Red Messenger Ribbon is a Messenger Skin Item in Bloodborne.

red_messenger_ribbon.jpg "Red ribbon that messengers are oddly fond of.

The thick, pungent red was drawn from the organs of some unfortunate Victim.

A strange choice indeed, but perhaps for the messengers wearing this accessory constitutes a form of mourning."

Red Messenger Ribbon Usage

  • Changes the appearance of messengers to hold red ribbons. One messenger wears a ribbon and the other messenger have bloody heads instead



  • The ribbon only drops after completing Young Yharnam Girl's quest line by either giving her the Red Jeweled Brooch or sending her to the church.
  • The ribbon is a separate drop from the health vials, but both can drop at the same time/in the same place, making it possible to miss if you have too many vials.
  • Only one messenger wears the ribbon, suggesting Young Yharnam Girl became a messenger after being eaten by the pig. (this is very wild speculation and needs reviewing)
  • If you go back to the house where you receive the music box after killing Rom, the Vacuous Spider, a girl will say that her sister is missing, you can give the Red Messenger Ribbon to her.
  • After giving the ribbon to the older sister (After killing Rom) and walking away from the window, the sister can be heard saying that the ribbon is wonderful and giggling. This is likely due to the effects of the Paleblood Moon.


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    • reobtaining ribbon05 Jul 2016 08:46  

      after the little girl died you get it by killing the pig. <br/>after killing Rom if you speak to her sister you'll lose this item since you give it to her ( than she'll suicide and you'll get the white ribbon) but if you kill the pig again it will drop this item a second time so you can have both the items

      • White messenger ribbon05 Jul 2016 08:46  

        If you go back to the window there will be her brother, if you give him the red one he will be dead on the floor down the ladder and will have the white one with him.

        • Both Ribbons05 Jul 2016 08:46  

          I was led to believe otherwise, but even after turning in the Red Ribbon to the young girl's sister, you can still select "Red Messenger Ribbon" at the stump in the Hunter's Dream. So you can switch between the White and the Red Messenger Ribbon skins, even though the actual item disappears from your Key Items slot in your inventory. Kinda weird.

          • Girl Turned into a Messanger... Wat05 Jul 2016 08:46  

            That is beyond wild speculation xD <br/>Technically, I suppose it isn't impossible, but it's more likely that the ribbon is held only by one Messanger because there is only one ribbon.

            • Both Ribbons05 Jul 2016 08:46  

              I got both Ribbons as well. I can provide a Screenshot if nesescary. You can get the White from the big sister's corpse, after telling her to seek shelter in ordeons chapel. She lies dead at the bottom of the ladder later.

              • Notes05 Jul 2016 08:46  

                How does only one messenger wearing the ribbon imply that she turned into a messenger? We dont even know what messengers are or where they came from so thats a pretty grand stretch someone is making there

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