Cainhurst Summons

An old blood-stained summons, inviting an honored guest to the forsaken Castle Cainhurst.

Rather bafflingly, it is addressed to you.

Do not hesitate; the stagecoach leaves from Hemwick crossing.

Cainhurst Summons is a Key Item in Bloodborne.


Cainhurst Summons Usage





  • To get to the sick room, go to the forbidden woods lamp. Run across the bridge and follow the path. Stick to the left wall. You should pass in front of the village and pass the house with the red lamp and window. Turn left behind the house and you will see a cave. Follow the cave all the way through. You will climb 2 tall ladders and arrive near the starting area. Open the gate to the left to gain access to the 1st floor sick room. After that return to the right and climb the ladder to gain access to the clinic. Once you enter the clinic the Cainhurst Summons will be to the right.
    • The cave is filled with poisonous water, bring resistance/antidotes for an easier journey.



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    • Anonymous

      02 Dec 2017 10:32  

      I’ve also had the issue where the summons doesn’t spawn after killing the witch of hemwick. My latest playthrough, though, it did, and all I did differently was talk to the church hunter who was the protege of Logarius at two places. Is this a trigger to make it spawn? Can anyone confirm this?

      • Anonymous

        18 Jul 2017 15:42  

        iv done the requirements for the summons but it hasn't appeared in the back of the clinic, can anyone help?


        • Anonymous

          11 Nov 2016 03:11  

          You have to defeat the Witch of Hemwick first before the item will appear. Since she's an optional boss, it may have been missed.

          • Anonymous

            Glitched. There is a solution?20 Jul 2016 02:40  

            I've got this in my first and second playtrhough, but in my third run this item is not there.There is a solution or my only option is to finish the game again?

            • Anonymous

              Item does NOT appear05 Jul 2016 14:47  

              I myself have found it, but it does not appear for a friend of mine. There must be a trigger. For those that aren't 100% sure, it's on the operating table you start the game at.

              • Anonymous

                Just curious05 Jul 2016 14:47  

                So why is it in the Clinic? seems like there should be a reason why it's there. I may just be dumb tho

                • Anonymous

                  doesn't work05 Jul 2016 14:47  

                  i haven't killed rom, didn't kill the witches and every time that i go to the obelisk the cutscene wont trigger. did i do something wrong?

                  • Anonymous

                    Summons Trigger05 Jul 2016 14:47  

                    There has to be either a bug or as of yet undetermined trigger for the Cainhurst Summons. I've killed 7 bosses (cleric, paarl, Gascoigne, witch, shadow, vicar, and bloodstarved), and it's night with a normal moon. The summons never appears for me.

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