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I am lost! Where do I go?

  • The wiki's recommended order for approaching the game will be listed under Game Progress Route . You may find an easier way that matches your build but we have tried to create a seamless and logical process. We have also created a map of all the locations, and the links between them. (soon)


I'm stuck, I can't beat the first boss


What's the best starting class or build to use?

  • Starting Classes can be found here.
  • You'll find as you play the game that you develop your own style of play. The starting classes are all fairly well balanced and all are viable from the start. As you play, you may find yourself using a pure strength character, or combining melee with arcane or bloodtinge. Many weapons have minimum statistical requirements in order to be used effectively. Learning what weapons and equipment you prefer can give you guidance as to what your character statistics should be developed into.
  • There is also a handy Character Build Calculator that can help you plan.


How do I level up?

  • You need to talk to the Plain Doll at Hunter's Dream after you have gained 1 Insight. See our Stats page for guidance on what each leveling option does, and the builds page for ideas on what do do with your points.


How do I play multiplayer?

  • The Online page has detailed information on how online features work.




What is Insight?

  • Insight is a new mechanic of Bloodborne that demonstrates your knowledge of the world. Insight is used to unlock special weapons, armors and items in the messengers store, as well as to activate online play.


How do I light a Torch?

  • If you have acquired a torch, add it to one of your on-hand slots in your inventory then use the left/right D-pad buttons to equip it. Use L2 to fight with it.


How do I jump?

  • Move forward with the left stick while holding O. Tap O near a gap to jump over it. Judge carefully, not all gaps can be jumped. You can see details on the Controls Page.


What is Beastform?

  • Beasthood is a stat in Bloodborne that governs the Beast Form or Beast Mode of the player. The higher this attribute, the closer you are to beasthood when temporarily transformed.


I messed up my character by upgrading a stat too high, how can I fix it?

  • Currently, there is no viable option to reset character stat points without starting a new character. So be careful next time. A plausible option is to re-balance your character by upgrading your other stats.


I hear all this talk about "character building". What does that mean?

  • Character building is how you level your character up. You essentially build the kind of character you wish to use. You can base this off of a playstyle you wish to use, or off of a weapon that you love. Your first few "builds" will often be experimental and have little direction and this is ok. From them you will learn what you want and what you don't need with a character. Every time you start a new build it will usually be better than the last.


What weapons or armor should I use?

  • It all depends on preferred playstyle, which you will have to figure out for yourself. While every player will have their preferences, there is no true "ultimate" weapon or armor in the game and mixing and matching is the norm. When you are just starting out, you can view an image of your character's starting equipment during character creation. You will also encounter many other kinds of equipment and armor during the game. As a very general rule, heavier armor tends to offer better protection at the cost of increased weight, which can slow your character and make it more difficult for you to evade or escape. Other kinds of armor may offer better resistance to different kinds of damage, such as magic or elemental damage. Similarly, weapons with greater reach and damage may swing much more slowly, have higher stat requirements for effective use, be unwieldy in close quarters, or have other negative aspects such as a poor attack style or high weight. Finding the right mix of physical and magical defense as well as encumbrance is part of the fun and challenge of the game, as is deciding what weapon combat styles you like. To preview what armor and weapons may or may not work for you check the Armor and Weapons pages out.


What weapons can and cannot be upgraded?

  • All weapons can be upgraded unless specifically stated otherwise in your inventory.
  • You must use the Workshop in Dream Refuge to upgrade your weapons. Upgrading items require Bloodstone Shards and Bloodstone Chunks.
  • You may also imbue your weapons with elemental properties (fire, electricity, blood, arcane) using Blood Gems.


I'm trying to summon a phantom to help me beat a boss but I can't find anyone to help. What am I doing wrong?

  • In order to summon, you must have the Beckoning Bell. Using the bell consumes a point of Insight. If you can't find someone to co-op with you, it might be because no one is ringing their Small Resonant Bell in the same "instance" as you. Before ringing the bell, check the number of messengers present at the lamp for the area. The more messengers are present at the foot of the lamp, the higher the population in the area in your "instance." If very few messengers are present, try reloading the area before using your Beckoning Bell.
  • It should also be mentioned that your in-game "network" settings affect your potential summoning success. Having a password populated means that only others with your password will be able to cooperate with you. Also, if you cannot find a cooperator in your local area, you might consider changing your network settings to "Global" in order to have a larger pool of candidates.
  • NOTE: there is a likelihood that ringing the Beckoning Bell will invoke the Chime Maiden, whose sole purpose is to bring invaders to your world. Killing her will prevent her from summoning. This is part of the online experience of Bloodborne and can only be avoided by playing the game disconnected from the internet.


I'm bad at PvP, every time I get invaded I die. How can I get better?

  • Practice, practice, practice. Believe it or not, dying a lot at PvP is itself a form of practice, and something most players go through. Whenever you are killed, think about what happened and why. Think about the equipment or tactics your killer used, and how you might beat them next time (or copy their tactics). It also can be helpful to summon other players to help you, and to show you how to defeat certain tactics. See below for more specific PvP tips.

What is a Chalice Dungeon?

Chalice Dungeon is a special location in Bloodborne, created by combining specific items at a ritual altar. You must obtain these specific materials to gain access to this multi-level region featuring special bosses. See the Chalice Dungeon page for details.

Where is my save file and how can I make a backup?

  • Saves are performed automatically in Bloodborne. You can set your PS4 to automatically backup save files to the cloud, if you have PS+. From typically does not allow USB backups.


Do I need Playstation Plus?

See Online page for specific details.

Multiplayer Interaction Need PS+?
Online Multiplay YES
Asynchronous Network Play YES
Online Dungeon Share YES
Updates NO
Dungeon Data NO


I'm having trouble with (insert ANY part of the game here), how do I beat it?

  • Having trouble with a particular enemy or portion of a level is an almost constant state of affairs in Bloodborne. For every player, there will be something they find insurmountable at some point. Do not despair. Nearly every challenge has more than one way to be met, as the game is carefully designed to accommodate many different kinds of tactics and playing styles. If what you keep trying does not work, you should try something else. If an enemy seems too difficult to take on, they may have hidden weaknesses to certain weapons or tactics, or there may be something in the environment that will help you defeat them. You can also try to summon other players to help you, or refer to this wiki for more specific hints. But we recommend that you do everything you can to beat it on your own first, as this will (we swear) maximize the amount of satisfaction you eventually get from the game. And who knows, you may discover a new approach no one else has thought of yet.
  • If you're stuck and just want help, check out our discussion forum, where you can ask the community for help. We're friendly folks, and we've been through it too!

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      Bloodborne allows usb backups. On ps4, Go to system, then app save data management, then select the option that allows you to copy data from system storage to external usb. You can copy savedata from the usb to system storage. Tried in Apr,2023.

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        On my screen top left you have your quick items but there is a small screen showing with lake an X-ray and a arrow pointing up . What is that all about or what those it means

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