Dried Clathrus Archeri

It's blood red color and odor of rotting flesh doesn't suggest it, but this rare mushroom is invaluable for its medicinal properties.

Savvy hunters only carry it for a short time, as it is said a terrible beast is attracted to it.

Dried Clathrus Archeri is an Multiplayer ?? Item in Bloodborne. It is thought to increase the chances of being invaded. (needs confirming).


Dried Clathrus Archeri Usage

  • One of the items claimed to exist by early adopters, possibly on review copies.
  • Have not been found by any other player, most likely do not exist in the retail version.
  • Could also be made up or possibly removed dlc items.



  • ???



  • Player note 1



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    • Anonymous

      This item was mentioned by one of the early leakers, but nobody seems to have found it. Is it even in the game or was it made up ?

      • Anonymous

        By the description it says it attracts a beast, maybe a boss specific item like Tiny Music Box that attracts a boss to it or you?

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