Enlarged Head Patients

General Info
Research Hall

Some Enlarged Head Patients do not engage the player. They're friendly NPCs and can be spoken to.

"What say you, Lady Maria? Lady Maria?"


They appear at various locations in The Research Hall




Churning Sea Detached Head Patient (once when you approach):

Splish, Splash, Splish, Splash..."

Churning Sea Detached Head Patient:

Have you heard how curiously the sea churns?

Like a storm, but like the rain,

only gentle, like dripping water.

It bellows from deep inside of me.

Here it comes, up through my insides...

but gently, like little droplets."

"I'm A Robin" Detached Head Patient (once when you approach):

Plip, Plop, Plip, Plop...

Plip, Plop, Plip, Plop..."

"I'm A Robin" Detached Head Patient:

Lady Maria, I'm a robin.

Will I ever curl up and become an egg?

What say you, Lady Maria? Lady Maria?

Say something, anything..."

Living Failures Enlarged Head Patient:

 I have failed.

Please, Lady Maria..."

Headbanging Patient:

"Listen close... and you, too, will hear...

The sound...of water..."

Lumenflower Patient:

"Plip, Plop, Plip, Plop...

Splish, Splash, Splish, Splash..."

Dark Room Patient (Male A):

...Kill me, please, just kill me...

Free me from this place... before I go mad."

Dark Room Patient (Female):

Ahh, someone...help me...

I am guilty, I know. But I wont do it again, I promise.

The damp darkness...it, it frightens me...

And what rises from its very depths...


Dark Room Patient (Male B):

Ahh, Lady Maria, Lady Maria.

Please, take my hand, please.

Help me... don't let me drown..."

Ground Floor Poisoned Pool Patient:

Has someone, anyone, seen my eyes?

I'm afraid I've dropped them in a puddle.

Everything is pale, now..."

Female Patient On A Ledge (incomplete):

Save me...please...I don't hear anything..."



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    • Anonymous

      They sounded so very lost. So exhausted. As if they had barely kept their heads above an endless sea without their senses. Locked in their own mind with all ties to reality severed. For a tragically long time... I killed them all. I would want the same done for me should I ever be found in a state such as theirs. I'm certain that they had long since forgotten how to beg for euthanasia. What a horrible fate.

      • Anonymous

        I killed them because I felt bad for them. :( It felt like the right thing to do.. I can't imagine how they must have felt, how lonely and sad and depressed. :(((

        • Anonymous

          Seriously, its sad that you cant help any of them. Its frightening to imagine what pain/loneliness/depression they fell into. On top of that, they are still HOPEFUL that Maria can cure them, even thou that she already dropped any glimmer of hope left.

          The place was undoubtfully one of the scariest and most depressing places in any Soulsborne games.

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