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The Lore of Old Yharnam and Blood-starved Beast


The full story on what happened in Old Yharnam in still being investigated but some parts have already been substantiated.

The involvement of The Moon Presence

In the Old Yharnam church where you encounter a crucified Blood-starved Beast there is an altar.

On the altar there are several golden embossments and the Moon Presence appears in at least 3 of them.

Here she appears in the lower half of the picture with her head tucked against her chest. You can detect two of her trident shaped tails.

Here she is once again in the lower half of the picture and you can once again recognize her trident shaped tails left and right of the picture.

Here her head appears on the left side of the lady's dress and her tentaclehair forms the curves of the dress.

Moon Tails 4.png

There is a possible parallel with The Moon Presence and the Norse goddess Freya.

Norse gods are divided into two great tribes. There's the Aesir ruled by Odin and the Vanir who were originally ruled by Njord.

Freya is a Vanir, or Wane (think Waning Blood Gems). Vanir were known as gods of fertility (alien conception) and harvest (hunting)

Freya is known as the greatest practitioner of "Seiðr" which is a kind of sorcery. Seiðr involves alteration, manipulation and prophecy.

Fate in Norse mythology is controlled by the Norns, who are identical to the Greek Sisters of Faith.

Fate is also attributed to Freya, who is the greatest reader of the future and even gets into trouble over her prophesying.

Freya may manifest as a "triple goddess" in the form of a maiden, a mother and a crone.

The Norns constitute such a triple goddess and may simply be a manifestation of Freya. Norn also simply means "magician".

Before they joined houses, the Aesir and Vanir waged a terrible war, known as the Aesir/Vanir war.

According to the Poetic Edda the Aesir/Vanir war began with Gullveig.

"Gullveig" is by prominent scholars believed to be Freya. (source Wikipedia: Gullveig)

"She that remembers, the first on earth,
when Gullveig they with lances pierced,
and in the high one's hall her burnt,
thrice burnt, thrice brought forth,
oft not seldom; yet she still lives.
Heidi they called her, whitherso'er she came,the well-foreseeing Vala:
wolves she tamed, magic arts she knew, magic arts practiced;
ever she was the joy of evil people."

This is a second translation:

"The war I remember, the first in the world,
When the gods with spears had smitten Gollveig,
And in the hall of Hor had burned her,
Three times burned, and three times born,
Oft and again, yet ever she lives.
Heith they named her who sought their home
The wide-seeing witch, in magic wise;
Minds she bewitched that were moved by her magic,
To evil women a joy she was."


This Gullveig/Freya character bewitched minds, tamed wolves and was a joy to evil people, especially evil women.

But it was not The Moon Presence that was burned in Old Yharnam, not in her current form anyway.

Within the cathedral of Old Yharnam a large Blood-starved Beast is crucified.
Blood-starved Beast Crucified Front Bloodstarved Beast Crucified Back 

She has been staked (speared) and most likely burned while crucified. The same happened to the other beasts of Old Yharnam Crucified Beast.

The Moon Presence is a godlike being. If the above theory is correct then she is a master of Seiðr, alteration.

It would be possible for her to appear in Old Yharnam in a different form, the form of a blood-starved beast.

There are resemblances between Blood-starved Beast and The Moon Presence.

The limbs of Blood-starved Beast much resemble the tails of the Moon Presence in terms of color scheme and patterns.
Here are the limbs of Blood-starved Beast and a similar picture of The Moon Presence.
The limbs of Blood-starved BeastHHereH Both bosses appear to be in a state of rot and their ribs are showing.
Blood-starved Beast has especially pointed ribs which could be thought to resemble the teethlike ribs of The Moon Presence.
Blood-starved Beast has a face that's still relativily human, that is to say it is not canine.
Instead her face looks most like that of Paarl who is a Darkbeast. Paarl fights and moves a lot like The Moon Presence, as does the Blood-starved Beast.
Paarl has his electric "blast and scream" Blood-starved Beast has her poison "blast and scream" and when the Moon Presence screams she summons clouds of blood and Numbing Mist from the ground. "Moon Presence Screaming"
It may also be that the bizarre split hide of the Blood-starved Beast is connected to the split ribs of The Moon Presence.

There was a heretical cult

Old Yharnam Heretic 2 Thumb.jpg Old Yharnam Heretics Thumb.jpg

All over Old Yharnam you can find figures wearing red robes who are strung up and hanging upside down.

Some believe that these hanging corpses are Pthumerians whose blood has been harvested.

In favor of this theory is that the corpses are very tall Length Hanging Corpse, but this increased size could also be a symptom of the Scourge of Beasts.


Red is a color you also find on Graveyard Hags and the pyromancing Chime Maidens during the One Reborn bossfight.

Sinner Mid-Action Crop 2 Thumb.png   

Red is the color of the "Rotted" buff which can be bestowed by the witchlike Labyrinth Ritekeepers, or by making a "rotted" offering.

Cainhurst Castle Drapes 2 Thumb.jpg

Red is the color of the Vilebloods which are also connected to symbols of fire. Red is worn by the Firekeeper Hags of Dark Souls 2.

Pyromancy is traditionally considered heretical in Dark Souls and is connected to witches.
Likewise the Graveyard Hags behave a lot like witches and the Chime Maidens of the One Reborn have clearly done something against "God's will".
The Healing Church is heavily prejudiced against the Vilebloods just like the clerics of DS1 were prejudiced against the Chaos Witches.
In Dark Souls pyromancy can also be used to create poison spells. The Old Yharnam Beasts are poisonous when their eyes glow red.
Outside the cathedral you can find pentacles, these are typically associated with witches and also The Devil. (see Tarot Card, The Devil)

This cult may very well have filled the role that the Chaos Witches filled in Dark Souls.
It's not clear what happened to them.
They might have stirred up trouble they couldn't contain or they might have been subject to an all out attack by a rival religion.
In the end Old Yharnam was unsalvageable and left to the beasts. Who benefitted from this situation isn't known.

Djura, the Ashen Hunter stayed behind in Old Yharnam defending the beasts that he still believed were people.
The Powder Kegs are themselves called "heretical" and Djura may have been linked to the cult personally or by practices and philosophy.
It could be that Djura feels for the beasts because he knew them personally and once called them friends.
It's also possible that Djura sympathizes because he is himself a heretic.
He understands what the beasts are and what they wanted to be. Perhaps he even feels responsible for what happened to them.

Within the Chapel of the Good Chalice there stands an altar with 3 females kneeling over dead Oedon.

Only the middle female is mature, the females at her sides appear very small and young. They are identical in appearance.

There's more to these two girls than first meets the eye. Their faces look like masks and much resemble the ashen cast dead of Pompeii.

The bottoms of their dresses display bizarre curves and resemble lava. That could make them fire versions of the Slime Scholar.

This "lava" resembles the shroud that Oedon is wrapped in. The chest of the girls also display strange veiny growths (see faces).

Beneath the girls a strange scene is depicted. A large crowd of people has gathered around what appears to be Oedon's dead body.

Closer examination displays a tall man hanged over the body with a malicious grin. He looks like a crossing of Snatcher and Kaath.

I believe that the scene depicted is Bloodborne's version of The Last Supper.

The Oedon displayed is a firegod who is the son of Oedon in the same way that Jezus Christ is God and "the son of God".

In Bloodborne however the apostles do not eat bread representing the flesh of Christ, but the flesh of Christ himself.

Lovecraft himself is also known for using Christian themes and turning them into horrific images.

The females could have been adherents of fire and The Sun. They were likely of some importance within the heretical cult of Old Yharnam.

Outside The Chapel, the rock appears warped, volcanic. There are large ash deposits that remind of The First Kiln.

Further consequences of the eating of Oedon are discussed under Darkbeast Lore.

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    • 12 May 2017 12:19  

      I've come to notice that whenever i do anything that gains insight via a consumable or facing a boss, I always heard a sort of faint, male whisper. I never understood what it said but after reading this, I think it's Oedon himself trying to make contact.

      • 21 Feb 2017 02:44  

        Oedon is a great one, explicitly stated by runes to be formless in nature. I've always thought of it as Oedon being almost like a radio broadcast, to which your blood can become attuned. The figure you say appears to be Oedon is one I interpret as simply being a generic sickly individual, one who's about to be healed by this rad new "blood ministration" treatment they've got at this Church of the Holy Chalice that just opened downtown.

        • Moon Presence taking the form of blood starved beast?26 Aug 2016 13:19  

          No way, moon presence is ancient. This is not the first hunt. Djura says"I think you still dream..." or somthing like that. He was in the dream before, a hunt that was surely lead by the moon presence in the past. Even Eileen the crow, who has already become old, knows about the doll, let her kill you when you first meet her, she will say "tell the doll I said hi'. Or somthing like that. If that blood starved beast was once moon presence, it should be bones by now. <br/><br/>If moon presence, descended and temporarily became a blood starved beast, not likely either. Blood starved beast was not born that way. Its skin was flayed as it was tortured, and the blood it hungers for is not only the blood it lost. Its a desire to punish those who hurt it. It wants so much revenge that it is starving for the blood of its enemies, humans. Moon presence, with its mind powers, would never allow anyone to hurt it to that extent. Plus the form of blood starved beast is inferior. Moon presence is powerful already. If it found reason to descend(which is bad idea, as it can be hunted by hunters) it would use its classic form, with all its powers intact.

          • There was a cult 100% Those insane witches in hemwick for instance26 Aug 2016 13:08  

            The bell ringers and other dungeon people,pthumerians, were a cult of sorts. They worshipped the great ones too, and their queen, Queen Yharnam, was the surrogate mother of the great one Mergo, who probably causes the blood moon and aggravates the old blood/beast curse. You can even call the healing church a cult. They worship blood.

            • With the powder kegs calling themselves heretical...26 Aug 2016 13:02  

              Its more of other people labeled them like that. These hunters took part, and pretty much did most of the killing in the burning of old yharnam. Im sure normal people, or normal people who have not turned beast yet, were killed and this stained their rep. Another possible reason for the heretical label is how different their methods were. The origianl hunters were led by gherman, and were made to be silent stealthy killers. Quiet hunters who could stalk their prey and blend in with crowds. Weapons were canes and retractable saws that could be concealed/were not too obvious. Back before the beast curse got intense, things like killing civilians becoming beasts had to be done quietly. The powder kegs branched off from the original path and had stake drivers and boom hammers, and beast cutters. Nothing quiet or steathly here. The style was flamboyant, obvious, fiery and powerful. Probably happened when the beast curse became more well known, and every one knew people were becoming beast for some reason.

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