Welcome to my Builds Page!

These are my builds! Ranging from SKL to STR to BLD and ARC. This will always be updated when I come up with new ideas and it was to stop the flood on the front page with all my builds!
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Build Name
Starting Origin
Dex it like Fundzo
Cruel Fate
Blade of Mercy / Burial Blade

Hunters Pisto

This is a build that is based off of min maxing, so we have a total of 5 bloodtinge. Yes you hit very hard and don't use useless stats and still have high hp and stamina. (The definition of min-maxing)

Here we an effective dex build that gets it core at 60 after that you can do what you want pump Vit for all I care, I'll release a later build at the PvP meta that is maxed for the PvP meta, it will take some time and experimenting to do this though so bear with me. All discussion is welcome. (There will be regular updates)

Vitality: 30-45-50

End: 20-35-40

Skill: 30-50-50

Strength: 10-10-10

Arcane: 15-15-15

Bloodtinge: 5-5-5
Blood for Fundzo
Lone Survivor

Yeah you're looking at the new Chaos meta for Bloodborne. This is highly overpowered and its just like a chaos blade build for DS 2.
Vitality : 45 - 50

End : 32 - 38

Skill : 14

Str : 11

Arc : 7

Bld : 50
Fundzo's Wheel of Pain
Cruel Fate
Logarius' Wheel

Hunters Pistol
110-120 - 122 - 157 - (200 read warning for level 200)
Tricky tricky tricky, thats the one word I think when I use this weapon. It's downright amazing! Don't get me wrong but, if anyone has play Dark Souls 2 and screwed around with the Blade Crypt Sword then they they know what I'm talking about. This is weapon of ultimate power but it takes a lot of skill to use and like the chikage there is a timer on how long you have with it!
VIT: 45 - 50 - 50 - 50

END: 33 - 38 - 40 - 40

SKL: 12 - 12 - 12 - 12

STR: 50 - 50 - 50 - 50

ARC: 15 - 15 - 15 - 50

BLD: 5 - 5 - 5 - 5
Casting Class with Fundzo
Cruel Fate

Hunters Pistol
Casting it old school style. You're one smart hunter. Unless they have henricks armor on you're golden to start plowing them with damage that they can't stop! 7 Seconds of mayhem is all you have when you buff you're tron and hook it up to the tron mainframe.
VIT: 47 - 50

END: 37 - 40

SKL: 9 - 9

STR: 12 - 12

ARC: 50 - 50

BLD: 5 - 5
Fundzo - Like a Sir
Threaded Cane

Hunters Pistol
Repeating Pistol
Ladies and gentlemen, I Fundzo present to you the Sir build. Learn to go through Bloodborne PvP in style. This is a requested build and is open to suggestion.


VIT: 50-50-50

END: 30-34-40

SKL: 50-50-50

STR: 10-10-10

ARC: 8-8-8

BLD: 8-8-8

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