Scourge Beasts Avater_A
Dogs in Yharnam Gun_Dog
Beast Patient (No Hood) Deformed_Beast
Beast Patient (Hood) Deformed_Beast_Female
Bell Maiden WanderingWidow
Brainsucker BrainEater
Rats SewageMouse
Nightmare Apostles Devotee_of_Death_And_Darkness
Drowned Corpse DrownedBeast
Chapel Dweller DemonsFanatic
Dogs (Hemwick Variant) Beast_of_Fanatic
Keeper's Hunting Dogs DemonDog
Crow NecrophagyBird
Wandering Nightmare (Small) WanderingInsanity_Small
Wandering Nightmare (Large) WanderingInsanity_Medium
Gravekeeper Scorpion GravekeeperScorpion
Gravekeeper Scorpion Babies GravekeeperScorpion_Child
Lost Child of Antiquity LarvaMegabat
Hole Digger Digger
Dog (Chalice?) MadDog
Snake Ball (Small) SnakeBall_Chaild_Small
Snake Ball (Large) SnakeBall_Chaild_Normal
Shadows of Yharnam Snake SnakeBall_LargeNeck
Maneater Boars VampireHogs
Children of Rom IdiocySpider_Child_Servant
Executioner Executioner
Pthumerian with Lantern & Hook Gravedigger_Hook
Kidnapper Abductor
Mad Ones Deranged_Evil_Spirit
Blood-Starved Beast Beast_Which_Longed_For_Blood
Witch of Hemwick EyeCollector
Garden of Eyes CthulhuSpider
Shadows of Yharnam DarkBrigade_(WEAPONNAME)
Bloodlicker Blood_Lapper
Cainhurst Ghosts Evilspirit_of_Oldcastle_Choppedhead
Keeper of the Old Lords Devotee_of_a_RuinedFlame2
Snake Parasite People EmissaryFromSnakeMarsh
Loran Silverbeasts Devotee_of_SilverBeast
Maggot Parasite
Mergo's Attendant WarderA
Mergo's Chief Attendant WarderB
Logarius KingReaper
Cain's Servant ServantOfKing_Sword
Loran Cleric Shisai/Sniper Priest
Giant Lost Child AbandonedGiant
Celestials FromMoon
Celestial with head tentacles FromMoonOnlyFeeler
Ebrietas IllegitmateChildren
Celestial Larvae MoonLarva
Fluorescent Flower StarFlower
Crawler (Small) CrawlsAndComes_Small
Crawler (Large) CrawlsAndComes
Winter Lantern Hozuki
Celestial Emissary FromMoon_Big
Large Huntsman FierceCrowd_(WEAPONNAME)
Hemwick Women CrowdWoman
Wheelchair Huntsman Crowd_Wheelchair
Yharnamite Huntsmen CrowdA_(WEAPONNAME)
Church Servants Messenger_of_Church
Gascoigne (Human) Gascoyne
Gascoigne (Beast) GascoyneBeast
Church Giant Franken_Knucks
Slime Scholar Student
Labytinth Ritekeeper (I THINK) DungeonResident_Priest
Labyrinth Watchers DungeonResident_Slave
Two-Handed Sword Labyrinth Warrior DungeonResident_Guardian
Labyrinth Madman / Sage (I THINK) DungeonResident_Madman
Merciless Watchers DungeonResident_Fatman
Pthumerian Descendant / Elder DungeonResident_Lord_RodStaff
Cramped Casket Mimic
Labyrinth Ghost EvilSpiritWoman
Undead Giant FleshGolem
Cleric Beast Kyoukuchou
Watchdog of the Old Lords FireBeast
Vicar Amelia SaintessBeast
Abhorrent Beast StormBeast_Ruins
The One Reborn HalfBakedDevil
Bloodletting Beast FounderBeast
Rom IdiocySpider
Amygdala FalseGod
Amygdala FalseGodBIG
Willem Proffessor [with two F's]
Mensis Brain EvilEye
Micolash's Puppets MarionettedCorpse
Moon Presence InheritTheNightmare
Mergo's Wet Nurse LesserDemon_Death_And_Darkness
Djura RuinsGatling
Beast Possessed Soul EnemyAvate
Doll Doll
Gehrman (Boss) OldHunter
Yharnam Ouji
Messengers Messenger
Blood-Drunk Hunters (in nightmare) Darkside_Hunter
Nightmare Executioner Executioner_Nightmare
Research Hall Patient w/ Stand PatientA_Stand
[all other patient IDs missing]  
Living Failures KamjaB
Fish People DeepOnesA
Fish People Priests DeepOnesB
Large Fish Person DeepOnesBig_NoWeapon
Snail Women HermitCrab_NonShell
Fish Dog DeepDog
Laurence the First Vicar KyoukuchouOmega
Ludwig Ludwig
Maria WomanHumter [with an 'M']
Orphan of Kos LastBoss
Orphan of Kos Form 2 LastBossArousal


Egg thing Screamer
Burned Warriors BurnedWarrior
Shrine Knight ShrineKnight
Early Logarius KingGhost_LowClass
Other Early Logarius KingInBlue
Skeleton with Scimitar King_Of_Skeleton
Floating Old Man Ghost EvilSpirit
Great One Beast Silverbeast
Moon Presence Unused Form InheritTheNightmare_LastForm
Two-Headed Demon LesserDemon
Pig Beast Avater_B_BoarKing
Pthumerian Bride DungeonResident_bride_fetus


Hollow Shousitai_(WEAPONNAME)
Yharnamites (?) Gunshuu_A
"Ghoul" [Pthumerians] Sleeper
"Weird tall enemies in dungeons" Slime
"Sorcerer" GhostOfMoonlight
Logarius with Sword? KingReaperSword


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    • Anonymous

      Loran Silverbeast is called a devotee of silverbeast...which is the name of Great One Beast...and they both shoot lightning. Interesting.

      • Anonymous

        Interesting that Cut Moon Presence is actually called a last form. I always thought it was the physical version of it. Shame they didn't add it in, it was kind of finished.

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