Amygdala is a boss that appears in Bloodborne.


This page contains lore research by Rakuyo, its contents are not official canon.


Amygdala is a giant, ten-limbed monster that resides in the Nightmare Frontier.

Referred to as "Lord Amygdala" by Patches the Spider, Amygdala may be behind his transformation into a spider. 

An NPC with the voice of Patches gives you the Tonsil Stone. This stone that looks like Amygdala's head can be used to gain access to the Nightmare Frontier.

Within the Nightmare, Amygdala rests invisibly atop a tower until the player gets close. She drops the Ailing Loran Chalice.

In the following quotations, Patches talks about Amygdala or mentions nameless divines.


"Heh heh heh heh...Oh Amygdala, oh Amygdala...
Have mercy on the poor bastard...Hah hah hah!"

"What a joy it is, to behold the divine.
It must be such a pleasure. You're in my debt, you know.
You're in nigh on a beast of the field, but here you are, treading a measure with the gods."

"Hah hah hah! Don't dally, you lucky scamp! The gift of the godhead
cometh! Heh heh heh... yes... Ha hah!"

"Ah, well met. My apologies, but I feel a profound thought occurring... On the good grace of a certain god, and the way he meted out his love. *laughs*"


Significance of the name "Amygdala"


1. Amygdalae are a pair of neural nodes inside the brain. Amygdalae are part of the limbic system, a very old part of the brain, and are involved in processing emotional reactions. Amygdalae link memories to emotions. Amygdalae assure that you store frightening experiences and that you respond adequately to a situation that you remember as frightening. They're also needed to recall the emotional nature of memories. This could mean that Amygdala's behavior is related to a very emotional memory.

2. Amygdala is the medical name for "tonsil". The tonsils are a pair of glands at the back of the throat, they serve to protect the body against infection. Standing on the frontline of the body's immune system, they're infamous for getting infected. Like the appendix, they are often removed upon infection. Upon the item Tonsil Stone you can read: "A latticed, deformed rock, or perhaps a meteorite. Appears useless, but possesses some odd gravitational force that prevents its riddance." It states that the stone is malformed, useless but difficult to get rid of. This malformed, useless rock could refer to the nature of the "not so important" tonsils. This might illustrate the nature of Amygdala. It's possible that she's unwanted and malformed but difficult to get rid of. A tonsil stone is a real thing, they're sometimes formed in the crevices of the tonsils. They're harmless but spread a purtrid smell.

3. Amygdalē is Greek, meaning "almond". Amygdaloid is a word used to refer to anything shaped like an almond, specifically this refers to a spectrum of shapes in between a triangle and an ellipse. The almond tree blooms in winter. The nuts produced by the wild variant contain deadly poison.

4. A hernia of the cerebellar amygdalae - "cerebellar tonsils" - entails a Chiari malformation. This can cause headaches, difficulty focusing, concentrating, and thinking, reduced coping skills, fatigue, muscle weakness, difficulty swallowing, gagging, choking, vomiting, dizziness, nausea, tinnitus, impaired coordination, neck pain, unsteady gait and balance problems, poor hand coordination, numbness and tingling of the hands and feet, as well as speech problems. Less often, people with Chiari malformation may experience tinnitus, slow or fast heart rhythm, curvature of the spine (scoliosis), abnormal breathing, central sleep apnea, and, in severe cases, paralysis.


Amygdalas around the world

Lesser Amygdala Grab - Yahar'gul Amygdalan Statues - Nightmare Grand Cathedral Amygdalan Head - Hunter's Nightmare  

The being generally referred to as "Amygdala" is the boss found inside the Nightmare Frontier. There are however many other important "amygdalans".

There are the "Lesser Amygdalas " that can be found in Cathedral Ward and Yahar'gul. To see them you must have defeated Rom, or have acquired 40 insight.

Most Lesser Amygdalas are found inside Yahar'gul. The village also contains a very statue of Amygdala  , as well as amygdalan waterspewers  .

This does suggest that amygdalans have been interacting with the residents of Yahar'gul for some time. The cult in control of Yahar'gul is the School of Mensis. 

Amygdalan art also appears in Byrgenwerth , The Nightmare Frontier , Cathedral Ward , The Hunter's Nightmare  and The Forbidden Woods .

Unlike the boss variant, Lesser Amygdalas cannot be damaged. They have a darker pigmentation than Amygdala and none of her white markings   .

Amygdala doesn't have tentacles, but Lesser Amygdalas do . Amygdala has a glowing chest opening , but Lessers have a non-glowing chest opening .

One Lesser Amygdala in Cathedral Ward warps the player to The Hunter's Nightmare DLC  , if the player has acquired The Eye of a Blood-drunk Hunter.

Within the The Hunter's Nightmare there are dried out exoskeletons of dead amygdalans   . The white markings indicate that they were of the boss variety.

Finally, Amygdala boss fights can be found in Great Isz Root Labyrinths, Lower Loran Root Chalices and The Pthumeru Defiled Chalice.



There's evidence to suggest a connection between Amygdala , Byrgenwerth and the Mi-Go Zombie, also called The Garden of Eyes.

The garden of Byrgenwerth's garden is alligned with statues of mutating humans  , and some of these look a great deal like Amygdala  .

Apart from the statues, the fly-like Mi-Go, exclusive to Byrgenwerth, has many amygdalan traits as well.

They share the same number of limbs (10), their have similar, segmented tails  , and they have large skulls aligned with numerous yellow eyes  .

These similarities are likely connected to the black orb seen on the Mi-Go. It depicts a 10 legged spider and is itself aligned with yellow eyes  .

There are important differences as well. The researchers look like flies and are winged. They're of a darker color and they're Kin, which Amygdala is not.

The researchers also retain their human 5 fingers and toes, whereas an Amygdala has 6 fingers on each hand  and 6 toes on each foot .


Byrgenwerth is chock-full of eyeballs, crammed into vats  , all to "align brains with eyes". Which is Master Willem's pet plan for human evolution.

By aligning brains with eyes, Willem sought to equal the Great Ones. In effect, they planted eyes on subordinates, turning them into Gardens of Eyes.

An alternative, but well-spread theory is that Garden of Eyes are actually farmed for eyes, as opposed to being attempts at creating Great Ones.


Byrgenwerth statues appear in Fishing Hamlet as well  , the different is that these statues are covered in barnacles, and that there are only two variants.

Barnacles aren't mollusks, but arthropods. They're also hermaphroditic. The arthropod nature of Bloodborne's barnacles could connect them to the Mi-Go.


Amygdala and the Mi-Go


Mi-Go are a race of extraterrestrials appearing in the work of Lovecraft. They're described as having a "convoluted ellipsoid" for a head, covered in antennae .

The standard number of limbs for a Mi-Go is 10. Amygdala likewise has 10 limbs and has a "convoluted ellipsoid" covered in antennae for a head .

Mi-Go can remove limbs and attach new ones, like tools. The same behavior is displayed by Amygdala, when she rips off two of her limbs to use as weapons .

Mi-Go are described as both fungoid and crustacean, and Amygdala's head bears resemblance to latticed fungi like Colus , Ileodictyon  and Clathrus .

The rest of Amygdala can be described as arthropod like at least. She even bears vague resemblance to other Souls insectoids like the Children of Chaos   .

The spines on her back bear resemblance to Quelaag's Fury Sword , additionally she has Quelaan's ashen color and Ceaseless Discharge's... discharge .

Mi-Go have an insect like society and their numbers are divided into 3 castes: worker, soldier and scientist. The Mi-go zombie could belong to this scientist cast.

They worship the outer gods and are of malicious intent. Their name is said to be derived from the Tibetan "Migou" which means "Yeti".

Their most advanced technology is related to biology and surgery. Mi-Go cannot be caught on film, which makes their detection comparable to an hallucination.

Amygdalans are similarly undetectable , unless the player defeats Rom or amasses 40 Insight. The NMF boss is also invisible, but uncloaks before jumping down.


Amygdala, The Fruiting Body


"Mould that grows from rotten flesh and blood inside the old labyrinth. Matures to bear giant spores." - Tomb Mold

"Tomb Mold" is the blood-drinking fungus that infests The Labyrinth, and is likely to have some connection to Lovecraftian horror and Kin.

While fungus can be found in every type of Pthumerian Labyrinth, its "giant spores" can only be found within The Great Isz Labyrinth .

Above the ground, giant spores appear in the Altar of Despair , the cave beneath Iosfka's Clinic  and in The Hunter's Nightmare, in ash , and in blood .

Fungus appears to infests the crippled Master Willem . The world is teeming with little mushroom men called "Celestial Emissaries", creatures likely to be "fungoid".

Mi-Go are fungi, and fungi seem to have some connection to Kin. Mi-Go - "Gardens of Eyes" - are Kin, so are Celestial Larvae, with their tiny mushroom eyes  .

As previously mentionned, Amygdala's unusual head resembles the fruit of phallaceae , a genus of fungi that bear very diverse fruits     .

Mycelium, the white threaded, subterranean body of a fungus  , is woven all across the ceilings of The Labyrinth Dungeons .

It's easy to mistake it for cobwebs, but the structure is wrong, the size is wrong, and no spiders would stick its web so parallel to a surface.

Fungi are subterranean predators, they grow their white mycelium in search of food, which once found, will be infested and consumed .

Mushrooms are what mycelium produces when it seeks to reproduce. Mushrooms release clouds of spores, which in turn sprout hungry mycelium threads.

Amygdala does not as such resemble mycelium, but her head resembles a fruiting body. This could indicate Amygdala as the transient phase of an organism.

But Amygdala's head could just be a living, breathing insult, as mushrooms are naught but the genitalia of fungi, befitting the meaning of a "phallaceae" head.


Amygdala and Chaos

Not only does Amygdala's head resemble the swellings on the Egg Carrier Undead Egg Carrier, many of her anatomical traits link her to the Chaos bosses of Dark Souls 1.

Amygdala is spider like, a trait shared by Quelaag Half Spider Witch Quelaag, The Daughter of Chaos The Daughter Of Chaos, The Bed of Chaos The Bed of Chaos while Ceaseless Discharge has insect legs Ceaseless Discharge.

Centipede DemonCentipede Demon and Ceaseless Discharge, both have a large orange gash on their chest Centipede Demon - Chest Gash Ceaseless Discharge - Chest Gash, an enigmatic trait also featured by Amygdala Amygdala - Glowing Chest Gash.

The Bed of Chaos has tentacular hair Bed Of Chaos - Tentacle Hair A Bed Of Chaos - Tentacle Hair B, a feature which very much resembles the tentacles of "Lesser Amygdalas Lesser Amygdala Tentacles", who're found in Yharnam.

A more plant like Amygdala is found in concept art Amygdala - Concept Art A Amygdala - Concept Art B, and in The Forbidden Woods, amygdalan statue echo The Daughters of Chaos Daughters of Chaos - Staves Held High Forbidden Woods - Lantern Staves A Forbidden Woods - Lantern Staves B.

The latticed head of Amygdala does not only resemble the sack of the Egg Carrier, it is a recurring pattern that's associated with poison Sanctum Soldier - Latticed Poison Pattern Yorgh's Spear - Latticed Poison Pattern Consumed Garden - Latticed Poison Pattern Storyteller's Staff - Latticed Poison Pattern.

In DS3 it appeared as fungus on a staff Storyteller's Staff - Latticed Poison Pattern, and was uniquely used to cast fire and poison spells. The staff relates Amygdala to both fungi and pyromancy.

The witches and their pyromancy are entwined with poison, and one such witch, "Quelana" is capable of invisibility Quelana - Invisibility, a trait shared by amygdalans Lesser Amygdala - Invisibility.

Furthermore, Quelana refers to her mother and to her siblings as "deformed" Quelana - Deformed Creatures, which is exactly the term used in Bloodborne to refer to amygdalans Eye Of A Blood-Drunk Hunter - Directions.

"A latticed, deformed rock, or perhaps a meteorite.

Appears useless, but possesses some odd gravitational force that prevents its riddance. A dubious soul once said:

Step lightly round to the right of the great cathedral, and seek an ancient, shrouded church... The gift of the godhead will grant you strength..." - Tonsil Stone

The witches are linked to Blighttown Blighttown, Amygdala is also linked to a poisonous swamp, one filled with illustrations of a great tree Nightmare Frontier - Great Tree Imagery and evil roots Evil Eye Roots.

The Bed of Chaos uses two scythe shaped, tentacular arms Bed of Chaos - Scythe Claw, which could finally explain why the Amygdalan Arm has a scythe shaped trick mode Amygdalan Arm - Concept Art.


The homes of The Witches of Chaos, Demon Ruins and Lost Izalith, were overgrown by great roots Demon Ruins - Great Roots Lost Izalith - Great Roots, like those seen below Amygdala's arena Nightmare Frontier - Great Roots.

Their dungeons were lava themed Lava Themed Demon Ruins, and molten rock Nightmare Frontier - Molten Rock Real World - Molten Rock, along with volcanic basalt columns Nightmare Frontier - Basalt Columns A Nightmare Frontier - Basalt Columns B Svartifoss Iceland - Basalt Columns can be found in The Nightmare Frontier.

The Caryll Runes found in The Nightmare Frontier could further connect the area to pyromancy as these runes are about reducing poison and fire damage.

The Clockwise Metamorphosis Rune Clockwise Metamorphosis, which boosts health, may be linked to concepts of The Demon Ruins Demon Ruins Elevator Symbol, The Heirs of The Sun Heirs Of The Sun Crest and Estus.

The bearers of the Eldritch Truth, the Pthumerians, are proficient pyromancers Pthumerian_Ritekeeper_Thumb2 Pthumerian Elder Pthumerian Undead and live in a labyrinth overgrown by bizarre roots Labyrinth Roots Doorway Labyrinth Roots Tunnel Labyrinth Roots Ceiling.

Their Keeper of the Old Lords Keeper Of The Old Lords, and its Bone Ash Set, echoes witches of other titles Yuria The Witch Karla - Dark Souls 3 Witch Beatrice, while Bone Ash points to the Hags of Hemwick Hag of Hemwick.

Bloodborne has a lot of cut content, including enemies that greatly resemble the Chaos Demons of Dark Souls Cut Content - "Creeper" A Cut Content - "Creeper" B Capra Demon - Dark Souls Remastered Taurus Demon - DS1 Old Demon King - DS3 (credit Sanadsk & co)

Fiery Chaos carries ties to pregnancy The Chaos Larva - DSR The Vessel Shield (Old Chaos) - DS2 Curse-Rotted Greatwood - DS3, and pregnancy plays a big role in Bloodborne as well, especially in regard to the Pthumerians Celestial Child Of Arianna Queen Yharnam - Pthumerian Pregnancy.

The eggs which resemble Amygdala were designed after the eggs from Alien Egg Carrier - Sack Opens Facehugger Egg, and spawned parasites which made it into Bloodborne Vile Maggots - DSR Hateful Maggots - Silverbeast Hateful Maggot - Bloodletting Beast.


The World Egg

Reproduction is an important theme in Bloodborne, and Amygdala's head may well fit into that theme. Moreover, it could connect her to The World Egg .


The World Egg is a cosmological concept that recurs in various mythologies, it's known in Vedic tradition as Hiranyagarbha and as the Orphic Egg in Orphism.

Hiranyagarbha literally translates to "Golden Egg" or "Golden Womb". The egg is referred to as The Creator, Brahman, Brahmā, and The Soul of The Universe.

In the beginning when there was nothing, appeared Swayambhu, The Self-Manifested Being, who created the primordial waters and the seed of the universe therein.

Then the egg became a womb, which was then entered by Swayambhu. The germ hung in the darkness for one year, then brought forth all realms of the universe.


"Egg" is a recurring motif in Bloodborne art, appearing in a large multitude of places as an oval that goes through numerous phases of cracking   .

These eggs remind of the strange tombstones found in the Forbidden Woods  and Yharnam . These tombstones look like fossilized stinkhorns.

These structures also resembles the foul growths that protrude from the DS1 Egg Carrier Undead Egg Carrier, latticed sacks that are are brimming with Vile Maggots Vile Maggot.

Egg structures have been with the series since the beginning , most likely inspired by Berserk's Beheliths . They are required for demon ascension .

In dire need for power, humans use Beheliths to become demons. The choice of words is quite specific , indicating a great deal about the people on the Archstones.


The Orphic Egg is the cosmic egg that hatched the hermaphroditic god Phanes . Phanes is the creator of the universe and conceiver of the other gods.

Phanes is usually enwrapped by a serpent. He also has the hooves of the hermaphroditic goat, like Baphomet or the Wiccan "Horned God".

His name means "to bring light" or "to shine", and is therefore interchangeable with "Lucifer". Phanes is also connected to Mithra, Persian god of contracts.

This mythology was likely reused in Berserk, in which The Egg Of The Perfect World Egg Shaped Apostle - Cracking Egg Shaped Apostle - God Hand, gives birth to the outspokenly androgynous Griffith Outspokenly Androgynous Griffith.

In Berserk, Griffith essentially plays the role of Lucifer/Satan, the haughty angel that became the scourge of mankind and a rival to the Christian God.

Griffith's demon form is based on an hermaphroditic Satan   . He's also likely based on "Shiva", the androgynous Hindu god of destruction.

Capable of exerting unnatural influence over humans Griffith Turns The Pope, Griffith's like the tempter Satan, but potentially also like Phanes, who's often equated with Eros.


That role in turn shares attributes with The Moon Presence, who's popularly theorized to be in a state of rebirth Germinating Moon Presence, in the form of Mergo The Infant Mergo Griffith - A Child's Crying.

They're both related to "a dream ", they're also both related to the birth or rebirth of a higher being Griffith Inside The Egg, Mergo in Bloodborne and Griffith in Berserk.

Griffith is dark androgynous entity, as is The Moon Presence. Both are related to the Moon Griffith And The Moon, in the case of Griffith, in the form of an eclipse , or "Dark Sun".

The Moon Presence is also related to an eclipse, but rather to a lunar eclipse Moon_Presence_Encounter_Thumb1 or "Blood Moon". It may be linked to Griffith's double: Dark Sun Gwyndolin "Hunteth The Enemies Of Lords".

The Moon Presence was inspired by Nyarlathotep, The Crawling Chaos. Griffith is at one point stripped of his muscles Griffith Stripped Of Flesh And Muscle Eviscerated Moon Presence, reducing him to a crawling state. 

In this torturous state, the Scarlet Behelit answers Griffith's prayer, and summons The Dark Angels Do You Fear Higher Beings?, who transform him into a member of the God Hand Griffith Ascension.

Just before the eclipse, Griffith hears a child's crying, like an hallucination or an echo of himself , which is very much like to the ambient crying of Mergo Blood Moon - Mergo's Crying.

Bloodborne is fundamentally about a Great One conception, which fits the narrative of Demon's Souls, which centers around a cosmic horror: "The Old One The Old One".

Moments before the end of Demon's Souls, when The Old One seeks a new Demon, the call of The Old One is recognized as the crying of a child, by Saint Urbain.

The Old One in many ways mirrors Berserk's Idea of Evil, such as offering demon power The Old One - A Lust For Power Demon Power - The Count, distorting reality Reality Distortion - Demon's Souls Reality Distortion - The Eclipse, and using strange eggs The Eggs Which Seal The Old One The Eggs Of The Rulers Behelit - The Key That Links The Worlds.

Strange eggs also appear in Bloodborne Bloodborne - Cracking Egg Pattern Dented Egg (Cathedral Ward), and probably trace back to Behelits The Scarlet Behelit, the demon creating eggs that inspired the Eye Orbs of Dark Souls Red Eye Orb - DS3.

If Bloodborne's eggs follow the logic of Berserk, then these eggs mirror the Behelits, and a new demon is being born, the newborn Mergo The Newborn Mergo, or perhaps you Childhood's Beginning.


(warning, editing in progress, sexual images present)

"Great One" is a term used in Berserk to refer to The God Hand Great Ones in Berserk, and in DS2, to refer to The Old Ones Great Ones in DS2. Old Ones are reincarnations of the DS1 pentad "The Old Ones".

This pentad has always between entwined with God Hand Conrad -  The Plague Angel Nito Unleashed A Plague Of Death And Disease Slan, The Fire Goddess The Witch of Izalith - The Bed of Chaos, five godlike beings which the protagonist has to kill in order to achieve salvation To Seek Five.

The birth of a new member of God Hand requires a feast The Night Festival The Night Of The Hunt, in which reality is distorted Berserk Bloodborne, and demons eat those with "The Mark of Sacrifice The Mark of Sacrifice The Hunter Rune"

Many other semblances with Berserk exist, like "A Dream You Shall Not Wake, We Are In The Dream No, We Shall Not Abandon The Dream" in the form of an eclipse Solar Eclipse - Berserk Lunar Eclipse - Bloodborne obscuring The Sun, all to feed souls to the newborn god .

Eclipse symbolism also characterizes Dark Souls Eclipse Over Lothric Eclipse - Kiln Of The First Flame, which revolves around an undying, and branded protagonist The Accursed Darksign becoming a lord of fire, or of darkness.

The brand of the Undead, The Darksign, was likely inspired by The Mark of Sacrifice, which may be more recognizable, in the shape of the DS Moonlight Arrow The Moonlight Arrow.

Those Moonlight Arrows would be reused in DS3 by Aldrich Moonlight Arrows of Aldrich, a corrupted form of Gwyndolin, and in a manner reflecting Void's branding technique Void - The Promise Time Has Come Part 1 Void - The Promise Time Has Come Part 2 Aldrich - Mark Of Sacrifice Arrows.

The Dark Sun Gwyndolin is a bigendered, Griffith inspired character which appeared in DS1 The Griffith Inspired Gwyndolin. His name means "white and fair" while "Dark Sun" means "eclipse".

Gwyndolin is linked to Lothric, who has the same voice actor, is also linked to an eclipse Eclipse Over Lothric and whose crippled state mirrors Griffith as he's being carried Crippled Griffith Being Carried Crippled Lothric Being Carried

Lothric's birth is a controversial one, probably involving the essence of dragons Kingdom Of Lothric - Concept Art, which brings to mind Priscilla Crossbreed Priscilla and her snake legged brother, Gwyndolin Snake Legged Gwyndolin.

Dragon children are tied to concealment. Some dragon children are capable of total invisibility: like Priscilla Invisible Priscilla and Ocelotte Invisible Ocelotte, making them similar to Mergo Invisible Mergo.

Anor Londo actually has numerous depictions of a wet nurse Anor Londo - Wet Nurse Mergo's Wet Nurse, and Gwyndolin is tied to themes pertaining to Bloodborne: like "moon The Power Of The Darkmoon" and "hunting Hunteth The Enemies Of The Lords".

Lothric also has a wet nurse: High Priestess Emma High Priestess Emma, a character related to the Blades of the Darkmoon and to the Shrine Handmaid The Shrine Handmaid, who might be Velka Velka - DS3.

Velka, the rogue goddess, is the goddess of sin, "purging Purging Stone - DS3" and Ariamis' Crow Demons Crow Demon - Concept Art, who in DS1 drop the covenant items of The Blades of the Darkmoon.

Goddess of crows, she's linked to the invisible crow babies Snuggly The Crow - DS1 Dyna and Tillo - DS2 Pickle Pee Pump-a-Rum - DS3, and her augur, The Giant Crow, picks up undead, should they assume a fetal position Giant Crow Nest - Fetal Position.

Likewise, The Wet Nurse is an invisible crow like being Wet Nurse - Crow Like And Invisible A Wet Nurse - Crow Like And Invisible B, who's linked to "amalgam plumes Amalgam Smoke Plume - Nightmare Of Mensis", which mirror The Purging Monument Purging Monument - DS3, linked to purging.

The Wet Nurse may form an entity with Pontiff Sulyvahn Pontiff Sulyvahn - Cloning Warrior, guardian of Lothric, The Darklurker Darklurker - Cloned, and the Shrine Handmaid, all characters capable of cloning Mergo's Wet Nurse - Cloned.

Pontiff Sulyvahn may have once been the final boss of DS3 (Lance McDonald), set to be fought in the Untended Graves The Untended Graves, where you meet The Handmaid's double.


Berserk's Idea of Evil is connected to the caduceus , a symbol involving twin serpents wrapping themselves around a winged staff A Caduceus.

A serpent wrapping itself around a body is symbolic of the Orphic Egg , Phanes  and his Persian counterpart Mithra/Mithras .

The caduceus is a symbol of Hermes , the Greek "messenger of the gods", whose Roman counterpart is Mercury, whose name means "quicksilver".

The caduceus is a recurring word Caduceus Kite Shield - DS1 Caduceus Round Shield - DS3 and symbol Pilgrim Caduceus - Bloodborne Bed Of Chaos Caduceus Catacomb Gate Caduceus Pattern - DS2 in the Souls universe and is most likely connected to The Primordial Serpents.

It's also frequently associated with "magic" Izalith Staff - DS3 Onyx Blade - DS3. In Bloodborne, quicksilver powers magic and quicksilver is associated with Formless Oedon.

The name "Oedon" was likely derived from "Odin", the Norse god that the Romans equated with Mercury The Roman Mercury, the Roman messenger of the gods.

Lovecraft's Nyarlathotep is Messenger of The Outer Gods. "Messenger" is a concept that unifies The Moon Presence, Oedon, and The Idea of Evil.

The Messenger's caduceus connects them to Dark Souls Sorcery, Chaos, The Primordial Serpents and the central androgyn Griffith/Lothric/Gwyndolin


A strange thing happens in DS1, when during the ending "The Dark Lord", both Primordial Serpents, Kaathe and Frampt, vow to obey the Dark Lord .

In DS3, Kaathe still lingers on, but Frampt has disappeared. The way items refer to them is ambiguous, and serpents are never referred to as "good".

Multiple item make reference to their existence, but never do these items make a distinction between a serpent of Fire, and a serpent of Dark.

in Berserk, there is also no real distinction between "fire" and "dark". Dark is everywhere, and a Dark Lord does exist, but there is no "Linking of The Fire".

Fire exists in the form of a demented religion Demented Witch Burning and angelic demons The Angelic Executioners, puppets of the same Dark God, who burn everything they classify as sinful The Conviction of Mozgus.

Another Fire exists in the fury that consumes Guts Guts Ego - Flaming Od Demon Wolf - Fire Blazing, raging emotions that nonetheless seek to protect those dear to him, but threaten them as well.


Dark Souls was based on Berserk, and in Berserk those twin serpents are seen wrapped around the organs of the devil , or extending from the dark god himself Great Veins Extending From The God Of The Abyss.

In this context, the winged thing at the center of the caduceus, can only be Griffith, the counterpart of Phanes and Lucifer, the seductor venerated by serpents Serpent Embrace The Hawk Griffith Enamours The Wretch.

The Bloodborne incarnation of the caduceus is Corruption  Corruption, the symbol of The Vilebloods Annalise, Queen Of The Vilebloods and The Queen that will deliver Mergo Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen, the unborn Great One.

In Berserk, The Symbol of God - the caduceus - is revealed to be a representation of great veins which extend from The Idea of Evil Idea Of Evil - Great Veins, like great Umbilical Cords .

The ritual to conceive a new Great One is parallel to Berserk's Eclipse, in which "A Dream" obscures The Sun and countless are sacrificed to feed the newborn god .

The Eclipse, the dominance of The Moon, is a persisting theme in Dark Souls as well. "The Eclipse", "The Dark Sun" was first personified by the androgynous Gwyndolin.

The pale youth, youngest of Gwyn's line, is the twilight of Anor Londo, a cold-hearted narcissist, upholding the illusion that Fire still rules the city of Anor Londo The City Of Anor Londo The Path Of Fire.

Called "The Dark Sun", which translates to: "the eclipse" The EclipseGwyndolin's body is united with serpents , and as Gwyn's last born, he symbolizes "The End".

His DS3 counterpart is Lothric Lothric, the crawling androgynous androgyn whose melancholy doomed his kingdom, now overshadowed by The Eclipse Lothric Overshadowed By The Eclipse.

Like Griffith, Lothric too is the product of a strenuous and unnatural conception, and Gwyndolin's birth, having no known mother, is a paradox.

These pale youths are hidden away, obscured, Dark. "Mergo" the obscured, invisible Great One, related to "Paleblood", could well be their conceptual brother.


Mergo is often thought together with The Moon Presence, an androgynous god that inhabits "A Hunter's Dream" and stands to be the agent behind everything.

The Moon Presence appears to have Griffith's signature ability to entrance and bewitch   , guiding The Hunter into The Moon Presence's embrace  .

The only way to break out of this spell is to use 3 Third Umbilical Cords, in which case it turns into a boss battle against the foul manipulator.



The connection between Amygdala and Gerðr the jötunn

Gerðr was a legendary giantess, or jötunn, who caught the eye of the Norse god Freyr. He looked upon her ravishing looks and became heartsick with love.

Freyr confided in his servant Skírnir that he had seen a beautiful girl with shining arms .

"From Gymir's house I behold forth
A maiden dear to me;
Her arms glittered, and from their gleam
Shone all the sea and sky."
"To me more dear than in days of old
Was ever maiden to man;
But no one of gods or elves will grant
That we be together should be."

Skírnir then rides to Jötunheimr to deliver his lord's marriage proposal to the beautiful lady.

Upon seeing the lady, Skírnir offers 11 golden apples of eternal life and a golden ring that multiplies on its own, if only she will marry Freyr.

Yet Gerðr refuses his offer, for the jotuns are on hostile terms with the Aesir gods and Gymir, Gerðr's father, has no lack of gold.

It is then that Skírnir resorts to threats. He pulls out his sword, swearing to cut of the girl's head, but Gerðr refuses for she will not be coerced.

Skírnir then threatens to kill her father and he pulls out his magic wand with which he may curse Gerðr.

He says that she will never again be seen by "the sons of men". From early morning, Gerðr will sit on an eagle's mound, facing Hel.

Food shall be hateful to her and he declares that when she comes out she will be a spectacle. They will glare at her, everything will stare at her.

Gerðr will experience "madness and howling, tearing affliction and unbearable desire" and that, in grief, tears will flow from her.

She will be harassed by fiends all her weary days. Gerðr shall everyday crawl without choice, nor hope of choice.

Gerðr will suffer in tears rather than feel joy. She will live the rest of her life in misery with a three-headed thurs* or otherwise be without a man altogether.

Skírnir commands for Gerðr's mind to be seized, that she may waste away with pining and at the roots of the world, Gerðr will drink the urine of goats.

He carves "thurs" (the runic character *thurisaz) on Gerðr and three runes (unnamed) symbolizing lewdness, frenzy, and unbearable desire.


 In the Norse story, Gerðr finally gives in and marries Freyr, but in Bloodborne the story may have taken a turn for the worse, with Gerðr becoming cursed.

Gerðr is described as a jotun with shining arms. Amygdala does in fact have shining arms   , something "Lesser Amygdalas" don't have.

Jotun means as much as "Frost Giant". Above I mention the possibility that Amygdala is a Mi-Go. "Mi-Go" is derived from a Tibettan word for "Yeti" - a snow giant.

Skírnir said that Gerðr would never again be seen by the sons of men. This could explain why Amygdala resides in a deadly and secluded dimension.

He also claimed Gerðr would sit "at the roots of the world", facing Hel, and underneath the boss area, massive roots are reaching downwards .

 He said that she will be spectacularly ugly and that she will drink nothing but piss. This "piss" could be the poison found within the Nightmare Frontier   .

It's also noteworthy that Amygdala has no tentacle-mouthparts. Lesser Amygdalas do have mouthparts and are feeding greedily inside the human world.

Skírnir claims that "food will be hateful to her", "that she will drink nothing but piss" and that she will never see "the sons of men".

All of this could explain why Amygdala is a mouthless amygdalan in an isolated dimension. It also explains her aggression, as she's hungry and crazed.

Skírnir also augured that Gerðr would sit on a mound, facing Hel. Amygdala sits atop a tower , facing the twisted Nightmare Frontier.


*Skirnir states that she is to be with a three-headed "thurs", and he marks her flesh with the rune "thurisaz".

Thurisaz can mean Jötunn but it can also means torment, or "thorn". This means that she is to be with a three headed "torment", "giant", or "thorn".

In the context of "thorn": Amygdala has a tail - that tail ends in three points . She also has three - trident shaped - spines on her back, between her shoulders (Lesser) Amygdala Trident.

The name Gerðr is a variant of Gertrude, which means "spear of strength", while statues depicting amygdalans are often holding spears  or staves .


If Amygdala is Gerðr, then is there a Bloodborne Skírnir and a Bloodborne Freyr?

Of Skírnir it is known that he claimed to be neither Aesir, Vanir or alf. This means he is not of the bloodline of the ruling gods, or one of the fair alves, vassals of Freyr.

In his role as Messenger of the gods, he's analogous with Hermes/Mercury, who the Romans equated with Odin, whose name inspired Oedon.

Skírnir is Old Norse for "bright one", which is analogous with Lucifer, The Devil, who in turn may be equated with Phanes/Griffith (see above)

Nyarlathotep is also known as "The Messenger of The Outer Gods". This persona could also be related to The Messengers, or the Primordial Serpents of Dark Souls.

Nyarlathotep served as inspiration for The Moon Presence, so Skirnir could be The Moon Presence, who in turn is probably a manifestation of Formless Oedon


Freyr may have a counterpart in Bloodborne as well. Around the boss area of Amygdala, there are wrecked ships , shrouded in mist.

Identical ships appear in Fishing Hamlet . Freyr is the son of Njord, god of the sea. Freyr was also known to have a boat which always caught a favorable wind

Freyr was predominantly worshipped as a fertility god. Under Orphan of Kos Lore I point out various connections between fertility and Fishing Hamlet.

Freyr may in fact be The Orphan of Kos. Though Kos herself is also a candidate, as slugs are hermaphroditic and Great Ones also tend towards the hermaphroditic.




"Outside the ordered universe is that amorphous blight of nethermost confusion which blasphemes and bubbles at the center of all infinity—the boundless daemon sultan Azathoth, whose name no lips dare speak aloud, and who gnaws hungrily in inconceivable, unlighted chambers beyond time and space amidst the muffled, maddening beating of vile drums and the thin monotonous whine of accursed flutes."

"Azathoth" is another one of Lovecraft's better known deities. This primordial being is the sole creator of the universe and father of all evil gods. Though repugnant, Azathoth is described as "an idiot god". His creation of the universe, the evil gods and all life, was an accident. He's described as being void of consciousness and creates from the fundamental chaos within his nature. He did it all with the facility of taking a breath.

In Ebrietas (Lore) I discuss the possibility of Ebrietas being among the monotonous pipers that sing to Azathoth

Beside the "thin monotonous whine of accursed flutes" - Azathoth is accompanied by "the muffled, maddening beating of vile drums".

Amygdala may the one sounding the vile drums, making her the counterpart of Ebrietas, and the other half of Azathoth's infernal orchestra.

Amygdala performs long combos, banging the earth with her palms  . These attack are inaccurate and too prolonged to be effective.

Many of her combos involve hitting the area just beneath her. The peculiar part of this is that she does this even when the player is far removed from her.

When she she rips of her arms at the start of phase 3, this significantly extends her range but it doesn't stop her from oddly bashing the ground

The arms themselves end up looking a great deal like drum sticks , and it may in fact be that her relentless banging of the earth is some form of prayer, to Azathoth.


As I discuss above, there are reasons to believe that Amygdala is crazed. The reference to the brain's amygdalae could indicate a profound trauma.

The fight against Amygdala may not be a fight against a reasoned higher being, whose intent is rational and whose actions are organized.

It may rather be a fight against a delirious individual, psychotically performing a ritual. Perhaps this is prayer, perhaps this is habit, its purpose long forgotten.


Amygdala and "The Morbid Scene"

The Great One may be related to what I've labelled "The Morbid Scene"   , an embossment found on various doors, typically near places of learning.

The morbid scene shows a small human, a man, with what is either a fig leaf or a three-headed phallus . It could also be Amygdala's tail .

If it's a phallus then it's most likely a symbol of fertility. Phallic imagery has also been used to ward of evil spirits  , or strike an intimidating pose. 

Amygdala isn't the only one related to the trident shape. The Moon Presence has tails that end in trident shapes  , it could be present in the picture.

There exists a variation on The Morbid Scene  , in which there is a single phallus, the character has a mane, and the mouth is spread open.

The character also seems to have a phallic nose, and twin serpents home in on the main phallus. It's not clear if the character is a Great One or a victim.

It could be Amygdala, it could be The Moon Presence, it could be a subject impregnated/manipulated by either of them. 

It could also depict Gerðr's transformation. Skirnir cursed her "to be with a thurs", which can mean "to be with a thorn", and "thorn" can refer to the male organ.

Amygdala may therefore be cursed with both female and male parts. "To be with a thurs" can also mean to be with a Rime Giant, or to be with malice or torment.

The picture could therefore depict the rape of Amygdala, or the instilling of vile intent, and the auguring in of a torturous existence "with a thurs".


Observations & Trivia

First of, Amygdala has 10 limbs with 6 "digits" on every hand   and foot Foot, Amygdalan Statue. Each digit has a nail that is long and thin.

There are many stiff hairs on the head  - the back - the knees and the arms . Every arm has 2 elbows but the knees are normal.

A large cage protects what is generally considered to be her brain. Within the brain numerous eyes are hidden . They come out when she screams or uses lasers.

Every eye has another 3 opening in a triangle around the main pupil. Eyelike structures can be found on other parts of Amygdala's body as well  Normal Hand, Amygdala .

Every hand contains a large orange "eye", there are also other smaller openings. These may all be functioning eyes, complementing the eyes in her head.

There's also a large opening in her chest  which could be an eye. In Lesser Amygdalas, this opening is less bright   and can be found "blinking" or breathing.


There is a strange "whiteness" that covers some of her arms   . White, veiny lines   can also be found on her brain.

This substance seems to fused into the flesh and could be emerging from under her skin. Its brightness varies, some parts seem to be radiating light.

One of her arms on the right side seems to be especially bright. She holds this arm in such a way that the eye in the palm is facing you .

Between her shoulders there are three spines that form something like a trident . Her tail is segmented  and heavily plated. It ends in three points .

Amygdala has eyes on her feet too, or at least "eye sockets" .


Amygdala can rip of her own arms, this will cause limitless volumes of blood to spew from the wounds.

The blood loss does not in any way impair her performance. The arms themselves remain very much alive.

Amygdala can secrete an acidic juice from her "brain"   . It's not clear if this process of excretion is an attack or a necessity. 

It could be the antibodies secreted by the tonsils, it could be stomach juice, it could be the tears Gerðr is supposed to shed. It could also just be waste.

It deals Fire damage, which does support the idea that it has a digestive purpose.

The original concept art of Amygdala put forward a darker creature with a tail more like the roots of a plant. It also possessed an elongated thumb.














    • Anonymous

      19 May 2018 00:53  

      The way I like to think of it, Amygdala represents the fear that is USED by humankind to control each other. The Mensis ritual calls forth these creatures, perhaps incidentally, and they act in many places as the gatekeepers to prolong the ceremony. Only a person with remarkable will can penetrate this seal to reach the truth, as with the tonsil stone or the eye of a blood-drunk hunter. Mensis utilizes the Hunt to strike fear in the hearts of Yharnam, and simultaneously provides them with faith that the Mensis ritual is the key to salvation, when in fact it does nothing but provide the school with power over the city.

      • Anonymous

        24 Jan 2018 04:45  

        I just realized today that Amygdala only has seven arms, not eight, meaning it has nine limbs altogether. The left side has three arms, while the right has four. It's the same for the lesser variants as well. Not sure if it matters, but I thought it was an interesting detail.

        • Anonymous

          20 Jun 2017 13:50  

          I wonder if Amygdala is similar to Rom in that it protects secrets of some sort? "The spider hides all manners of ritual secrets...." At first, this seems to refer specifically to Rom, considering the note is found at Byrgenwerth, but do you think it's possible it might be referring to any spider-like creatures in the game? It's sort of strange that there are two instances of lesser Amygdalae (sounds better than "amygdalas" imo) transporting players to regions of the Nightmare. The black spiders in Mensis also seem to be protecting/hiding something, and same goes for the Wet Nurse, another creature with too many damn arms.

          While I'm at it, I was also thinking about the relations between Great Ones and the Kin, and I realized that the Kin are often referred to as the "children" of the Great Ones, despite the Great Ones being apparently incapable of reproduction. Do you think the lesser Amygdalae are truly Great Ones? or are they, like the Celestial Larvae and the "Children" of Rom simply Kin enemies? For that matter, I'm rethinking what the Great Ones "losing" their children really means. Maybe it's not that they're infertile or impotent, but rather that the Great Ones disown their children for some reason? Are they for some reason disappointed that their "Greatness" is lost on their offspring? What sets Arianna's child apart from the other Celestial Larvae to legitimize it as an infant Great One? (Probably her relation to the Vilebloods and the Pthumerians, but what makes them so special?)

          I know, it's a lot of question marks....

          • Anonymous

            29 Jan 2017 02:11  

            All I see is a picture of the boss and the note at the end saying this isn't official canon. Am I supposed to click somewhere? Or is there no text on this page?

            • Anonymous

              21 Nov 2016 19:18  

              Tonsil in Portuguese is amígdala, since Portuguese, French, Italian and etc... are all derivatives from latin, it is the reason it is almost the same for all of them.

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