Cainhurst Summons

An old blood-stained summons, inviting an honored guest to the forsaken Castle Cainhurst.

Rather bafflingly, it is addressed to you.

Do not hesitate; the stagecoach leaves from Hemwick crossing.

Cainhurst Summons is a Key Item in Bloodborne.


Cainhurst Summons Usage





  • To get to the sick room, go to the forbidden woods lamp. Run across the bridge and follow the path. Stick to the left wall. You should pass in front of the village and pass the house with the red lamp and window. Turn left behind the house and you will see a cave. Follow the cave all the way through. You will climb 2 tall ladders and arrive near the starting area. Open the gate to the left to gain access to the 1st floor sick room. After that return to the right and climb the ladder to gain access to the clinic. Once you enter the clinic the Cainhurst Summons will be to the right.
    • The cave is filled with poisonous water, bring resistance/antidotes for an easier journey.



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