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Battle Tactics in Bloodborne are techniques or mechanics used in combat that help the player defeat his/her enemies. These are such things as Parrying, Charge Attacks, the Regain System etc. Once mastered, the player will have an easier time overcoming the challenges of Bloodborne.

Regain System

In Bloodborne, the best defense is good offense. To compliment the faster-paced combat and keep the action fast and furious, players can regain some of their lost health if they successfully counter-attack against enemies within a certain window of time. Just to be careful not to take more damage in the process. Be strategic, but strike fast.


Combat in Bloodborne is fast and frenetic, and dodging and evading enemy attacks to stay out of harm's way and position yourself strategically to strike is the key to survival. Use the Circle button to back-step, roll, or hold it to run if you need to get somewhere, or away from something, fast.


Firearms equipped to the left hand have varying ranges and attack power. But they all have one thing in common: timed just right, a blast from your firearm at close range can stun an enemy mid-attack and give you an opening to go in for a Visceral Attack.

Charge Attack

Charge attacks are a powerful tool in every Hunter's arsenal, but they take time to power up and leave you wide open to attack. Use them sparingly and carefully, and time the attack to the range of your weapon and the distance of the enemy.


More Info Soon


By timing it right, you can perform a backstab on an enemy by using the Charged R2 [Confirmed]. This will trigger the backstab animation, and can potentially stagger/damage nearby enemies. (Unknown if backstabs stagger ALL nearby enemies or just low-level ones. Needs info)
[Can backstabs be used in PVP? Needs info]

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