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Lore of the Darkbeasts




Darkbeasts form a small group of enemies that are characterized by their dark and silver hair and their affinity to Bolt.
Known darkbeasts include Darkbeast Paarl, Loran Darkbeast, Abhorrent Beast and the Suspicious Beggar.

Lore of the Darkbeasts (theoretical and developing)

To fully explain the Darkbeasts I personally rely on a theory that may sound outrageous at first but is actually very promising.

Those that have played Dark Souls games have probably noticed that something has changed about Bolt, or Lightning as it was known then.

In Bloodborne, electricity is blue instead of yellow and it has lost its tight connection to clerics and faith.

Clerics now use arcane magic like The Church Doctor  or fire magic like The Loran Cleric  and Bolt is connected to "Darkbeasts" instead.

It's also clear that the color change to blue was no mere designchoice. Lighting Summoners of the Fishing Hamlet still use yellow "bolts".

Lightning Bolt Wall.jpg

Why did it change? In Dark Souls it is stated that lightning is not mere electricity but the very manifestation of sunlight.

Gwynn, a Zeus like deity, is known as The Lord of Sunlight and he was the creator of the "Miracle" known as Lightning Bolt.

If lightning comes from the Sun, than a change in lighting may signify a change in the Sun.

Here's where things get risky, but I believe that in Bloodborne, there is no Sun.

If you look at the sky of during the Day or Evening Phase Evening Phase (before you defeat Rom) you may pause to notice how parts of the sky looks painted on Fake Sky of Yharnam.

Bloodborne has an outstanding developers team and I don't believe this sky is the result of laziness. The Bloodborne sky also contains False Eyes False Eye, Evening Phase.

The "false" part of the sky - shown above - is part of what I call "the ceiling". Skies in Bloodborne are made out of a static ceiling and a moving horizon belt.

Clouds in the horizon belt move realistically, but clouds on the ceiling appear immovable, painted. Videos displaying such effects can be found here.

Clouds aren't the only things awry. If you look at the "Sun" in Cathedral Ward, a shadow reveals that the Sun isn't actually the Sun. It's the Moon. 

The Moon and Corpse With Monocular

The skies of Bloodborne are overflowing with anomalies. Well known is that Bloodborne has 3 "Moon Phases", but these phases are inconsistent across areas.

Touching Laurence's Skull effectively triggers the "Night Phase" in all accessible areas except the DLC areas, The Labyrinth and The Nightmare Frontier.

Defeating Rom triggers the Blood Moon phase, but not so in Old Yharnam, Hemwick, The Forbidden Woods, Byrgenwerth, Cainhurst and The Nightmare of Menis.

The former realms all maintain their Night Phase. Realms unaffected by the Laurence's Skull trigger will also never go into a Blood Moon phase.

The Night and Blood moons aren't normal. In Byrgenwerth, clouds can move behind the pale moon, as if it's hanging in Earth's atmosphere.

This same effect can be observed in Cathedral Ward and Upper Cathedral Ward, during the Blood Moon Phase. 

But in Yahar'gul, clouds move normally in front of the Blood Moon, not behind it.

In Yahar'gul, the Blood Moon has a different size and color  than the one of Cathedral Ward Blood Moon Upper Cathedral Ward, and the one of the Hunter's Dream  .

Such differences in size and appearance aren't limited to the Blood Moon, the Night Moon changes as well.

From within the Forbidden Woods, you can see the moon change color and size just by moving your character through the woods.

The moon of the Forbidden Woods is grey - not white - in every section but one. It's been suggested to me that this is caused by clouds in the sky.

Yet when the moon is pale Moon Around The Windmill A, it returns to grey if you move but few meters to another section Moon Around The Windmill B, which is something clouds don't explain.

After travelling deeper into the Forbidden Woods , the same moon appears much smaller than it does higher up, near Valtr's hut .

Another anomaly is that in the Forbidden Woods, the Moon is found in a direction opposite to that of the white Byrgenwerth Moon Byrgenwerth Moon, Rom Is Dead.

Bloodborne contains countless such anomalies, more than I can discuss here on this page.

Other matters include: water "flowing into itself", plants "dancing", ash "flying", statues "merging", blood "ascending" and snow might decide to stop falling. 

All of this points to a universe following different laws than ours. Or perhaps it's really just a dream.


In our world, a moon that is bright white or bright yellow can only be the product of the Sun's rays, but that's not true in mythology.

In mythology, celestial bodies are often independent entities and they are governed by their own laws and/or a designated deity.

It's possible that in Bloodborne the Moon is a luminous body in its own right, linked to a deity and following laws not fully understood.

The Moon Presence, a hidden being that descends from the Moon, is the deity most likely to govern the inconstant moon.

A popular theory is that The Moon Presence is based on Lovecraft's Nyarlathotep, a deceptive and evil god who is a master of metamorphosis.

One of the strangest trait of the Moon is that it changes between red or white, depending on what area you're in. Defeating Rom does not absolve this.

The Moon will remain pale in the Forbidden Woods, Castle Cainhurst, Hemwick and the Hunter's Dream.

The Moon can also be beckoned through ritual and plays some role in the Scourge of Beasts.

So this strange moon may not require the light of the Sun at all, its properties may be as bizarre as imaginable.

The idea of the Sun being missing is strange but it does have a precedent in Dark Souls 1.

There, in the monumental city of Anor Londo resided a deity known as Gwynevere, Princess of Sunlight.

The player meets Gwynevere, but the benevolent deity turns out to be an illusion. When she disappears, the sunlight of Anor Londo disappears with her.

The illusion of the princess is held intact by the only real deity left in Anor Londo, Gwyndolin, child of the moon.

Gwyndolin, also known as The Dark Sun, is the leader of the Darkmoon covenant which hunts down any who tarnish the illusion.

It's possible that Gwyndolyn is some forerunner of The Moon Presence  , and that "Sun", and "day" are illusions it has created.


There's another sungod that is mysteriously missing in Dark Souls and that is Gwyn's eldest son.

There was some falling-out between him and Gwyn which led to him being banished. The description of Sunlight Blade reads:

"When the eldest son was stripped of his
deific status, he left this on his father's
coffin, perhaps as a final farewell."

His banishment meant that he was literally stricken from history. His statues were removed and there's no further mention of him.

Gwyn's son is most likely "The Nameless King", the lightning god who appears in DS3 as an optional boss.

The King is a warrior god - one who's described as traitor because he joined sides with the dragons - Gwyn's archenemies.

It's quite likely that Bloodborne once had a Sun, and it may have vanished only recently. Here's what Alfred has to share:

"Well, once a group of young Byrgenwerth scholars discovered a holy medium deep within the tomb."
"This led to the founding of the Healing Church, and the establishment of blood healing".
"In this sense, everything sacred in Yharnam can be traced back to Byrgenwerth."

This medium may be the old man   depicted on the grave that blocks the path from Cathedral Ward to Old Yharnam.

Possibly Oedon himself, he appears in several key locations like Cathedral Ward, the Nightmare Church  and the Research Hall.

He also appears in the Church of the Good Chalice of Old Yharnam Church of The Good Chalice, this time with three women beside him.

Inspecting the embossment below him reveals a recurring scene of people gathered around a dead person Chapel of the Good Chalice Embossment, apparently to mourn him.

Look a bit closer and the tall man above the dead man appears to have a vicious grin, Chapel of the Good Chalice Embossment Snatcher like a Primordial Serpent  or perhaps a Snatcher   .

The people around the "dead" man aren't just standing about, they're clawing for his body. They could be devouring him.

Oedon Embossment 1.png

Oedon Embossment 2.png

What this carving displays could very well be Bloodborne's take on the story of Jezus Christ.

God sends down his own son, Jezus invites his Apostles to nourish themselves with his body (bread). Next he is brutally martyred.

If Jezus is God, then God is a god who martyred himself. This is interesting because Odin "Oedon" is also a god who martyred himself.

Odin speared himself to a tree and hung there for nine days and nights, accepting no help or sustenance from the other gods.

He did this - not to absolve the sins of man - but to gain greater understanding. As a result, he discovered the runes.

Another god who bears resemblance to Jezus Christ is Apollo. He is the god of the Sun, prophecy, medicine, knowledge and light.

Apollo is the son of Zeus and twin brother to Artemis, goddess of the hunt and the Moon. Artemis is also a protector of small children.

The role of Artemis could be filled by The Moon Presence, this would make Oedon - Apollo  her twin brother.

Them being twins suggests a profound link between the two, they may share the same soul, they may both be part of "Formless Oedon".

So if the old man is like Jezus, then he may be like Odin, and he may be like Apollo. And both those characters can be related to The Moon Presence.

Another link comes from Aztec mythology. Under Orphan of Kos Lore I discuss the possibility that The Orphan is the Aztec god Tecciztecatl.

Tecciztecatl "Old Moon God" was destined to become to Sun, but he lacked courage and was bested by Nanahuatzin "He Who is Full of Sores".

Nanahuatzin became the Sun. Tecciztecatl became the Moon. Nanahuatzin is also known as Xolotl, the god of fire, lightning, death and deformities.

These themes of fire, lightning, death and deformities closely match the themes of Gwyn, The Soul of Cinder and The Chosen Undead of Dark Souls.

Poor and ill, Nanahuatzin is described as a god of humble beginnings, and in art he's portrayed as a man emerging from a fire.

If The Orphan is Tecciztecatl, then there may also be a Nanahuatzin. If Nanahuatzin exists, it's credible that he's like The Chosen Undead, Gwyn and The Soul of Cinder.

The Chosen Undead is the closest Dark Souls has to a messiah, a Jezus Christ. After becoming the Sun, Nanahuatzin could have become a guide to humanity.

If true, then Nanahuatzin became a prophet. And a prophet who is also a symbol of fire and light, is convergent with Jezus Christ and Apollo.

It's worth pointing out that the old man is always shrouded and "bandaged". Like someone who is "Full of Sores".

The shroud itself has a strange shape  The Old Man and resembles the volcanic rock found in The Hunter's Nightmare  The Black Mass, B 

This could mean the old man is tied to this lava, and thus to fire.

Oedon is the greatest Great One, if his son vanishes, and his name is forgotten then that matches the story of Gwyn and his firstborn.

In Dark Souls 2 a covenant exists called Heirs of the Sun. It forms the chief cooperative covenant.

Joining this covenant - and advancing in rank - requires the player to pray near a ruined statue of a giant warrior bathing in sunlight .

If this character matches the old man statue, then the old man must have been a great warrior, connected to the Sun and patron of the world of fire.

If this man was in fact the Sun, then it's plausible that his death erased the Sun from existence.

What this means for the world is that it is left in eternal night, under the rule of darkness and the Moon.

This could be what is sometimes called "The Eldritch Truth" the reality that Rom and The Moon Presence seek to obscure.

Those acquainted with this truth can choose to adept to reality by embracing a new Sun, a Dark Sun.

The darkness flowing from this theoretical "Dark Sun" could be formed into lightning, just like the rays of a Sun of Fire.

It only slightly alters the lightning, which is a derivative, giving it a dark blue color instead of the conventional bright yellow.

What the Dark Sun really is, is unknown. Oedon could be the Dark Sun but it could also be the darkness found within one's own humanity.


More evidence to support this may be found in Yahar'gul, the birthplace of the Tonitrus and the Tiny Tonitrus .

Yahar'gul is a very dark place. It's the capital of the School of Mensis and their deranged philosophies.

Hunters of Yahar'gul are technologically adapt and favor weapons like Tonitrus, Rifle Spear  and Beast Claw .

The Tonitrus itself displays the 3 holes symbolic of Formless Oedon   . Perhaps this expresses the inhuman knowledge that went into the device.

The encounter with the Suspicious Beggar reveals that Darkbeasts are intelligent, rational and capable of speech.

The form of the Abhorrent Beast , though feral, is fundamentally human and one can still notice his very human face   .

Darkbeast Paarl is likewise feral but he retains his human skull and teeth . His intelligence may not be at all diminished.

Inherent to Dark Souls lore is the idea that humanity is fundamentally dark, and that we are all to face this timeless curse.

What such human beasts represent, is the ability of that darkness to grow and break the limits of our personal power.

For humans do long for such things, they long for an inner darkness, one strong enough to surpass the restrictions of their morality.

With such darkness, men may truly become giants, they may even challenge the gods themselves. Though we fear this conclusion, all the same.


The Abhorrent Beast Gallery is available on a different page, here

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