Avolina's Doll

It is said that Avolina was fond of spiders and creepy crawlies. Born outside of marriage, Avolina shamed her house, and was locked away with only her books and this ragged old doll to keep her company.

Avolina's Doll is a Key Item in Bloodborne.


Avolina's Doll Usage

  • One of the items claimed to exist by early adopters, possibly on review copies.
  • Have not been found by any other player, most likely do not exist in the retail version.
  • Could also be made up or possibly removed dlc items.




  • ???




  • Player note 1




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    • Anonymous

      There was this supposed cut content item that states that there was a girl fond of spiders.
      She was looked with books.
      Who else is a girl and likes spiders?
      Rom of course!
      And what was Rom before being a spider?
      A student!
      And what does students like?
      This is all connected!
      So Rom is Avolina!
      Or was at a certain point in development! But the Great ones,... the implications are so many...

      • Anonymous

        This item was mentioned by one of the early leakers, but nobody seems to have found it. Is it even in the game or was it made up ?

        • Anonymous

          Does Avolina can be the name of his younger daughter and in pre alpha developing time that doll was supposed to be the actual Tiny Music Box that make Gascoigne go mad she gives you? Who knows :p

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