Amygdala is a boss that appears in Bloodborne.


This page contains lore research by Rakuyo, its contents are not official canon.


Amygdala is a giant, ten-limbed monster that resides in the Nightmare Frontier.

Referred to as "Lord Amygdala" by Patches the Spider, Amygdala may be behind his transformation into a spider.

An NPC with the voice of Patches gives you the Tonsil Stone. This stone that looks like Amygdala's head can be used to gain access to the Nightmare Frontier.

Within the Nightmare, Amygdala rests invisibly atop a tower until the player gets close. She drops the Ailing Loran Chalice.

In the following quotations, Patches talks about Amygdala or mentions nameless divines.


"Heh heh heh heh...Oh Amygdala, oh Amygdala...
Have mercy on the poor bastard...Hah hah hah!"

"What a joy it is, to behold the divine.
It must be such a pleasure. You're in my debt, you know.
You're in nigh on a beast of the field, but here you are, treading a measure with the gods."

"Hah hah hah! Don't dally, you lucky scamp! The gift of the godhead
cometh! Heh heh heh... yes... Ha hah!"

"Ah, well met. My apologies, but I feel a profound thought occurring... On the good grace of a certain god, and the way he meted out his love. *laughs*"


Significance of the name "Amygdala"


1. Amygdala is latin for "tonsil". The tonsils are a pair of glands at the back of the throat, they serve to protect the body against infection. Standing on the frontline of the body's immune system, they're infamous for getting infected easily. Like the appendix, they are often removed upon infection. Upon the item Tonsil Stone you can read: "A latticed, deformed rock, or perhaps a meteorite. Appears useless, but possesses some odd gravitational force that prevents its riddance." It states that the stone is malformed, useless but difficult to get rid of. This malformed, useless rock could refer to the nature of the "not so important" tonsils. Consequently it could also refer to the nature of Amygdale. It's possible that she's unwanted and malformed but difficult to get rid of. A tonsil stone is a real thing, they're sometimes formed in the crevices of the tonsils. They're harmless but spread a purtrid smell.

2. Amygdalae also refers to a pair of neural nodes within the brain. They're involved in processing emotional reactions. Amygdalae are part of the limbic system, a very old part of the brain. They're required to link memories to emotions. Amygdalae assure that you store frightening experiences and that you respond adequately to a situation that you remember as frightening. They're also required to remember how you felt about past events. This link to Amygdala may mean that Amygdala's acting upon a very emotional memory. 


Amygdala around the world

THE Amygdala is the boss within the Nightmare Frontier. There are however many other important "amygdalans" to be found ingame.

There are the "Lesser Amygdalas" that can be found in Cathedral Ward and Yahar'gul. To see them you must have defeated Rom, or have acquired 40 insight.

Yahar'gul is full of them and they are indestructible. The city also contains large Amygdala statues and amygdalan waterspewers.

This does suggest that amygdalans have been interacting with the residents of Yahar'gul for some time. The cult in control of Yahar'gul is the School of Mensis. 

One of the Lesser Amygdalas in Cathedral Ward can warp the player to The Hunter's Nightmare (DLC)  upon acquiring Eye of a Blood-drunk Hunter.

Within the first area of The Hunter's Nightmare you can find dried out exoskeletons of dead amygdalans. 

Finally, Amygdala boss fights can be found in Great Isz Root Labyrinths, Lower Loran Root Chalices and The Pthumeru Defiled Chalice.



There's evidence to suggest a connction between Amygdala and the researchers of Byrgenwerth (Mi-Go Zombie).

Byrgenwerth's garden is full of statues of mutating humans. The most transformed ones look just like a small Amygdala.

Apart from the statues, Byrgenwerth is full of transformed, fly-like researchers. These possess many of Amygdala's traits as well.  

They share the same number of limbs, they have a very similar tail and they a large skull aligned with numerous yellow eyes, like Amygdala.

There are important differences as well. The researchers look like flies and have wings. They're of a darker color and they're Kin, which Amygdala isn't.

The researchers also retain their human 5 fingers and toes. Amygdala has 6 fingers on each hand and 6 toes on each foot.

Mi-Go Zombies carry a unique black orb in their left hand. The orb is aligned with yellow eyes and depicts a 10 legged spider.

It is my belief that the spider refers to Amygdala and not Rom, the Vacuous Spider, who has black eyes and considerably more limbs.




Amygdala and the Mi-Go

Mi-Go are a race of extraterrestrials appearing in the work of Lovecraft. Mi-Go have a "convoluted ellipsoid" for a head, covered in antennae.

The standard number of limbs for a Mi-Go is 10. They can however vary their limbs, they can remove them or attach new ones, like they were tools.

Amygdala displays similar behavior when she rips of two of her arms and uses them as weapons.

Mi-Go have an insect like society and their numbers are divided into 3 castes: worker, soldier and scientist. This can be connected to the Mi-go zombie.

There are Mi-Go characteristics that Amygdala doesn't have. She has no crustacean traits and no wings. The Mi-Go Zombie does have wings.

Mi-Go worship the outer gods and are of malicious intent. Their name is derived from the Tibettan "Migou" which means "Yeti".


The connection between Amygdala and Gerðr the jotun

Gerðr is a legendary giantess who caught the eye of the Norse god Freyr. He looked upon her ravishing looks and became instantly heartsick with love.

Freyr confided in his servant Skírnir that he had seen a beautiful girl with shining arms.

"From Gymir's house I behold forth
A maiden dear to me;
Her arms glittered, and from their gleam
Shone all the sea and sky."
"To me more dear than in days of old
Was ever maiden to man;
But no one of gods or elves will grant
That we be together should be."

Skírnir then rides to Jötunheimr to deliver his lord's marriage proposal to the beautiful lady.

Upon seeing the lady, Skírnir offers 11 golden apples of eternal life and a golden ring that multiplies on its own, if only she will marry Freyr.

Yet Gerðr refuses his offer, for the jotuns are on hostile terms with the Aesir gods and Gerðr's father Gymir has no lack of gold.

It is then that Skírnir resorts to threats. He pulls out his sword, swearing to cut of the girl's head, but Gerðr refuses for she will not be coerced.

Skírnir then threatens to kill her father and he pulls out his magic wand with which he may curse Gerðr.

He says that she will never again be seen by "the sons of men". From early morning, Gerðr will sit on an eagle's mound, facing Hel.

Food shall be hateful to her and he declares that when she comes out she will be a spectacle. They will glare at her, everything will stare at her.

Gerðr will experience "madness and howling, tearing affliction and unbearable desire" and that, in grief, tears will flow from her.

She will be harassed by fiends all her weary days. Gerðr shall everyday crawl without choice, nor hope of choice.

Gerðr will suffer in tears rather than feel joy. She will live the rest of her life in misery with a three-headed thurs* or otherwise be without a man altogether.

Skírnir commands for Gerðr's mind to be seized, that she may waste away with pining and at the roots of the world, Gerðr will drink the urine of goats.

He carves "thurs" (the runic character *thurisaz) on Gerðr and three runes (unnamed) symbolizing lewdness, frenzy, and unbearable desire.


 In the Norse story, Gerðr finally gives in and marries Freyr, but I believe that in Bloodborne this story had a worse ending and Gerðr ended up cursed.

Gerðr is described as a jotun with shining arms. Amygdala does have shining arms, particularly on her right side. "Lesser Amygdalas" don't have these.

 Jotun means Frost Giant. Above I discuss the possibility that Amygdala is a Mi-Go. This name is derived from a Tibettan word for "Yeti" - a snow giant.

 Skírnir said that Gerðr would never again be seen by the sons of men. This could explain why Amygdala resides in a deadly and secluded dimension.

He also claimed Gerðr would sit "at the roots of the world". Underneath the boss area, massive roots are reaching downwards.

 He said that she will be spectacularly ugly and that she will drink nothing but piss. This "piss" could be the poison in the Nightmare Frontier.

It's also noteworthy that Amygdala has no tentacle-mouthparts. Lesser Amygdalas do have mouthparts and are feeding greedily inside the human world.

Skírnir claims that "food will be hateful to her", "that she will drink nothing but piss" and that she will never see "the sons of men".

All of this could explain why Amygdala is a mouthless Amygdala in an isolated dimension. It also explains her aggression, for she is hungry and crazed.

Skírnir also augured that Gerðr would sit on a mound, facing hell. Amygdala sits atop a tower facing a twisted dimension.

*Another important clue is that she is to be with a three-headed "thurs" and that Skírnir marks her flesh with the rune "thurisaz".

Thurisaz can mean frost giant but it can also mean thorn. The sentence then means that she is to be with a three-headed thorn.

Amygdala has a tail - that tail ends in three points. She also has three - trident shaped - spines on her back, between her shoulders (Lesser) Amygdala Trident.


But if Amygdala is Gerðr, than who are Skírnir and Freyr? A lot of it still needs sorting out.

Of Skírnir it is known that he claimed to be neither Aesir, Vanir or alf. This means he is not of the bloodline of the ruling gods, or an elf.

It's possible that he's connected to the Greek god Hermes. This character could be connected to the Messengers, or the primordial serpents of Dark Souls.

Freyr may be easier to pinpoint. Around the boss area of Amygdala, there are wrecked ships, shrouded in fog.

Ships that are appear identical to these can be found in Fishing Hamlet. Freyr is the son of Njord, god of the sea.

Freyr was known to have a boat which always caught a favorable wind. It's quite possible that the Freyr character is connected to Fishing Hamlet.



"Outside the ordered universe is that amorphous blight of nethermost confusion which blasphemes and bubbles at the center of all infinity—the boundless daemon sultan Azathoth, whose name no lips dare speak aloud, and who gnaws hungrily in inconceivable, unlighted chambers beyond time and space amidst the muffled, maddening beating of vile drums and the thin monotonous whine of accursed flutes."

"Azathoth" is another one of Lovecraft's better known deities. This primordial being is the sole creator of the universe and father of all evil gods. Though repugnant, Azathoth is described as "an idiot god". His creation of the universe, the evil gods and all life, was an accident. He's described as being void of consciousness and creates from the fundamental chaos within his nature. He did it all with the facility of taking a breath, like bacteria excreting waste.

In Ebrietas (Lore) I discuss the possibility of Ebrietas being among the monotonous pipers that sing to Azathoth. 

Beside the "thin monotonous whine of accursed flutes" - Azathoth is accompanied by "the muffled, maddening beating of vile drums".

I believe that Amygdala is among these "vile drummers" and that her banging the earth during the boss battle, is a prayer, to that god of chaos.

This could explain a number of Amygdala's attacks which I've considered to be peculiar for some time.

Amygdala performs long combos, banging the earth with her palms. These attack are inaccurate and too prolonged to be effective.

She always hits the area just beneath her. The strange thing is, she does this even when the player isn't there.

The player shouldn't even be beneath Amygdala, her lower body is night imprenetable to attack and it triggers her deadly jump attack.

Amygdala performs other strange attacks where she hits the earth with her palms, even when she begins to wield her severed arms.

Their effectiveness varies but they form a strange alternative to more efficient attacks like swipes and punches.

Finally, during phase 3 she rips of her arms. These end up looking a great deal like drum sticks. These weapons don't stop her from oddly bashing the ground.

As I discuss above, there are reasons to believe that Amygdala is crazed. The reference to the brain's amygdalae could indicate a profound trauma.

The fight against Amygdala may not be a fight against a reasoned higher being, whose intent is rational and whose actions are organized.

It may rather be a fight against a delirious individual, psychotically performing a ritual. Perhaps this is prayer, perhaps this is habit, its purpose long forgotten.



 Observations & Trivia

First of, Amygdala has 10 limbs with 6 "digits" on every hand or foot. Each digit has a nail that is long and thin. They're more like a witch's than a beast's.

There are many stiff hairs on the back, the head, the knees and the arms. Every arm has 2 elbows but the knees are normal.

A large cage protects what is generally considered to be her brain. Within the brain numerous eyes are hidden. They come out when she screams or uses lasers.

Every eye has at least another two openings beside the main pupil. Eyelike structures can be found on other parts of Amygdala's body as well.

Every hand contains a large orange eye, there are also other smaller openings. These may be additional openings, in parallel with the eyes in her head.

There's also a large opening in her chest which could be an eye. In Lesser Amygdalas, this opening is less bright and can be found "blinking" or breathing.

Strange is the white substance that covers some of her arms. White, veiny lines can also be found on her brain.

This substance seems to fused into the flesh and could be emerging from under her skin. Its brightness varies, some parts seem to be radiating light.

One of her arms on the right side seems to be especially bright. She holds this arm in such a way that the eye in the palm is facing you.

Between her shoulders there are three spines that form something like a trident. Her tail is segmented and heavily plated. It ends in three points.

Amygdala has eyes on her feet too, or at least "eye sockets". Example

Amygdala can rip of her own arms, this will cause enormous volumes of blood to spew from the wounds.

The bloodloss does not in anyway impair her performance. The arms themselves remain very much alive.

Amygdala can secrete an acidic juice from her "brain". It's not clear if this substance is supposed to be or if it even constitutes an attack.

It could be the antibodies secreted by the tonsils, it could be stomach juice, it could be the tears Gerðr is supposed to shed. It could also just be waste.




 Amygdala Landing Amygdala Perched


Amygdala Roar Amygdala Hand


Amygdala Towering Chest Arms Amygdala Chest 


Amygdala Earthshaker Amygdala Push


Amygdala Towering Amygdala Collapse 


 Amygdala Laser Carnage Amygdala Towering Carnage 


Amygdala Laser 1 Amygdala Laser 2


Amygdala Close-up Amygdala Rip 


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