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Iosefka's Clinic -

Blood Minister is a non-player character in Bloodborne.

A mysterious character who administers Yharnam Blood to the player shortly before the Nightmare.

Blood Minister Information

  • This enigmatic person gives you a contract to sign (which essentially sends you to character creation).
  • Once the contract has been officialized, he begins a blood transfusion process using Yharnam blood.
    • The process begins a strange, nightmare-like scenerio involving a Wolf Beast and the first sighting of the Messengers.
    • Afterwards, the player character (now officially a Hunter) gets off the operating table, and the night of the hunt is about to begin...



  • This character is located in Iosefka's Clinic though he disappears after the opening cinematic.
  • Can be found in hunter's nightmare (DLC), dead hunter that explodes when you come near him



Upon Starting the Game:

Oh, yes... Paleblood... Well, you've come to the right place. Yharnam is the home of blood ministration. You need only unravel its mystery. But, where's an outsider like yourself to begin? Easy, with a bit of Yharnam blood of your own... But first, you'll need a contract...

Character Creation:

Good. All signed and sealed. Now let's begin the transfusion. Oh, don't you worry. Whatever happens... You may think it all a mere bad dream... 




  • Some speculate that his corpse is found near the exit of Iosefka's Clinic, being eaten by a Wolf Beast.
    • Many have also disputed this theory, as the corspe appears to look like that of a normal Yharnam citizen rather than a Blood Minister.
    • Also, the corspe is missing the signature hat worn by the Blood Minister.
    • Blood Minister corpse can be found in hunter's nightmare (DLC). You can locate him in first floor of the house, before you set foot in river of blood. (Dead hunter in wheelchair that explodes when you come near him) Everything checks out, the wheelchair, sleeves, his face and his hat.
  • As Gehrman suggested, there are multiple Blood Ministers throughout Yharnam.
    • Who they serve, if there are any still alive, is unknown at this point.
    • Gehrman also mentions that most Blood Ministers nowadays don't recall the Hunters anymore.
    • If the above is true, that would make this particular Blood Minister even more special since he the reason you become a Hunter in the first place.
  • This character is more or less identical to some wheelchair enemies encountered throughout Yharnam, although none of them wears the signature hat.
    • One of the other distinguishing features is that the Blood Minister appears to have no eyes.
      • This is a foreshadowing of future events to come.
    • The hat worn by the Blood Minister has a similar appearance to what the Old Hunters wore in the past.


    • Anonymous

      09 Mar 2018 21:03  

      "Lotta Love"

      It's gonna take a lotta love
      To change the way things are.
      It's gonna take a lotta love
      Or we won't get too far.

      So if you look in my direction
      And we don't see eye to eye,
      My heart needs protection
      And so do I.

      It's gonna take a lotta love
      To get us thru the night.
      It's gonna take a lotta love
      To make things work out right.

      So if you are out there waitin'
      I hope you show up soon,
      'Cause my heart needs relatin'
      Not solitude.

      Gotta lotta love
      Gotta lotta love.

      It's gonna take a lotta love
      To change the way things are.
      It's gonna take a lotta love
      Or we won't get too far.

      It's gonna take a lotta love
      To change the way things are.
      It's gonna take a lotta love
      Or we won't get too far.

      • Anonymous

        27 Jan 2018 07:54  

        I believe the minister was actually a hunter pretending to be a minister to recruit hence him being in the hunters nightmare

        • Anonymous

          06 Oct 2017 16:43  

          What if this "Minister" is actually one of the Old Hunters? What if he knew that Mother Kos would send each Hunter into The Hunter's Nightmare, so he created one last Hunter before their departure? It's never stated how much time passes between your ministration and awakening, this would explain his disappearance and the lack of Hunters, barring the Chalices and Nightmares, from the rest of the game.

          • Anonymous

            10 Aug 2017 07:12  

            He seems to be a regular wheelchair Yharnamite, perhaps working at the clinic or getting treatment. I think he is either the first beast the hunter encounters or the unnamed dead celestial in the furthest room. It also appears that the wheel chair in the hall is his.
            As for him being in the hunter's nightmare, as speculated by the fact that the dead wheelchair mob that explodes has what seems to be his hat, as I understand it, the nightmare is a warped version of the real world though it doesn't explain why he'd be there, in the distorted nightmare. I do believe it is him in the nightmare as none of the other wheelchair mobs have the hat, and it just seems unlikely they'd put that hat on a random mob.

            • Anonymous

              22 May 2017 06:54  

              Some speculate that his corpse is found near the exit of Iosefka's Clinic, being eaten by a Wolf Beast. However, as you could see in gameplay, all . windows were closed even the main door. In my opinion, the Blood Minister looked really sick, he turned into the Wolf Beast at the result of blood transfusion he had taken long ago.

              • Anonymous

                31 Jan 2017 18:55  

                Is the Minister not the actual beast in the clinic? Most of the denizens occlude their eye to cover their collapsed pupil which indicates beasthood, and the Minister has similar bandages. Just made me wonder considering what happened to Gascoigne

                • Anonymous

                  07 Jan 2017 18:47  

                  I found an enemy just like him in The Unseen Village, so now I feel like this character isn't of any importance.

                  • Anonymous

                    The Bird is Jontron08 Jul 2016 14:19  

                    1. Same voice actor as the Suspicious Beggar2. Bandages on eyes just like the Beggar3. Most ministers don't remember Hunters, but he does4. Beggar feigns appreciation for Hunters5. A quick shave and change of clothes and he'd look just like the BeggarI think this old dude is the Beggar. No, I don't know why he'd bother infusing you with blood to just try to kill you later, but all the same, the rest of the evidence adds up. Thoughts?

                    • Anonymous

                      Gascoigne?05 Jul 2016 14:42  

                      I thought this guy was Father Gascoigne? He looks just like him, he has the eye bandages and everything

                      • Anonymous

                        True identity05 Jul 2016 14:42  

                        I say he's either a great one, or the one behind it all. Perhaps he's bloodborne's version of the G Man.

                        • Anonymous

                          Gascoigne's first draft? or "god"?05 Jul 2016 14:42  

                          could it be possible that hes the first design of gasco? or when he puts blood into you, that blood is what turns all this into a coma, and through that, narrates a story to keep you from fully succumbing to the coma and allowing you to awaken at its end. [spoils] as for the other ends? it is a dream, lucid at that, you do have some control. so maybe you can choose poorly. maybe?

                          • Anonymous

                            I'm starting to think this guy is Oedon, or at least a servent of Oedon, and we serve Oedon.05 Jul 2016 14:42  

                            He helps establish a contract with you to someone. a contract needs a contractee, and a contractor, so who are we contracted to in the beginning of the game. If you read one of the Oedon runes, it says: "Human or no. the oozing blood is a medium of the highest grade, and the essence of the formless Great One, Oedon. Both Oedon, and Oedon's inadvertent worshippers, surreptitiously seek the precious blood." inadvertent means accidental or unintentional, so I believe when we made a contract in the beginning of the game, it was with Oedon.

                            • Anonymous

                              Old Hunter?05 Jul 2016 14:42  

                              Isn't his hat the Old Hunter Top Hat? Its location is just out of the house with the wheelchair enemy, in the same house in the normal game there's a note:"When The hunt Began, the Healing Church left us, blocking the great bridge to Cathedral Ward, as Old Yharnam burned to the ground that moonlit night.". I think that the wheelchair enemy, the letter and the top hat could all lead to think about the Minister, so the one who wrote the letter was the minister, him being a old hunter, only he could have described what happened to Old yharnam and not the enemies that were there, if they were human before they wouldn't be old enough to have experienced what happened then(assuming old yharnam accident happened loong ago and hunters can live for a loong time). This could help the BM theory which says he could be Caryll, being a old hunter (let's say, as old as Willem), capable of giving you the rune that is the hunter's mark (other hunters can't revive) and having such knowledge (he knows about the paleblood and could have written the note in the clinic:"Handwritten scrawl: Seek paleblood to transcend the hunt."). Welp, it's not like i dived too much into Bb's lore, but when i got the hat, it just gave me this idea.

                              • Anonymous

                                Location05 Jul 2016 14:42  

                                He is on the room, downstairs where you find the monocular, and where there is a giant gut whith a big ball... he said a dialogue -oh you where able to find me, I hope your enojying the dream... -So, did you realized Paleblood are not what you're looking for? I don't remember the exact dialogue

                                • Anonymous

                                  Is he the wolf?05 Jul 2016 14:42  

                                  Think about the guy you talk to at the central yharnam lamp in the building, (spoiler warning) just before you kill rom (not sure when he starts) he is in his house, in a wheelchair because he's turning. I can't remember exactly what he says, but he does mention he can't use his legs. Now I know he is also in alot of pain and very sick, but the beast he turns into is one from old yharnam, their plight is poison, that eventually turns them into said beasts. So naturally you would think it's not that, but then think about father gascoian (however you spell it) he is able to talk semi fine and can even move normally before changing into a beast without so much a way to tell he's about to, until he does. So what if, like dark souls (choosing countless undead until they hollow, or get to the first flame), the blood minister is choosing countless individuals to send into the hunters dream to finally quell the nightmare and end the night. And you as the player just so happen to be the last individual chosen before he finally succumbs to beasthood and turns into a beast? Just a thought, what do you guys think?

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Settings->Brightness05 Jul 2016 14:42  

                                    I think he is the guy that shows in the brightness setting (and a younger age variant on the left)

                                    • The corpse being eaten in the beginning is not him05 Jul 2016 14:42  

                                      What a coincidence, before typing here it said 'Body'. Speaking of bodies, that's not him, the corpse model is completely different, not to mention his wheelchair. He has patches over his eyes too. Speaking of eyes, you people need to get yours checked. The corpse was either there before or it was a Yharnamite that unfortunately wandered straight to his death.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        i thought it was Father Gascoigne05 Jul 2016 14:42  

                                        Based on looks I assumed he was Father Gascoigne, at the start. Is that possible?

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Chime maiden05 Jul 2016 14:42  

                                          The chine maiden in unseen village summoned a wheelchair mob that looked just like the blood minister, hat and all, but with red hair like all of the mobs she summons, i took a screenshot

                                          • Anonymous

                                            Its same guy.05 Jul 2016 14:42  

                                            This can't be Gehrman, his hair, beard and hat are totally different though both uses wheel-chair. He actually found dead in clinic, killed by 30% HP werewolf.

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