This Chalice Dungeon is a special creation of [your name] and can be accessed by using the code below on your Playstation 4. You do not need Playstation Plus to get Chalice Dungeon Data.

  • Dungeon Name: Easy/Fast Uncanny Saw Cleaver!
  • Dungeon Code:462yygcg
  • Dungeon Materials: 1 Pthumeru Root Chalice / ritual blood (1) x2 / tomb mold (1) x 3

Dungeon Enemies

Low tier enemies, last tier got a weaker version Undead Giant

Dungeon Bosses

1st boss is 3 Fatty.
2nd boss is the Pig.
3rd boss is the Pyro Werewolf.

Dungeon Drops

Uncanny Saw Cleaver. In the FIRST bonus room, the left door. You don't even have to really start the first layer !

Dungeon Screens/Video

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