There are three (known) different endings available for Bloodborne. The endings will depend on whether or not you accept the decision given to you at the very ending of the game. Choosing Submit Your Life will unlock the first ending, while Refuse will unlock the other two endings, which will be chosen depending on whether certain criteria were met. It is worth noting that no matter which ending is chosen, you will be thrown directly into New Game + when the credits are over.


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SPOILER WARNING! This page contains spoilers for the end, or near-end, of the game. You have been warned.
Most of the information here are speculation, if you want detailed explanation of the lore in Bloodborne visit the lore section of the wiki.


Yharnam Sunrise:

How to get it: The first ending in Bloodborne can be obtained by accepting Gehrman's offer.

When the player accepts/submits to Gehrman, he says "Farewell, my keen hunter. Fear the blood." With this, a cutscene ensues where the player is shown to turn around and kneel over. Gehrman stands up and puts his scythe to your neck, and with a swift cut decapitates the player. After a moment, the player is seen waking up with the sun having just risen and bells ringing in the distance. The Plain Doll is shown to be near what is most likely the player's grave, praying and saying "Farewell, good hunter. May you find your worth in the waking world." With this, the player obtains the "Yharnam Sunrise" trophy and the credits roll.

  • Rewards: "Yharnam Sunrise" trophy

Possible Explanation:
This ending heavily points to the idea that the entire game of Bloodborne is nothing more than a dream. When the player accepts Gehrman's offer, the death is a sign of the player waking up from his or her dream.
However, which one is dream and which one is reality is still debatable:
1. The Hunter's Dream is no more than a dream, Gehrman is indeed freeing you from the dream, and the player awakes at reality.
2. This can also be the opposite, the sunrise is the player's dream, which means the Hunter's Dream is actually the reality, and "awakening" is equal to an eternal death. Gehrman's intent could actually be preventing the birth of the Great One.

Honoring Wishes:

How to get it: The second ending in Bloodborne can be obtained by refusing Gehrman's offer.

When the player refuses Gehrman, he says "Dear oh dear, what was it? The hunt, the blood, or the horrible dream?" After this he begins standing up, and afterwards says "Oh, it doesn't matter. It always comes down to the hunters' helper to clean up after these sorts of messes." He then pulls out a curved sword and attaches it to the long handle on his back, exclaiming "Tonight, Gerhrman joins the hunt..." With this, the player is thrown into a fight with Gehrman, The First Hunter. When the player defeats Gehrman, he says "The night, and the dream, were long..." Upon his death, a cutscene ensues where the player is shown looking at the crimson moon with an ominous figure approaching. The player then slowly walks up to the figure, who then grabs the player and after a few seconds seems to incapacitate the player. After a short moment, the Plain Doll is shown pushing a wheelchair, and as the camera scrolls up the person in the wheelchair is revealed to be the player (as opposed to Gehrman). The Plain Doll kneels down beside the player and says "And so, the hunt begins again." A shot of the sky is shown wherein the moon has just risen. The player obtains the "Honoring Wishes" trophy and the credits roll.

  • Rewards: "Honoring Wishes" trophy; First Hunter Badge

Possible Explanation:
The entity that grabs you may be what the nightmare itself stems from, and the player is shown to take the place of Gehrman as the new watcher of dreams.

Childhood's Beginning (Secret Ending) :

How to get it: The third and final ending in Bloodborne can be obtained by refusing Gehrman's offer with additional criteria being met. The additional requirements are simple: the player must use three One Third of Umbilical Cord. Although there are four possible cords for the player to get in a single run, only three must be consumed. There is no where that these cords have to be taken to, they must simply be consumed from the inventory before the player kills Gehrman, The First Hunter. It may be important to note that you can get the ending if you consume the three cords after refusing Gehrman's offer, so long as you consume all three before he dies.

This ending follows the same pattern as the second ending; however, once Gehrman is defeated, when the entity tries to grab the player a shining light appears and the entity is knocked back. The entity, now seemingly enraged, shakes its head and lets out a cry before challenging the player. This puts the player into a boss fight with Moon Presence . Once the player has defeated Moon Presence, rather than getting the usual PREY SLAUGHTERED message, they instead get a message saying NIGHTMARE SLAIN. After a moment, a cutscene is shown with the Plain Doll walking up to what appears to be a small slug-like creature whose colors and coat resembles that of the Moon Presence. The Plain Doll says "Are you cold...?" She then proceeds to pick up the slug and, after a small giggle, says "Oh, good hunter," with the cutscene ending and the player obtaining the "Childhood's Beginning" trophy.
It's worth noting that the trophy title is curiously similar to Arthur C. Clarke's book "Childhood's End", which suggests that human beings may one day evolve past the need for a physical body and become beings of pure mind.

  • Rewards: "Childhood's Beginning" trophy; First Hunter Badge

Possible Explanation:
Now that the player has consumed a full umbilical cord, you essentially become a Great One, and so the Moon Presence can no longer do what it had initially planned to do to you and it becomes enraged and simply attacks the player.
Or as with ending the game with the fight against Gehrman, where the player takes his place as the "First hunter," the part where the doll picks up the slug and calls it ''good hunter'' may indicate that the player now assumed the role of the Moon Presence.

P.S. notes in Byrgenwerth have been found that read something like a child being born when a full blood moon hangs low. Later on, in Hypogean Gaol, a note reads "Nightmarish rituals crave a newborn. Find one, and silence its harrowing cry." It is possible that the umbilical cord belongs to the baby born under the full blood moon, however it is unclear what the baby represents or who was the one that gave birth to it. It also seems to mean that the nightmare wants to kill you because after eating the umbilical cord it then thinks you're the infant and wants to kill you.

Peculiarity! This dark slug appeared before in DS1 . It can be found in front of Lord's Blade Ciaran when she prays for Artorias.


    • 29 Apr 2017 12:58  

      >what appears to be a small slug-like creature whose colors and coat resembles that of the Moon Presence.

      Sure, but the slug is blue and the moon presence has red all over it..

      > "Nightmarish rituals crave a newborn. Find one, and silence its harrowing cry." It is possible that the umbilical cord belongs to the baby born under the full blood moon, however it is unclear what the baby represents or who was the one that gave birth to it. It also seems to mean that the nightmare wants to kill you because after eating the umbilical cord it then thinks you're the infant and wants to kill you.

      And this is just nonsense. Silencing the harrowing cry of a newborn born of a nightmare? Hello? Remember Mergo's Wet Nurse, who was fought inside a "Nightmare"? The only part that makes sense there, is that the player is reborn as a great one.

      • 25 Apr 2017 14:38  

        "Peculiarity! This dark slug appeared before in DS1 . It can be found in front of Lord's Blade Ciaran when she prays for Artorias."

        Err... That's artorias helmet plume....

        • 25 Mar 2017 21:11  

          cheater_1 says:
          PATHETIC endings...all of them. It's as IF the devs couldn't make the deadline and just THREW something together. LAZY. From Software devs ARE a bunch of hacks.

          • 28 Feb 2017 09:45  

            It's basically a game where everyone who is powerful enough is trying to *ascend* which means being reborn as a true great one. The one's deem worthy are obviously those who didn't went mad or turned into beasts after finding the whole truth.

            • Secret ending05 Jul 2016 08:41  

              Quick question, once I use the umbilical cords for the final boss, do I have to kill both bosses in one go to get the true ending? If I die to the boss after using the cords is it all over?

              • the third ending05 Jul 2016 08:41  

                in the ending when the doll said *oh good hunter* ... to me it seems like there's a true meaning to what the doll said ...! and i think she meant is oh good hunter you did it you beat moon presence ... or something like oh good hunter you did it again ... <br/> <br/>sorry if im wrong

                • The very start of the game, who is the man?05 Jul 2016 08:41  

                  At the very start of the game there is some man looking over you and says that the transfusion is complete or something? Who is this man? It is not Gehrman as far as I can tell because it looks different then him, or maybe it is Gehrman outside of the dream and in actual reality.

                  • What did the Moon Presence want with the hunter?05 Jul 2016 08:41  

                    That's what I'm not understanding here, why would the Moon Presence create the dream and try to induct all these hunters like Eileen and possibly Djura.

                    • Childhood's Beginning Trophy05 Jul 2016 08:41  

                      The trophy details, "You became an infant Great One, lifting humanity into its next childhood." <br/> <br/>So I am think that little 'cold' slug the doll pickup was... ME!!! Eeewww

                      • Moon Presence _o/05 Jul 2016 08:41  

                        After the fight with Gehrman to me it looks like Moon Presence is kinda like smelling you or something and gets angry when it realizes that you have killed all 3 child they where trying to bring into to world.

                        • Endiings05 Jul 2016 08:41  

                          The third ending can't be called "True" ending only for be the most harder to achieve, in my opinion, no one can't know what ending is the true, maybe the creator let the player choose what ending like to be "the true ending"

                          • The dreams of those seeking power.05 Jul 2016 08:41  

                            I don't see it noted in the Theories themselves but I think it's worth pointing out that since this game obviously took a LOT of inspiration from Lovecraft, that the Dreams are likely meant to achieve a state closer to the Great Old Ones, those the people of Yharnam see as gods, or as the case may be a state created by a Great Old One to pull a surrogate closer to itself- this seems likely with Gherman as he seems bound to the Dream by the Moon Presence in a more permanent fashion than the Hunter. This would mean it is not a typical "it was all a Dream" trope, but rather that people are literally using their dreams to bridge the gap between they and their gods. Micolash in particular embodies this theory, especially with his fear of waking up and forgetting what he learned in the dream. Patches too, seems to be traversing Dreams in order to worship what he deems to be his god. This would mean that everything is happening in the game's reality, barring certain Great Old Ones that only seem reach-able in dreams, perhaps suggesting that in reality they are rather on the Moon (I'm suggesting this because of how the moon changes over the course of the night and the key role it plays when it takes on its Paleblood color, not unlike the Lunar Cry event of Final Fantasy VIII which itself has similar thematic undertones to Bloodborne's Paleblood moon, seen most clearly in the cutscene when first walking into The One Reborn's boss fight).

                            • Moon Presence and its relationship to the doll05 Jul 2016 08:41  

                              I'm thinking that maybe the Doll is in someway connected to the Moon Presence. I just got to wondering where all of them "blood echoes" (they are souls, I don't care what anyone says) go once we give them to the Doll. I'm thinking she might be a battery or a conduit of some kind that the Moon Presence then "feeds" on.

                              • My Personnal Theory05 Jul 2016 08:41  

                                Here is my point of view on all three endings. Keep in mind that this is an answer I made in another discussion a while ago, so it might be similar to what is written above, I just wanted to share what I understood : <br/> <br/>Without spoiling, I don't think you can rate the endings, but I'll try. <br/>So everybody here is aware of From way to tell story, there always is a cycle. Here, we hunt, we die, we awake, and repeat. <br/>When accepting Gerhman's offer [SPOIL], you accept to end the cycle and awake in the real world, by dieing in the dream [/SPOIL]. So basically this is the "end of cycle" ending that we could rate as happy ending. <br/> <br/>The second one, refusing the offer [SPOIL] you refuse to end the cycle for some reason and face Gerhman. As you kill the first hunter and creator of the dream, you call the moon presence in the dream. I assume the moon presence represents the state of mind of a hunter when facing the moon in Bloodborne. It recognizes you as the new first hunter and you are forced to take Gerhman's place by ruling the dream and guiding hunters [/SPOIL]. To me this a bad ending. It is the "cycle continues" ending and as in other Souls game, it is pointless as a hunter will one day end the cycle in one way or another and you are forced to wait for that hunter to end your cycle [SPOIL] by killing you when you had the choice to give your life to Gerhman [/SPOIL]. <br/> <br/>The "true ending" [SPOIL] By consuming the full umbilical cord, you basically became a Great One. When you killed Gerhman and made the Moon Presence appear, it recognizes you as a Great One. As I believe that Great Ones are a menace for the dream and for the moon (just realized I was wrong, the Moon presence attacks you because you refuse to become its child, not because it is agressive towards great ones as it IS a great one), it becomes agressive towards you. But as you kill it, you realize it was pointless since all children of great ones die when they come to life, before being replaced by a creature of the moon. Therefore your character dies, before being reborned as a disgusting little worm. I do believe this means that you basically took the Moon Presence place and therefore, the cycle keeps going until another hunter defeats you [/SPOIL]. <br/>To me this is a neutral ending, even though it feels not right and kinda sad. <br/> <br/> <br/>I just wanted to add that the doll has a HUGE importance in all 3 endings, which makes me think that there is more to discover behind this character. <br/> <br/>Feel free to correct me if I am wrong, this is just my humble opinion ! <br/> <br/> <br/>PS/EDIT : According to this page theory and other in game clues, Paleblood are beings that do not have blood echoes, but are able to gather them through blood transfusion. <br/> <br/>The doll's blood is white. <br/> <br/>Just sayin. <br/>We might be seeking something that we had right in front of us...

                                • Ending Theory05 Jul 2016 08:41  

                                  So, I went threw, read all the Lore I could, and got the endings, this is my read on the game. <br/> <br/>The game, for the most part seems to be a Dream though the context of that dream changes where you are. Each zone of Yharham is a part of the human sub-conscious. The start is the hunters mind clinging to what he or she remembers as reality - Cainhurst is a feeling of Isolation and fear as it is completely disconnected from everything, Nightmare is all of the hunters fears given form, as well as the creation of Miko. Miko himself is the equivalent to The First Hunter, but he's twisted and broken. As such his ""Hunters Dream" became twisted and broken itself. It is said that all the Great Ones have Stillborn within the storys lore. Margo is a Wet Nurse, Wet Nurses those who tend a child in the place of a mother, as such the legitimate opposite of a Stilborn. <br/> <br/>Upon killing Margo the hunter is greeted with the "Nightmare Slain" perhaps this is a message that the existence of Nightmare caused that cycle of the hunts, as it's stated multiple times that Yahrnam has had multiple hunts but this one was unusually long. Also mother brain is theorized to be a Mistaken Great One, a possibility there is that Mikolash lost to Gehmen but didn't "Wake Up" because he consumed the 3 umbilical Cords, as such he had the power of a great one, but couldn't defeat The First Hunter, and instead created Nightmare which caused The Hunts to go sour. Mikolash may have originally been Gehmens apprentice, the owner of the bone as finding The Abandoned Workshop nets you a trophy claiming it was where "The Dream Began". This could then be taken even further, and Ludwig could be Moon Presence. <br/> <br/>Regardless the creation of the Dream/Nightmare one thing is indefinate, the Hunts were, at least at first Benign, not effecting the dreaming or waking world, but eventually something happened, and The Moon Presence was born, but the Hunts remained the same, until the timeline hit where Bloodborn takes place, at which point the Hunt lasted longer, and the effects were a lot more harsh to the waking world. <br/> <br/>I want to add one last note, something I don't think few have noticed. After each boss the world changes, except 3 locations - note I said 3 not 2. Those 3 are The Hunters Dream, The Nightmare/Lecture Hall, and finally The Abandoned Workshop. Not only that, at the games start the sky is an eerie purple, the moon is normal, yet upon entering The Abandoned Workshop, the sky is normal, hazy but normal, and the moon is a pale yellow.

                                  • The Dream vs. Reality05 Jul 2016 08:41  

                                    Given the presence of others aware of the dream, and the fact that the doll mentions this isn't the first hunt, I've taken the Hunter's Dream to be both reality and a dream. The dream infringes on reality when the protagonist gains insight into an event, shaping reality to match the events of the dream. When the protagonist gains no insight, their awareness within the dream isn't enough to effect reality. When Gehrman kills the protagonist, the events within the dream are still real, the hunt ended as it has in the past. The protagonist remains changed by what transpired in the Hunter's Dream, but without the link to the Great One that the dream provided can no longer gain strength through the blood (or at least not without some other psychic connection to a Great One). The Guardian Hunter is tasked with ensuring a successful hunt while making sure that the insight gained by the Hunters does not endanger the world (and perhaps, unknown to the Guardian Hunter, the Great One who fuels the dream).

                                    • Regarding the endings05 Jul 2016 08:41  

                                      In this ending we become what ??? was for the pthumerans. <br/>They ascended to their current form via some sort of help from the great ones. <br/>In the lecture building there is a note which says: evolution without courage will be the downfall of our race. <br/>And the trophy description says: you became an infant great one, lifting humanity into it's next childhood. <br/>Meaning to a new step in evolution. <br/>And guide them as a god (I'd think) <br/>The first one seems selfish, but reasonable: be free from the horrors of this night, and live a normal life, unaware of past events. <br/>The second one is kinda nice, I guess: freeing Gherman and taking his place as a guide of sorts for future hunters (since the cycle isn't broken this way) <br/>But really, the third is the only one that impacts the whole world on a significant level.

                                      • Overview05 Jul 2016 08:41  

                                        My opinion on the 3rd ending is that the Hunter is a slug-like entity in the first place. It (the baby slug) were placed in a corpse of a human by the old man (surgeon) who awakened as a Hunter. There's a voice who I assume the voice came from the Doll who says: 'You have found yourself a hunter.' <br/>Note that the old man said once the 'Hunter' awakes it will all just be a bad dream. Once in the dream, the Hunter came across and consumes 3 umbilical cord(s) which might be a metaphor of itself and therefore awakens to the truth and it's true form as implied in the 3rd ending. The purpose of the story might just be an experiment created by the mad scientist to use the slug as a way to gather insight in order to uncover the truth of their world. Maybe (my own humble opinion) is that they (the mad men) plan to ingest the slug after the experiment succeed.

                                        • Gehrman05 Jul 2016 08:41  

                                          What about when Gerhman says : "Oh, it doesn't matter. It always comes down to the hunters' helper to clean up after these sorts of messes.". Who is the hunter then? Or this implies on the player itself? As he did help us.

                                          • My theory (Please correct me)05 Jul 2016 08:41  

                                            Ok so here is from my opinion which i don't know whether it is correct to not. Correct me if i wrong. Ok so I believe the Gehrman was the first and only watcher of dream as it is stated there the first hunter. Not only that but former hunters like Eileen and Gyula died permanently because of their link to the hunter's dream has been severed. maybe Gehrman does not want any hunters to suffer the same fate as him as he is seen to show signs of depression or maybe he is doing his job when he rises up from his wheel chair and to defend his position if you refuse. <br/> <br/> Now for the link between the moon presence and Gehrman. If you don't consume three umbilical cords and kill Gehrman the moon presence choose you as the next keeper of dreams. I don't know why but maybe a dogma has been set there and when the moon presence chooses you as the next keeper of dreams the plain doll says " and so the hunt begins again" and the house is normal (the house was on fire before you meet with Gehrman for the ending) with you as the 2nd keeper of dreams and to do what Gehrman do that is to execute new hunters that have completed their nightly hunt and to defend your position as the keeper of dreams from new hunters that refuses. <br/> <br/>If you consume three umbilical cords and kill Gehrman. The moon presence try to make you the new keeper of dreams but instead it can’t make you as you are able to resist it. The moon presence then attack you but instead it is slain. Right after that a cutscene appears and the plain doll says “Oh, good hunter” and the slug is you (if you don’t believe me then check your trophy). I don’t know why the moon presence have to exist but i’m going to need some explanation from that. <br/> <br/>If you submit your life in Gehrman you wake up from the hunter’s dream and find yourself in Yharnam meaning that you have become like Gyula and Eileen being free from the hunter’s dream and have a chance to live your life out as much as you want but when you die, you do not end up in the dream. Not only that but In the hunter's dream you can see a number of tombstones and when you submit your life to Gehrman, a tombstone spawns in the NG+ and (maybe not confirmed) the plain doll moves there as remembrance of the hunter(you) whose link is severed to the dream. <br/> <br/>If i have left out anything missing please tell me.

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