Beast Cutter


Imprints (Normal)


Imprints (Uncanny)


Imprints (Lost)

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92 -- -- -- --
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-- -- 100 100 230
Requirements & Scaling
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The Beast Cutter is a Trick Weapon in Bloodborne. It was introduced in The Old Hunters Expansion and appears to be the Strength equivalent of the Threaded Cane. There are 3 versions of this weapon: Normal, Uncanny and Lost. The only known differences being the Gem Imprints and the locations in which they are found.

" A trick weapon used by Old Hunters.

This thick iron cleaver slices through the toughest of beast hides, and when transformed the blade splits into sections, allowing one to lash it in the fashion of a heavy whip.

This crude weapon relies on brute force and is regrettably inelegant, suggesting that the hunts of the earliest hunters made for horrific affairs, painted in sanguine black and reds."

Beast Cutter Information





  • Walking down the stairs from the Nightmare Cathedral stick to the right and aim for the higher areas. The weapon will be here on the small roofs close to the square with the statues and gravestones.


Uncanny Beast Cutter

  • If you have the normal version: Create Glyph 8i29rqz3 (Pthumeru Labyrinth) and buy from Bath Messengers up a ladder from the main room for 20,000 Blood Echoes.


Lost Beast Cutter

  • If you have the normal version: Create Glyph 8i29rqz3 (Pthumeru Labyrinth) and buy from Bath Messengers up a ladder from the main room for 20,000 Blood Echoes.


Player Notes

  • A good weapon choice for dealing with large groups of enemies due to its long range, great stagger, and wide swing arc.
  • Acts as a heavy weapon, granting easy staggers and consuming large portions of stamina per swing.
  • This weapon's moveset in both forms consists entirely of Blunt attacks. Using gems that increase Blunt damage is recommended.
  • The weapon's weakest trait is a very low rally potential.
  • Is a serrated weapon, boosting damage against various beasts.
  • The transformation attack from base form to whip form is an overhead slam with medium range. Changing back to cleaver form makes the player do a downward thrust directly in front of them.
  • The whip swings low when using light attacks, good for clearing low lying enemies.
  • The heavy combo attacks consist of far-reaching overhead slams. The second attack of the R2 combo has incredible range, and hits hard enough to flatten most human-sized enemies.
  • When transformed, the dodging light attack (dodge + R1) will not be a whip move, like the rest of its attacks, but rather a quick diagonal slash from your right foot to left shoulder.
  • In whip mode, has the highest amount of windup and recovery frames of any weapon, however, also has the most damage frames.
  • Widley considered a Strength version of the Threaded Cane.
  • Very similar to the Amygdalan Arm, but with faster attacks, serration, less rally, and worse strength scaling.
  • Extremely clublike


Player Preferences

An excellent compliment to the Saw Cleaver or Saw Spear, because both weapons are faster but with shorter range compared to Beast Cutter. While they do have decent range on their tricked forms, they can't compare to Beast Cutter's. Both, Saw Cleaver/Saw Spear and Beast Cutter have low stat requirements as well as average-to-low scaling, making them ideal for low-level builds. Also, both of them allow you to use left hand weapon, even in their trick forms. The Saw weapons are best against smaller but faster foes (and single targets like Hunters), while the Beast Cutter is best against groups of foes, especially if they are slow.
This weapon is also an ideal compliment to the Beast Claw. While the Beast Claw (transformed) does have an attack for groups, it is best against single targets. The Beast Cutter is the opposite.
It's actually not a bad compliment to Logarius' Wheel, either. While both are slow, they both have great stagger and hyper armor in their attacks (transformed for Beast Cutter). The Wheel handles single targets, and Beast Cutter can handle groups (from a longer range as well).
The Beast Cutter would also go well with the Kirkhammer, because while the Kirkhammer does have the versatile moveset (shortsword for slash and thrust along with speed, and the great hammer form for blunt and stagger), they both lack the range to reliably deal with groups of enemies. Sure, the L2 for the tricked form (great hammer) has a wide swing arc, but not nearly as wide as an R1 attack from the Beast Cutter in tricked form, and it is slower and more unsafe to use... thus, the Beast Cutter comes in (and it has as much stagger). Besides, both weapons have different damage types (shortsword form is Righteous, and the Beast Cutter is Serrated), which helps the complimentary uses for them further.




92 - - - - - - 100 100 D E - E -


101 - - - - - - 100 100 D E - D -


110 - - - - - - 100 100 D E - D -


119 - - - - - - 100 100 D E - D -


128 - - - - - - 100 100 D E - D -


137 - - - - - - 100 100 D E - D -


146 - - - - - - 100 100 D E - D -


155 - - - - - - 100 100 C E - D -


164 - - - - - - 100 100 C E - D -


173 - - - - - - 100 100 C E - D -


184 - - - - - - 100 100 C D - D -


Movesets & Videos


Regular Moveset
Move Damage Type & Modifier Stamina Effect
R1 Combo 1.00x, 1.02x, 1.04x, 1.06x, 1.06x 25 This weapon's moveset begins with a downward slash, followed by a backhand left to right sweep, then a slightly dragging uppercut, a backhand horizontal sweep, overhead downward slash, and finishes with a final backhand horizontal sweep.
Backstep R1 .95x 30 Thrusting jab straight out.
Dodge R1 .95x 30 After the roll, the weapon performs slightly diagonal uppercut from right to left.
Dash R1 1.10x 35 (+run) Performs a horizontal sweep from right to left.
R2 Attack 1.20x 40 Features a more pronounced horizontal backhand sweep, moving from left to right. The attack starts from well behind the head.
Charged R2 1.90x 70 Performs a overhead swing.
Backstep R2 1.10x 45 Performs a diagonal backhand overhand slash, from left to right.
Dash R2 1.30x 50 The weapon performs an overhead downward smash.
Leap 1.40x 45 (+run) Performs a leaping overhead downward smash.
Transform Attack 1.40x 45 (+x) Swings the Beast Cutter around behind the hunter and then preforms a overhead downward smash.
Transformed Moveset
Move Damage Type & Modifier Stamina Effect
R1 Combo .95x, .98x, 1.00x, 1.00x 30 The moveset of the combo alternates slower horizontal sweeps starting from right to left, then left to right, then right to left and so on.
Backstep R1 .90x 40 Sweep from left to right.
Dodge R1 1.00x 40 After the roll, performs an uppercut.
Dash R1 1.10x 35 (+run) Performs a slightly diagonal horizontal sweep from right to left.
R2 Attack/Combo 1.30x, 1.50x 45 Downward slash into the ground that disengages the chain mechanism and extends it outwards. Followed up by another downward slash.
Backstep R2 1.20x 50 After the backstep, performs a thrust action with the weapon's chain disengaging, after feinting a horizontal swipe motion.
Dash R2 1.35x 55 (+run) Performs an overhead downward slash attack.
Leap 1.40x 55 Performs a leapong overhead downward slash attack.
Transform Attack 1.50x 50 (+x) Slams the ground in front of the hunter with the tip of the weapon to transform back to the club



  • Reminds many of the Zanpakutō Zabimaru, a fictional segmented sword that can function as a whip. It is an iconic weapon from the Bleach anime.
  • The untransformed form of the weapon is a cleaver-like serrated club, and it really looks like the samoan war club "Nifo Oti".


    • 09 Dec 2016 22:43  

      Ideal for dealing with hordes such as those found in chalice dungeons, but be mindful, this weapons attacks are wide reaching but leave you exposed for a long period of time, the best use i've found with this weapon is in tight corridors where my hapless prey couldn't begin to move without being assaulted mercilessly. Also as for the rally potential it does have a pretty poor rally potential but this is made up for with the fact it can hit as many targets as a fully charged R2 from the Burial Blade. In short, a fantastic crowd control and "poke poke poke" weapon, but be sure you have a faster weapon on standby as the speed of this weapon is its greatest downfall.

      • Terrible Pun, dont read dis06 Sep 2016 15:05  

        It looks like the beast cutter is a beast<br/><br/>BTW you made the beast CUTTER deal nothing but blunt damage. You had one job fromsoft

        • no messengers, but patches24 Jul 2016 13:26  

          So I went to dungeon 8i29rqz3, and instead of there being the bath messengers, patches was there instead. It would seem that once you befriend patches he replaces the bath messengers in dungeons, and his items don't cost anymore than buying it from the dungeon messengers.

          • Perfect complement to Stake Driver05 Jul 2016 08:53  

            The Stake Driver is an exceptionally versatile weapon, giving you a perfect tool for every tactic except keep-away. Beast Cutter is the king of keep away. I highly recommend the weapons as alternates for each other, since they require the same builds. <br/> <br/>The Driver takes a lot longer to learn, though, so it's probably easier to start with it if you're interested in using the pair for a STR or quality build.

            • Ugh.05 Jul 2016 08:53  

              Again, Fextralife, stop letting unprofessional writers edit the articles ("Actually, irs a pretty good compliment to Logarius' Wheel too" *cringe). And the weak rally thing is extremely false, I've used it against groups of enemies (more than two) who've knocked out sizable portions of my health and regained at least 80% back each time with one transformed swing. Maybe people just suck at using it?

              • Could do with a buff05 Jul 2016 08:53  

                Not a huge buff, but it feels like it should do more damage, putting the C scaling to a B would do it I think. Also, R2 recovery time is far too long, if you miss in PVP you'll get hit for sure. Please fromsoft, I love this weapon! D:

                • Absurd Range05 Jul 2016 08:53  

                  You can hit the guy wearing the Yamamura Hunter set right after Ludwig's fight with this thing without having to open the door. Backstep towards the door, R2, and aim your R2 to hit him. The backstep R2 won't bounce off the door and has incredible range. You can also kill the brainsucker behind a door in upper cathedral ward (the one that gives you the orphanage key) while it is on the other side of the door by using your R2s. The R2s are also great in chalice dungeons as the enemies don't know how to repond to it othan than blindly running into the R2. The Beast Cutter is clearly a PvE weapon, but in PvP you can demolish people while on the other side of walls and corners, and it's great at catching rolls and dodges. The hyper armor helps too.

                  • The weapon balancing is all messed up on the wepon05 Jul 2016 08:53  

                    This weapon has almost everything going against it very slow transformed, little to no damage, poor weapon scaling and terrible tracking in pvp I do not recommend this in pvp very frustrating to use. On the flipped side its fun and rewarding to kill people with just takes a a lot more effort to do since its underpowerd. Also has great combo potential

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