Updated Mar 12, 2015 3:33 am

Factions are the different alignments of Bloodborne. This page contains placeholder information to what may be called Covenants. Leakead information via Twitter releaved the following:

    • "In some covenant, the sickness is very strong and player can choose to 'consume' his own heart. This Is a permanent choice and binds a character to the covenant permanently. You become beast, and new controls and attacks open up. Dead hunters will bind to the world when they die, their bodies becoming a regular 'mini beast' boss enemy within the world like Red Phantom from dark souls. Covenant system is not finalized, but some detail I remember. There will be 'huge beasts' in the game. ‘ V If you defeat them you have a choice to’become a host for their strain of the sickness at your Shrine. You must invade other player worlds to collect blood“ for your beast. In NG, The Beast heart will gets stronger from blood and other players will have to fight much harder to kill it. One beast is a giant spider, another is a giant snake."


    • Anonymous

      The picture's a complete lie05 Jul 2016 14:57  

      Not a single shred of information in the picture is accurate in the slightest. Why would someone lie so incredibly hard when they knew they'd be found out the instant the game came out?

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