lantern back to the Dream, rinse and repeat.

Farm Isz Chalice with all 3 Moon Runes. First 2 bosses are a piece of cake and each run will net you around 400,000 plus. Search for Isz Chalice, join chalice, kill first 2 bosses, remove chalice, repeat. Once you get a good feel for these bosses (Brainsucker and Celestial Emissary), you should be able to finish in about 10 minutes.

Med's Farming Guide - Advanced High Level Farming & Video Guide:

First and foremost, let me add for you my (as I refer to it, high mid range) echo farming guide (video follows) which I am adding in the case that you desire a viable echo garnering setting but with the added bonus of a high propensity of Blood Stone Chunks dropping for you (werewolves):

For my "high range" echo guide you will simply not find a more lucrative (in terms of echo garnering) chalice run than my current (it is public for your usage) discovered scenario. If ran, from start to end, with the three versions of the Moon Rune(s), a player will net a total of 3.1 million echo's.

Note: Chalice code - qifg37ku

Note #2: The cache from this chalice include - Lake (7%), Clockwise Metamorphosis (15%), & Lost Reiterpallasch
Edit: this chalice does give about 3 million echoes for a full run, but it's a very difficult chalice and doesn't have a particular spot good for farming. The bosses are the undead giant, watchdog, and bloodletting beast. Considering the time it takes to get through the dungeon, most if not all people would be better off with one of the lower-echo methods that is easier and faster. I did find both runes, though, but no sign of the weapon.

End Game Echo Farming:

  • A set of three Heir Runes, vs. the set of three Moon Runes yield far more echoes, when doing visceral attacks.
  • The area just before the Wetnurse's Lunariam has three boars, and 9 other targets which all are susceptible to riposte attacks, and yield incredible echoes, and vials.
  • Being co-operator and farm the First Hunter by continously knocking down him with Burial Blade charge attack, 64000 echo for each kill.


Chalice Farming:

  • Up to 100k Echoes per minute. You've to gain access to the Great Isz Chalice dungeon, the layout is fixed. In Layer 3 after the lamp is a big room filled with these blue alienlike creatures. They can be slaughtered easily. Kill the first group, run past the werewolfs, hug to the right wall so they don't follow you. Kill the rest and use a bold hunter's mark. Rinse and Repeat.
  • Alternatively, go to Ailing Loren Chalice dungeon, in Layer 2, before the boss room, there's a room contained with Beast Patients, Wolf Beasts and Red Spiders which spawn infinitely, DO NOT open the gate, instead, sweep them with Burial Blade charge attack since it has wall-piercing property, each spider kill grants 1000 echo with all three Moon runes equipped, however, since they spawn infinitely and spawn pretty quick, one can earn 200k Echos without the use of Blood Hunter Mark, only sweeping the spiders behind the gate effortlessly.
  • Also in the Ailing loran chalice: it's possible to earn roughly 58200 echoes in about a minute there is a video describing it Here.
  • This run grants 100356 Echoes (with tiers 1, 2 and 3 of the moon rune equiped) per minute. Starting at layer three of the Pthumeru Ihyll chalice, head into the first room and down the ladder. Kill the two Pthumerian miners and go to the end of the tunnel. Aggro the scorpion into the tunnel and kill it (make sure to avoid aggroing the hunter as well). Walk straight out of the tunnel until you're lined up with the hunter's back, then walk up and perform a visceral attack, while he is attempting to recover stun lock him to death (the hunter has a chance of dropping a blood gem). There is also a Wandering Madness right beside the hunter which drops blood gems.

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    • Anonymous

      Guys, Guys, your going about this all wrong. Just do a pthumerian illyl with every item rite. One floor clear gives 1 mil for me with no runes though I gotta deal with cainhurst hunters and you pretty much get 1 shot but just play good and you get bread ;) oh also great one coldbloods spawn which give 40k echos. I promise worth

      • Anonymous

        Need: heir tier 1,2,3 and DLC
        Get: 292k (ng+6)
        Second lamp (before ludwig) head out and V cannon dude, you can do it twice each, if you time it right, getting around 292k each run (3mins a run) also you get 10QS and 6BV every time

        • Anonymous

          Any suggestion for a very good farming spot?
          First run NG level 109 with dlc( right now doing Orphan of Kos).
          The spot that I use is lecture building with all moon runes(50k). The spot I need needs to give me at least 100k.

          • Anonymous

            The glyph cummmfpk with all 3 moon runes Grant's about 150000 blood echoes every 30 seconds. Just walk forward from the first lamp, wait about ten seconds, then use a bold hunters mark. Repeat and enjoy approx 14m blood echoes per 50 minutes.

            • Anonymous

              An alright early game farm is to just run through Old Yharnam from either the start or to the Cathedral with the mini werewolves All the way to the Blood Starved Beast area It yields around 10k per run

              • My favorite spot is Ailing Loran Chalice Layer 2, right before the boss is a treasure room door with 2 beasts and 1 nether beast. Kill them but DONT open either door, instead kill the infinitely respawning spiders on the other side, each gives you 1103 (with the max moon rune.)

                • Anonymous

                  Mergo middle works the best for me. 84k each run with all 3 runes. Draw the maneaters out to the far left they get stuck on fence so easy kills.

                  • Anonymous

                    a farming method that seems to work for me is the ground floor of the lecture building. there's a room somewhere along the right full of slimey bois. i manage to accumulate around 100k blood echoes per run with all 3 moon runes, mind you i'm on NG+. i ust use 20 quicksilver bullets plus the extra 5 you can get, some bone marrow ash and some blood vials incase of attack, and cachow 100k blood echoes ready to be spent on literally anything i guess.

                    • Anonymous

                      I’m surprised no one has mentioned this one, granted it’s for Endgame to NG+, depending on if you’ve done the Pthumerian Queen trophy: Pthumeru Ihyll chalice, layer 2, offset just before the lantern. It’s a large room full of the wights and oil(beware the Molotov’s) with all Moon runes equipped, each wight literally boasts 10k echoes. Clear the room ~5 mins, and you’ll have 200k per run, plus a room full of spiders that net ~7-8k echoes each.

                      • Anonymous

                        I have a good bullet farm, after the living failure fight light the lamp and run down the stairs and run past or kill the stick dude, into the doorway where there's three gun ladies between the elevators. each run gives 12 or so bullets and hunter mark out of there, and it gives enough echos to buy more marks. it is good for gearing up for the next boss battle as parries are a must against her.

                        • Anonymous

                          if you want to farm the 3 yetis next to mergo's loft base, attacking towards the edge until you fall off the map will leave your echoes on the ground next to where you died, rather than stuck to a yeti (if you don't want to risk losing them)

                          • Anonymous

                            *best suited if using bolt/fire gemstones*

                            A high risk/high reward run you can do after Vicar Amelia is in the lecture building bottom floor. Assuming you have already opened the shortcut - if you head through the door and go right and into the door on the right you will be in the big hall with all the slime-students. With a fire gemstone the generally go down in 1 hit and are not a serious threat unless your stuck in the middle of them. Each run takes about 30 seconds and gets just under 15,000 souls with the lowest Moon rune equipped.

                            • Cheesy 24k Echoes in 2min : At Mergo loft Base Lamp, the 3 Yetis along the cliff each yeti can give you 8k echoes if you visceral them. When they fall and die, it will count as a Visceral kill. Return to the lamp, go back to dream, come back, repeat. Or use Bold Hunter Marks if you are that lazy.

                              • Anonymous

                                Mergo's loft Mid is the best method. Equip 3 moon runes, go through that path to kill the 3 pigs and all those shadows, 100K blood echoes per run (3-5 mins), i leveled up from 78-108 really quick

                                • Anonymous

                                  i farmed a lot at hypogean goal early and mid-game. good for echoes, twin shards, and you can max out pebbles as a little bonus. spawn at the lamp and kill the two snatchers, the witch by the door, go outside and kill the pig coming up the stairs, then run back in and go downstairs, kill the two other witches, the prisoners, and the other two snatchers near the hall that leads you to paarl.
                                  should take about 2-3 minutes and if you visceral everyone possible then you get 10-12k echoes, closer to 20 if you have heir/moon equipped already (this is on NG, idk how many you get there for NG+).

                                  doing this for like half an hour you can max out all your weapons to the point where you need chunks to level up further.

                                  • I've had a lot of success farming the wiggly bug heads right up the stairs from the research hall lamp. Get like 80k or so a run with all moon runes & it only takes like a minute or so. that was my go to for a while but with this new character I followed your mergos loft middle route to get me leveled enough to handle the dlc lol

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Quickest farm I have found comes out to just shy of 100k Blood Souls a Minute. (3 Minute run / 285,878 Souls)

                                      Isz Chalice Depth 5 (Shared Fixed) - Layer 3.

                                      From the lightpost just go out and kill the group of Aliens, then the 2 beasts in front of them. The room strait ahead contains another beast. Turn right from the two beasts and clear out the three groups of aliens, continue into the next hall and let the skeleton ring his bell (awakening all the skeletons in the room that funnel into your hallway.) Kill them all and run back to your lightpost, rinse and repeat.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Hypogean gaol, kill two sack dudes, the lady by the door and two pigs equals 9485 echoes. depending on level, this can be done sub 2 minutes easy.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Most of these farming spots are*****. the orphanage is fast but the souls you get at that part of the game are are high enough to be worth farming.

                                          • Good Farming Location
                                            Old Hunters Dlc
                                            Research Hall lamp after you rotate the stairs, kill all of the crawling enemies on this floor including the ones in the poison. I'm only using the first moon rune and getting over 18k blood echoes in under a minute. Hope this helps.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              Ailing Loran Chalice, 3rd layer. Go straight Forward and kill the Chime Maidens, you'll get echoes from all the spiders that die when the Chime Maidens die. Keep going into the "Colosseum" looking room and easily kill the 2 Firecasting beasts with viscerals (especially if you're using the heir rune). I get about 80k per run with tier 2 and 3 moon runes and the run takes around 3 minutes depending on how efficiently you can dodge the spiders.

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