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The Lore of Old Yharnam and Blood-starved Beast



There was a heretical cult

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All over Old Yharnam you can find figures wearing red robes who are strung up and hanging upside down.

Some believe that these hanging corpses are Pthumerians whose blood has been harvested.

In favor of this theory is that the corpses are very tall , which could be a symptom of the Scourge of Beasts.


This cult may very well have filled the role that the Chaos Witches filled in Dark Souls.

What exactly happened to the cult isn't clear.

Maybe something they orchestrated ended in fiery chaos, or perhaps The Healing Church attacked.

In the end Old Yharnam was unsalvageable and left to the beasts. Who benefitted from this situation isn't known.

Djura, the Ashen Hunter stayed behind in Old Yharnam defending the beasts that he still believed were people.

The Powder Kegs are "heretical" and Djura may have been personally involved in the cult.

It could be that Djura feels for the beasts because he knew them personally and once called them friends.

It's also possible that Djura sympathizes because he is himself a heretic.

He understands what the beasts are and what they wanted to be. Perhaps he even feels responsible for what happened to them.


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    • Anonymous

      Eminent blood runs in the veins of some of the children bred in the past. These children who grow old within the nightmare are adopted by the Choir and become members of its priesthood. They are the ones described by Pthumerus, they are the people of the past, guardians of the tombs, of the eminent. Women carry the bell that echoes between dimensions and turn on nightmares. Understand that there is a surface of the healing church that takes on inquisitive characteristics, banishing any witch or entity as they worship the source of blood healing. And there is a high clergy made up of priests who use healing as a means of elevation in the cosmos. Another point is that the Church of Healing that Amelia is the pope (nowadays) takes on a different ideal from the church of healing that Laurence is the pope (earlier), and this is also a different healing church from the past (later). The Church of Healing of the past promoted war on the witches and the kingdom of Cainhurst because of its lineage connection to the Pthumerian queen. Laurence's Church of Healing excavated the Tombs and found the remains of arcane truth. Amelia's church has little contact with the past but its members try to keep Laurence willing to return.

      • Anonymous

        So many of you get butthurt and pissy by one person's interpretation of this game. Dont like it? Dont read it then morons. Or make your own interpretation though from what I've gathered by seeing most of your idiotic and inane comments almost all of you cant fathom what interpretation even means. So many little pansies who cant handle an intelligent thought experiment simply because. IT WaSnT ExpLicItLy StAtEd!?!?@?@?

        • Anonymous

          why is everyone assuming the moon presence is female or the blood-starved beast, it hasn't been confirmed ever by the producers

          • Anonymous

            tbh I... don't really see the Moon Presence in those gold plates. They look more to me like women in shawls, but it probably looks unclear either because the gold is melted, or, you know, the texture was just rendered poorly. Not to say the Moon Presence wouldn't have anything to do with Old Yharnam, considering its existence is one with the Paleblood Moon, and Old Yharnam was the first arena for the Hunt, and apparently the first location in Yharnam in which the red moon appeared.

            I think what Djura means when he refers to the beasts as "people" is that they aren't the same as the beasts that plague "New" Yharnam. Those beasts are driven by bloodlust and desire to hunt other beasts, whereas the victims of Old Yharnam are perceived as beasts by Hunters / the mobs of Yharnam in order to literally dehumanize them, and to make it easier to justify killing them. It looks like the "ashen blood ailment" that "triggered the scourge of the beast" could have been a legitimate disease that the Healing Church wished to obliterate, and so they sent the Hunters to slaughter the infected, obviously based on the methodology used to combat the Black Death in the middle ages. This senseless violence quickly drew the attention of the Paleblood Moon and the Moon Presence.

            Thanks to the Old Hunters and their belief that fire purified their polluted prey, Old Yharnam was set ablaze, and the Healing Church, possibly at the behest of Laurence, sealed the gate to the Cathedral Ward, trapping the Old Hunters and the beasts of Yharnam alike. Djura and his cohorts realized the hypocrisy, which might explain what he means when he says "he no longer dreams," and why he remains in Old Yharnam after revoking his Hunters' vows. Likewise, this is why the beasts of Old Yharnam fear flame, whereas "newer" beasts carry fire wherever they go--beasthood is a mentality, not a biological contagion.

            • Anonymous

              I've come to notice that whenever i do anything that gains insight via a consumable or facing a boss, I always heard a sort of faint, male whisper. I never understood what it said but after reading this, I think it's Oedon himself trying to make contact.

              • Anonymous

                Oedon is a great one, explicitly stated by runes to be formless in nature. I've always thought of it as Oedon being almost like a radio broadcast, to which your blood can become attuned. The figure you say appears to be Oedon is one I interpret as simply being a generic sickly individual, one who's about to be healed by this rad new "blood ministration" treatment they've got at this Church of the Holy Chalice that just opened downtown.

                • No way, moon presence is ancient. This is not the first hunt. Djura says"I think you still dream..." or somthing like that. He was in the dream before, a hunt that was surely lead by the moon presence in the past. Even Eileen the crow, who has already become old, knows about the doll, let her kill you when you first meet her, she will say "tell the doll I said hi'. Or somthing like that. If that blood starved beast was once moon presence, it should be bones by now. If moon presence, descended and temporarily became a blood starved beast, not likely either. Blood starved beast was not born that way. Its skin was flayed as it was tortured, and the blood it hungers for is not only the blood it lost. Its a desire to punish those who hurt it. It wants so much revenge that it is starving for the blood of its enemies, humans. Moon presence, with its mind powers, would never allow anyone to hurt it to that extent. Plus the form of blood starved beast is inferior. Moon presence is powerful already. If it found reason to descend(which is bad idea, as it can be hunted by hunters) it would use its classic form, with all its powers intact.

                  • The bell ringers and other dungeon people,pthumerians, were a cult of sorts. They worshipped the great ones too, and their queen, Queen Yharnam, was the surrogate mother of the great one Mergo, who probably causes the blood moon and aggravates the old blood/beast curse. You can even call the healing church a cult. They worship blood.

                    • Its more of other people labeled them like that. These hunters took part, and pretty much did most of the killing in the burning of old yharnam. Im sure normal people, or normal people who have not turned beast yet, were killed and this stained their rep. Another possible reason for the heretical label is how different their methods were. The origianl hunters were led by gherman, and were made to be silent stealthy killers. Quiet hunters who could stalk their prey and blend in with crowds. Weapons were canes and retractable saws that could be concealed/were not too obvious. Back before the beast curse got intense, things like killing civilians becoming beasts had to be done quietly. The powder kegs branched off from the original path and had stake drivers and boom hammers, and beast cutters. Nothing quiet or steathly here. The style was flamboyant, obvious, fiery and powerful. Probably happened when the beast curse became more well known, and every one knew people were becoming beast for some reason.

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