Additional Rites are ways of modifying the Chalice Dungeon game play experience in various ways. Additional Rites can be used while performing a Chalice Ritual to give better chance for higher-quality loot by making the game more difficult through various means. Additional Rites are also known as Offerings.

Using Rites

Additional Rites are used when creating a Chalice Dungeon, otherwise known as performing a Chalice Ritual. Using different materials will show up under different names, as Offerings.

Only certain dungeon types support Additional Rites. In order to determine if a dungeon is modifiable with your current materials, when selecting a Chalice and Chalice Ritual at the Ritual Altar, you will see Offerings appear below the required Ritual Materials, as well as which Ritual Material is required.

In order to enable an Offering, once you've selected your Chalice Ritual at the Ritual Altar, you can press the down, up and x buttons to select which Offerings to enable.

Specific Rites and their Benefits


Fetid Offering

Requires Sage's Wrist or Sage's Hair. Boost enemy stats, increases blood echoes, and increases number of items dropped by enemies.

new enemies:: * ???

Rotted Offering

Requires Inflicted Organ or Yellow Backbone. triggers one of, or a combination of the following effects: the eye collector appears and summons mad ones, tomb prospector hunters appear, the labyrinth ritekeeper appears, and increases the chance of getting powerful blood gems.

new enemies:: Eye Collector, NPC Hunters, tall Labyrinth Ritekeeper

Cursed Offering

Requires Bastard of Loran. The player suffers by only having one half of their normal health. All enemies will drop cursed Blood Gems. Blood Echoes rewards increased by 20%. Increased drop rate for rare items.

new enemies:: * ???

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