Blood For Fundzo

110 - 120
45 - 50
32 - 38

This is a player-created Build for Bloodborne.
  • Build Name: Blood For Fundzo
  • Build Level: 110 - 120
  • Build Focus: PvP
  • Build Main Stat: Bld, Vit and End
  • Starting Class: Lone Survivor

Build Equipment

Build Strategy

You've got max hp in order to dish out damage with the chikage transformed. This shit is op and can even take down people with 1 - 2 hits! Don't attack with it sheathed unless you are stupid and want the longest fight in the world... That's it. Welcome to the new chaos meta.

Alright the way in which you are going to play this is with the chikage transformed. WARNING!! Unless you're an ultra mega pro who is the dankest clutch king of the world do not use the charge attack with the chikage transformed, it takes wayyy too much hp to be used too often as well as it is quite hard to hit someone with as its obvious as you feel like the cleric beast with how long this takes!

When to transform and what it means
When you transform is when you want to attack, use to a lot! Roll transforming attack people. When you do transform it means all out offensive so if you want to stay in it then attack them do not just fuck around and waste time. This game is meant to be aggressive and it rewards you for being so aggressive so go nuts when you pull that shit out.

Constant attacks
Best plan of attack is roll attack them and then slash them to pieces when the chance is given.

Another way is to fake them with the chikage and constantly go out of the transform and attack them with a transforming attack or parry them this is a great fake especially if you transforming attack them with a roll they expect it and will probably try to attack you leaving you to have an easy parry on them.

Backstepping and when it should be used.
The backstep is alright but the damage you output is so high you won't really need to backstep unless their reach is incredible like e.g. burial blade.

Lures / Messengers gift
Messengers gift is the best item to be used if you are ahead and hidden from you're opponent it allows you to get a back-stab or an easy charge attack with the chikage transformed.

You've got max bloodtinge so thats max damage with a firearm! So sit back and load in some bone ash marrow and let the bullets fly.

Last notes
If you're scared of losing hp constantly don't use this build.
If you're scared of hate mail don't use this build.
Be liberal with the transform it's such a minimal hp drain that it doesn't matter when its on for too long.
You will learn when to heal and what that means for you.
People will be scared when you pull out the chikage and start hitting them.
I normally do not go out the transformation if I hit someone quite a lot.


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    • Anonymous

      You nailed that build equipment, good job. The strategy is a bit too hyperbolic though. I don't want to be literal but, what if someone takes you seriously?

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