Small hair ornament is a Key Item in Bloodborne.

Small_Hair_Ornament.jpg "A small, very ordinary hair ornament."

"Although it has been lost for quite some time, one can still see signs of the care with which this tasteful ornament was once kept."

"Its colour would stand most brilliantly against a head of greyish hair."

Small hair ornament Bone Usage

Small hair ornament Location



  • This suggested Gehrman actually treated the doll with care before being wrenched into the dream.

    • Lady Maria's hair ornament?05 Jul 2016 08:53  

      Maybe this could be a gift from Gehrman to Maria. It seems he had some kind of obsession for her, so a little present wouldn't be a surprise. Also, Maria held great admitration for Gehrman, and was "unaware of his mania", so receiving a gift from her teacher, even if it was an ordinary hair ornament, would probably be a honor for her. This could explain why the Doll feels "joy" when we give it to her.

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