This Build is based off a Character from The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt.

While purely a Roleplay Build, it's still very Effective Against Players

in pvp and the Beasts Wandering the streets of Yharnam.




Right Hand Weapon: For the Weapon i Would Choose Ludwigs Holy Blade Because it Looks like 

a Silver Sword the Most In the Untransformed Mode. (When it's a Small Sword)

Left Hand Weapon: Personally i Would Choose a Hunters torch Since it's the most Realistic, but if you

Dont want that You Could go With any Weapon you like.


Armour: Since Her Normal Armour isn't in the game (Obviously) i would use the Maria Hunter Set

i Wouldn't wear the headpiece because Witchers dont wear helmets but you can wear it if you want


Runes: For runes use 2 HP Runes and a Stamina Rune




Vitality: 50

Endurance: 20

Strength: 40

Skill: 40

Bloodtinge: 10

Arcane: 20

Recommended Origin: Professional or Milquetoast




(This doesn't matter if you don't know the story of the witcher or if you don't care)

After Fleeing from the hunt and traveling between worlds you end up in this world

where beasts roam around the city, While already having experience with fighting

and hunting monsters/beasts this isnt as easy since beast are more dangerous here.





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