Blood Stone Chunk

A solid shard that forms in coldblood.

After death, some substances crystallise, but most simply harden and form blood stones.

At the workshop, these blood stones are embedded in weapons to fortify them.

Bloodstone Chunk is an upgrade Item in Bloodborne.


Blood Stone Chunk Usage

  • Used to Fortify weapons to +9.
  • You will need 3 to get to +7, 5 to +8, and 8 to +9 for a total of 16.




Weapon Upgrade Quantity
+7 bloodstone_chunk.png3 Blood Stone Chunks
+8 bloodstone_chunk.png5 Blood Stone Chunks
+9 bloodstone_chunk.png8 Blood Stone Chunks


    • Anonymous

      09 Feb 2017 02:24  

      I'm on my first play through of the Old Hunters DLC, and I just reached the Research Hall. In the room are two Scurrying Beasts, both of which drop two Bloodstone Chunks for a total of four. I noticed this wasn't mentioned here, so I thought I'd share my discovery.

      • Anonymous

        Its a shame....05 Jul 2016 14:36  

        If you don't want to use a the exploits then you are at a big disadvantage given the drops for chunks is so poor. Ive spent an afternoon farming to get two. I've given up now and accepted most of my things will stay around +6/7, I've only managed to +10 one weapon so far which feels odd for me!

        • Good news )05 Jul 2016 14:36  

          Good news for you guys ) Dungeon hellhounds drop them in 50% rate. But only if you have about 400 of discovery. I have 430 (50 arcane + eye runes). I cant confirm this increase on story levels, Im on NG+ and not there yet. So I have this F, R, Cursed dungeon with firedogs, with very little space to maneuver and unsafe environment, and surviving this encounter about 1/3 of the time. Please, if you know not cursed dungeon, with lamppost near this guys please share it )

          • Anonymous

            Chunks05 Jul 2016 14:36  

            Is it just me but i gone to some locations and I didnt find the Scurrying Beast or didnt get the Chunk. For example "x2 from Scurrying Beast straight after second lamp in Yahar'gul, Unseen Village."

            • Anonymous

              43 Blood Stone Chunks in total05 Jul 2016 14:36  

              According to this article there are a total of 43 Chunks to be found in one playthrough, if you dont get any from enemie drops. Thats one weapon to +10, one to +9 and one to +8 in one playthrough. Seems...reasonable?

              • Anonymous

                More chunk farming mobs05 Jul 2016 14:36  

                Those zombie werewolves in the Unseen village drop chunks as well, there's 3 of em total and you can always back stab em.

                • Anonymous

                  Chalice Dungeons05 Jul 2016 14:36  

                  Does anyone know what level chalice dungeon these can be found in? I went to ng+ and didn't quite have enough to +9 my burial blade

                  • Anonymous

                    Nightmare Frontier-Chunks05 Jul 2016 14:36  

                    I found 4 Chunks in the Nightmare Frontier. Dropped by two big scurrying beasts down in the poison lakes.

                    • Safe farming spot for shards, twins and chunks05 Jul 2016 14:36  

                      Greetings Guardians<br /><br/><br /><br/>Most of you already know about this spot but in case a newcomer needs a good farming spot for upgrade materials, here it is: <!-- ws:start:WikiTextUrlRule:2: --><a class="wiki_link_ext" href="" rel="nofollow"></a><!-- ws:end:WikiTextUrlRule:2 -->

                      • Anonymous

                        Chunks in insight store05 Jul 2016 14:36  

                        Appears in the insight messengers store after the defeat of The One Reborn(as of patch 1.04).

                        • Anonymous

                          Just found in insight store05 Jul 2016 14:36  

                          So, I just beat and farmed The one reborn for a while, gathering insight to spend and whatnot, As well as souls... So I go to check out the insight store, restock my papers, ETC, And I saw the blood stone chunk available for purchase... For a WHOPPING 30 insight... Apiece

                          • Anonymous

                            Chalice Chunks05 Jul 2016 14:36  

                            Is it possible for Chalice dungeons to have chunks in chest or possibly random bodies, even only in higher leveled Chalices?

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