.This page contains lore theories by Rakuyo. Please understand these are musings and interpretations by a player, and are not to be taken as official or representative of other's views.


Lore of the Darkbeasts



1. Information

2. Blue Lightning

3. The Fake Sky of Bloodborne

4. Heavenly Bodies in Mythology

5. The Fake Sky of Anor Londo

6. The Blue Lightning of The Black Sun

7. The Power of Humanity

8. Humanity Gone Wild

9. Gallery



Darkbeasts are a group of enemies typified by abundant screaming, dark/silver hair and an affinity to Bolt.

Known darkbeasts include Darkbeast Paarl, Loran Darkbeast, Abhorrent Beast and the Suspicious Beggar.

"Undead Darkbeast" is a term found on Beast Roar and Beast Claw and is analyzed at the end of the page.


Blue Lightning

Those that played Dark Souls games before have probably noticed a change in Lightning damage, now called Bolt.

In Bloodborne, electricity is blue instead of yellow and it has lost its tight connection to clerics and faith.

Clerics now use Arcane magic Church Servant, while "Loran Clerics Loran Cleric" employ pyromancy and Bolt is linked to "Darkbeasts" instead.

This color change appears to be no mere design choice, as Lightning Summoners Yellow Lightning - Fishing Hamlet of Fishing Hamlet still use yellow bolts.

Lightning Bolt Wall.jpg

Why did it change? In Dark Souls it is stated that Lightning is not mere electricity but the very manifestation of sunlight.

"In the war that marked the dawn of the Age of Fire, Gwyn wielded these rays of sunlight,
which remains fierce even as they fade." - Sunlight Spear

Gwyn, a Zeus like deity, known as "The Lord of Sunlight" - threw Sunlight Spears, the basis for all Lightning Spear Miracles.

If yellow Lightning first stemmed from the Sun Sunlight Blade - DS3 Lightning Spear - DS2 The Nameless King, then a change in Lightning could indicate a change in the Sun.

Here's where things get risky, but I believe that in Bloodborne, much of the visible sky is artifice and that there is no Sun.

If you look at the "Sun Sun of Cathedral Ward - Evening Phase" in Cathedral Ward, an impossible shadow reveals that this Sun can't be a star of our universe.

It isn't the only bizarre anomaly that may be found, even in the pre-Yahar'gul/pre-Nightmare part of Yharnam Old Yharnam - Fused Statues Cathedral Ward - Impossible Window Forbidden Woods - Impossible Tombstones.

Furthermore, the sky has patches that seem deliberately created to appear unnaturally gritty, static and painted on Fake Sky Close-Up Fake Sky - Central Yharnam.

Bloodborne has an outstanding dev team, so I don't believe this is the result of laziness, but rather part of a dream narrative.

Many more details in Bloodborne, like cloud movement, defy explanation. Videos displaying such effects can be found here.

The Moon and Corpse With Monocular

The Fake Sky of Bloodborne

Well known is that Bloodborne has 3 "Moon Phases The Evening Phase The Night Phase The Blood Moon Phase", but these phases are inconsistent across areas.

Touching Laurence's Skull triggers the "Night Phase" in all areas except the DLC, The Labyrinth, and The Nightmare Frontier.

Defeating Rom triggers the Blood Moon Phase, but not so in Cainhurst, HemwickOld Yharnam or the Byrgenwerth area.

These areas keep their Night Phase. The Labyrinth Labyrinth Sky and Nightmare areas The Nightmare Frontier Sky The Hunter's Nightmare Sky The Nightmare Of Mensis Sky also never get a Blood Moon Phase.

All moons exhibit strange traits, in Byrgenwerth, clouds can move behind the moon, as if it's hanging in Earth's atmosphere Moon of Byrgenwerth.

One can observe the same anomaly in Blood Moon Upper Cathedral Ward Blood Moon of Upper Cathedral Ward, and in Blood Moon Central Yharnam Blood Moon of Central Yharnam.

The Blood Moon has a different size and color in Yahar'gul in Upper Cathedral Ward , and in the Hunter's Dream  .

Such differences in size and appearance aren't limited to the Blood Moon, they appear in the Night Moon as well Small Moon - Forbidden Woods Large Moon - Forbidden Woods Larger Moon - Byrgenwerth.

Just by moving your character through the Forbidden Woods, you can witness the Moon changing its color and its size.

Near Valtr's hut, the Moon is actually quite large , but deeper into the Forbidden Woods it appears to have shrunk .

Another anomaly is that in the Forbidden Woods, the location of the Moon is opposite to that the pale Byrgenwerth Moon Byrgenwerth Moon, Rom Is Dead.

Bloodborne contains countless additional anomalies, like the phenomenon "merger   " and "Cainhurst Snow".

I believe the Bloodborne universe follows profoundly different natural laws, or maybe the experience is really just a dream.


Heavenly Bodies in Mythology

In our world, a Moon that's bright white or yellow can only be the product of the Sun's rays, but that's not true in mythology.

In mythology, celestial bodies are often independent entities and they are governed by their own laws and/or a designated deity.

Such bodies may move across the sky because strange chariots pull them The_Wolves_Pursuing_Sol_and_Mani_Germanic_Moon_Sun_Astronomy_Thumb1, or because they're locked in celestial spheres.

Celestial spheres are circular solids that move around the Earth Celestial_Spheres_Thumb2. Ancient Greeks explained such movement with "aether".

Aether was the fifth element, the celestial substance that planets were made from, and which only ever moved in perfect circles.

It's possible that in Bloodborne the Moon is a luminous body in its own right, linked to a deity and subject to peculiar laws.

The Moon Presence, a hidden being which descends from the Moon Moon_Presence_Encounter_Thumb1, is most likely governing Bloodborne's fickle Moon.

Human rituals may "beckon the Moon Blood_Moon_Descending_Thumb1 Merge_Yahar'gul_Corpses_Extra_Thumb1" and it's this Blood Moon that's stated to play a role in the Scourge of Beasts.

"The Mensis ritual must be stopped, lest we all become beasts." - Yahar'gul, Unseen Village

One popular theory is that The Moon Presence is based on Lovecraft's Nyarlathotep Nyarlathotep_Statue_Black_Thumb1, an evil god, adept at shapeshifting.

The Fake Sky of Anor Londo

The idea of the Sun being missing is strange, but From Software has used this idea before, in Dark Souls 1 The Sky of Gwyndolin.

There, in the monumental city of Anor Londo resided a deity known as Gwynevere, Princess of Sunlight Princess Gwynevere.

The player meets Gwynevere, but the benevolent deity turns out to be an illusion Gwynevere, The Illusion.

When she disappears, the sunlight of Anor Londo disappears with her The Twilight of Anor Londo.

The illusion of the princess is held intact by the only real deity left in Anor Londo, Gwyndolin, child of the Moon Gwyndolin_Standing_Thumb2.

Gwyndolin, known as The Dark Sun, leads the Blades Of The Darkmoon, who hunt down any who tarnish the illusion Hunteth, The Enemies Of The Lords.

His city of Anor Londo has interesting things in common with Yharnam, such as both being gothic megastructures Megastructure - Anor Londo Megastructure - Yharnam / Cathedral Ward.

Other details include two angels Anor Londo - Two Cherubs Cathedral Ward - Two Cherubs, a recurring pattern Gwynevere - Caduceus Pattern / Diamond Type Yharnam - Caduceus Pattern / Diamond Type, anomalies Anor Londo - Impossible Arches Cathedral Ward - Impossible Window, and a major cathedral Anor Londo - The Cathedral The Grand Cathedral - The Hunter's Nightmare.

Gwyndolyn could have been a forerunner of The Moon Presence Moon_Presence_Encounter_Thumb1 , and the "Sun", and "day" may just be illusions.


The Blue Lightning of The Black Sun

This could be what is sometimes called "The Eldritch Truth" the reality that Rom and The Moon Presence seek to obscure.

Those acquainted with this truth can choose to adapt to reality by embracing a new Sun, a Dark Sun Darkness Triumphant.

The darkness flowing from this theoretical "Dark Sun" could be formed into lightning, just like the rays of a Sun of Fire.

It only slightly alters the lightning, which is a derivative, giving it a dark blue color instead of the conventional bright yellow.

This Dark Sun may be Oedon, or some alien darkness, but it could also be the darkness found within one's own Humanity.


The Power of Humanity

More evidence to support this may be found in Yahar'gul, the birthplace of the Tonitrus and the Tiny Tonitrus .

Yahar'gul is a very dark place. It's the capital of the School of Mensis and their deranged philosophies.

Hunters of Yahar'gul are technologically adept and favor weapons like Tonitrus, Rifle Spear  and Beast Claw .

The Tonitrus itself displays the 3 holes, which may be symbolic of Formless Oedon  Tonitrus .

Oedon is associated with Quicksilver, marking him as a god of magic, while his affinity with Odin marks him as a god of wisdom.

The encounter with the Suspicious Beggar reveals that Darkbeasts are intelligent, rational and capable of speech.

The form of the Abhorrent Beast , though feral, is fundamentally human and one can still notice his very human face Abhorrent Beast - Human Face.

Darkbeast Paarl is likewise feral but he retains his human skull and teeth . His intelligence may not be at all diminished.

Inherent to Dark Souls lore is the idea that humanity is fundamentally dark, and that we are all to face this timeless curse.

What such human beasts represent, is the ability of that darkness to grow and break the limits of our personal power.

For humans do long for such things, they long for an inner darkness, one strong enough to overcome the constraints of morality.

With such darkness, men may truly become giants, and may even challenge the gods, a conclusion to be feared nonetheless.


Humanity Gone Wild

"Undead Darkbeast" is a term read on Beast Claw Beast Claw - Concept Art, and Beast Roar Beast_Roar_Thumb2, items tied to the Beast's Embrace form Beast's Embrace.

"Borrow the strength of the terrible undead darkbeasts, to blast foes back with the force of a roaring beast." - Beast Roar

"The long bones of an undead darkbeast... The bones are still alive, and grant a spurt of beastly power."  - Beast Claw

The Beast's Embrace form carries traits that can be "borrowed from Undead Darkbeasts", yet the form has no direct link to Bolt.

It's possible that "Undead Darkbeasts" refers to a larger group of beings than just the Bolt using lycanthropes.

Every Beast in Bloodborne may be in essence a Darkbeast, linked not so much to Bolt, but to the Dark of Dark Souls.

My own theory, which I present under Blood Lore is that The Beast Scourge is actually an outbreak of spiritual possession.


The Beast's Embrace form has very unusual traits Beast's Embrace Chest, otherwise found only on Cleric Beasts Cleric Beast Chest Laurence's Cleric Beast Chest, and on "Manus".

Manus is the primordial ancestor of Humanity, said to have let his "Humanity go wild", after which he assumed a feral form Manus - Feral Human.

His feral state appropriated an abnormally large left arm Manus, Father of The Abyss Cleric Beast, Anatomy, also seen on Cleric Beasts and the Beast's Embrace form Beast's Embrace Form.

A monstrous left arm is found on Huntsmen as well Huntsman - Abnormally Large Left Arm, and Manus' "red eyes on horns" can also be seen on Cleric Beast Cleric Beast - Red Eyes.

The Prowling Magus Prowling Magus of DS2, a goat-headed warlock with wildly grown, gem inlaid horns may have served as a missing link.

The sorcerer led a congregation in Tseldora Prowling Magus and Congregation. He was, therefore a cleric, and could thereby have inspired the Cleric Beast Cleric_Beast_Roar_Improved_Thumb1.

Manus was forever in search of his Broken Pendant. Both Cleric Beasts, Amelia Amelia's Gold Pendant and Laurence Laurence's Eye Pendant hold a cryptic pendant.

Yharnam's werewolves may be a reiteration of Manus' metamorphosis, the loss of his mind and the "going wild" of his Humanity.


Another Manus trait can be found on Bloodletting Beast, as its awkwardly split back greatly resembles Manus' head Enormous Gash - Bloodletting Beast Manus, Father of The Abyss.

Bloodletting Beast shares the manlike traits of a Darkbeast, and has Abhorrent Beast's signature "stretch punch Bloodletting Beast - Stretch Punch Abhorrent Beast - Stretch Punch".

Another manlike Beast is Gascoigne Gascoigne Transformed, who also uses the same dark transformation mist as The Afflicted Beggar Gascoigne Transforming Afflicted Beggar Transforming.

Both Gascoigne and Bloodletting Beast have an unexplained resistance to Bolt, which may evidence their Darkbeast kinship.

Gascoigne's dark transformation mist is identical to Numbing Mist Numbing Mist EffectThe Moon Presence summons Numbing Mist The Moon Presence - Numbing Mist Clouds.

The Moon Presence, already linked to lycanthropy by its connection to the Moon, could be behind all Beast transformation.



The Abhorrent Beast Gallery is available on a different page, here.





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    • Some of these just sound extremely reaching, I just can't read this and take it seriously. A lot of your theories really go all out there with trying to gather some manner of connection. I just don't think Bloodborne and Dark Souls have anything relating to each other in terms of connecting lore. There might be certain themes that they share, especially dealing with eldritch horrors and the dark, but that's the same with a lot of other Lovecraftian based games/movies/books. In the end, we can only reach our own conclusions, one of the very reasons why I adore Dark Souls and Bloodborne, they give us the pieces and tell us a story, but leave enough out that makes Lovecraftian horror so perfect. The oldest fear is the Fear of the Unknown, once you know it all, then you lose that fear.

      • Anonymous

        Call me an idiot but I thought the electricity of Darkbeasts and of the Tonitrus is blue because it’s static electricity. To buff the Tonitrus you rub it on your shoulder (do you remember the experiment in the physics class with your ruler and a cloth?). Darkbeasts have fur and catlike appearence (In my electrostatics class my prof used a cat fur to charge stuff for some experiments, quite horrible frankly). I mean, it’s an easy explanation and it makes sense, kinda. But maybe it’s the mermaid sun (just joking Rakuyo, I love u and I really appreciate all the effort you’ve put in Bloodborne: at least you’ve had the guts to tell your theories to the Bloodborne community, one of the saltiest

        • Anonymous

          There is so much nonsense here. The author has no understanding of "simply design choice" or just oversight. Delete this trash. I feel sorry for any fool that believes it.

          • Anonymous

            Even though I don't agree with your theories and think you are reaching very far, and present arguments that are indefensible both factually and logically, but that isn't really my problem. The problem is that if I want to read someone's hypothesizing, I can seek that out. I really wish you wouldn't abuse the good faith of the wiki and it's contributors to advertise your own hypotheses especially when they're extremely interpretive and go so far to imply that the team is lazy for working within the constraints of their game and taking shortcuts that all video game developers take. This isn't lore, it's speculation and highly circumstantial at best.

            • Anonymous

              paarl: blood starved beast who lost its flesh and blood, but remained alive in the process. read the bone marrow ash description abhorrent: scourge beast who instead of degenerating into a bsb, continue to fed and grew in strength. i believe the unused boss "great one beast" was going to be the abhorrent beast's final stage of evolution silverbeasts: pthumerians who tainted their blood with filth (slow poison) and mutated into beasts. the interpretation is based on their size, white fur, fire affinity and the presence of the white vermin. all of these are pthumerian characteristics (tall, white skin, pyromancy and extremely vermin infested blood/rapid poison). it's also on a process of starvation, noted by its thin form, exposed ribs and vermin infestation undeath is a very subtle theme in the game. one could argue that all beasts are in a way, decaying and dying should they not find fresh/healthy blood. so, if that's the case, they degenerate into weaker (but not less aggressive) versions of the scourge. pthumerians are undead, so it makes the silverbeast to be as well. the abhorrent beast is probably the only successful beast in the game for these reasons, or perhaps the loran cleric, who i assume was a beast patient who fed on pthumerian blood and gained some of its powers (look at his face for confirmation, and notice his snake-like tongue, a feature found in all beings with heavy pthumerian/quicksilver-abundant blood) what really intrigues me is what is the difference, between the beast possessed soul and the loran silverbeast. it appears for their height and pyromancy that they were once pthumerians, but the bps didn't gain a white fur and mantained the wolf-like appereance, and it doesn't seem to be starving or degenerating

              • Anonymous

                Read "The Licking Fear" by H.P Lovecraft, it seems to describe Dark Beasts in mediocre detail. Something to think about

                • Anonymous

                  lol these lore pages are preposterous. The supposed correlations are clearly the product of mental illness, and show themselves to be senseless to any rational person.

                  • Anonymous

                    I have never seen anyone push a narrative this much. I was epecting some lore on the Darkbeasts, but was instead greeted by how Dark Souls is connected to Bloodborne, along with some ludicrous "evidence", presenting them as fact. Look, I'm sorry but your are just making***** up in some of these sections. It's okay to theorise but i would like to be presented with all sides of the theory, such as counter arguments and the such. Instead of completely ignoring and pushing a narrative. At least I laughed wildly at the "... a recurring pattern" and "...anomalies..." lord that was a good laugh. I suggest renaming the title of this, as "Darkbeast Lore" clearly doesn't suit what you wrote.

                    • Can we just stop trying to link Dark Souls with Bloodborne? It's pretty cool to do that stuff, find lore throughout all the games developed by FS, especially Dark Souls. But, in reality, Bloodborne is just one individual game which belongs to Sony, they can not tie Bloodborne with games distributed by Bandai Namco (DS). Please, don't bring the Moon Sword as "all games are connected" thing, it is just like a "signature" from FS.

                      • Anonymous

                        Clever and fun but between interviews, art books and the like it’s more of a story of the condition of man. Anyway you shake it vati vidya has the lore locked down. This is nothing more than fan fiction but fun to read! Cheers!

                        • Anonymous

                          This theory falls flat on your first point. There is a Sun in Bloodborne. One of the endings to the game literally has you wake up in Yharnam to a sunrise. In addition to that the sun is even mentioned by Gehrnam. IDK why so much lore articles are written by you when most of them are baseless, and flat out wrong.

                          • I mean no offence since you're free to speculate and theorise away all you want, but as a long time user and contributor I deem it very annoying that the link to this page is shared in a lot of fextrawiki pages that YOU deem to be tied in to eachother with only your speculations and theories as a reason. This is a wiki so we base our info on facts and this is quite the burden to see this link on way to many pages, when it's based on your take instead of the actual ingame facts that ARE proven. I would kindly ask you to refrain from this as a fellow user and contributor.

                            • Anonymous

                              Gael has blue lightning in his boss fight. Little idea what that might mean though. It's almost definitely because of the dark soul because he presumably couldn't use it before that.

                              • Anonymous

                                i don't think odeon is marked as the "god of lightning", as his connect to quicksilver bullets only means he is connected to blood in a sense, as not only do quicksilver bullets use the users blood, not magic, but even states in the Odeon Writhe rune that "Human or not, the oozing blood is a medium of the highest grade, and the ESSENCE of the formless Great One." and that "Both Oedon, and Oedon's inadvertent worshippers, surreptitiously seek the precious blood." So in other words, he is tied more to blood than anything else.

                                • Anonymous

                                  I started to wonder if maybe Bolt in Bloodborne deals such high damage to the Kin (at least most of them) because it's meant to represent a sort of electroshock therapy. The Darkbeasts revel in their ignorance, which might be what grants them their sparky coat, whereas Kin enemies like the Celestials and the Brainsuckers are yanked from their maddened meditation when struck with Bolt. The Kin are also deeply connected with water and the sea, while the Darkbeasts have a strong affiliation with the dry, static environment of Loran.

                                  As for color symbolism, I started thinking that blue = the unknown, whereas gold = revelation. Again, Darkbeasts are dum-dums as declared by the Healing Church and the Choir, so they're coated in blue lightning. Striking the Kin with this blue lightning kills them, impeding their "enlightenment." As for the Fishwitches, their lightning matches the color used heavily throughout the Old Hunters--the decayed moon, the gold Lumenflowers, and even the fire urns around the Fishing Hamlet (this flame color is only seen here, as well as on the skeletons in Yahar'gul, and does not match the orange color used for fire elsewhere). Their lightning is born of the accursed truth unearthed at the Hamlet, a knowledge not intended for human eyes. Still not sure why the lightning summoned by the Orphan of Kos is still blue, but I wonder if it implies the Orphan wants to bury the secret again. Interestingly, Bolt does absolutely no damage to the snail women, perhaps suggesting this "ignorance" is actually something that sustains them, as it did Kos until the moment of her discovery.

                                  Long story short: I think the Darkbeasts represent individuals who strongly resent the Choir and Byrgenwerth for everything they've done to the city.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    I thought Darkbeast Paarl, and maybe the other Darkbeasts, were based off the gashadokuro, a giant, bloodthirsty skeleton from Japanese storytelling, formed from a hundred starved souls. Maybe the Blood-starved Beast is in the process of becoming a Darkbeast? And the Suspicious Beggar mentions in his beast form that he "didn't ask for this," as if he's trying to justify his actions, perhaps by placing blame on someone else.

                                    The lightning theories are pretty important, too, but I think you're focusing a little too much on how they might relate to Dark Souls and Norse mythology (Oedon isn't named after Odin, but after Oedipus, the man who blinded himself after murdering his father and marrying his mother without his knowledge). Unlike Dark Souls, Bloodborne is allegorical, and much of the world can be explained through symbolism. This is a Dream, after all.

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