Blood Gem Master is a trophy obtainable in Bloodborne. ("Obtain a valuable Blood Gem.") Obtain a Blood Gem rating 15 or higher. The boss of the first layer of the Ailing Loran Chalice dungeon has been known to give a strong enough gem somewhat frequently, though this is still random and not guaranteed.

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    • Anonymous

      DLC Blood-Starved Beast dropped one05 Jul 2016 14:54  

      After killing the Gatling Gun Hunter I went and killed the BSB a little further up and it dropped one. It's not amazing compared to what I already have, but I got the trophy.

      • 15-Rating gem05 Jul 2016 14:54  

        I got it right now in the Great Isz Chalice. Just if you go down the ladder there is a rock on the left side. Behind it there is a "lizzard", who dropped it (dont know if it was pure luck or always drops it; had 190 discovery).

        • Anonymous

          Blood gem05 Jul 2016 14:54  

          I can approve, that gem for achievment can drop from boss 1 in Lower chalice. Just got achievment after beating him.

          • Anonymous

            Boss didn't drop it05 Jul 2016 14:54  

            The gem that the boss of layer one of AL dropped was not a high enough level for me. I'm not saying other people haven't gotten it from him, but it's not a guaranteed, either. Maybe the "easily done" part should be dropped since it's not a definite. I'm gonna be furious if this game's BS RNG drops are all that keep me from a platinum,

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